Police: Man stabs infant at Dewey Street home

Suspect in Erie County jail without bond; infant flown to hospital
Shawn Foucher
May 17, 2013


A 19-year-old man allegedly stabbed an infant late Thursday night inside a Sandusky home, police said. 

The 11-month-old's condition wasn't immediately available. The infant was flown by medical helicopter from Firelands Regional Medical Center to another hospital. The child may have suffered multiple stab wounds, detectives said.     

Denzel Castile, of the 1500 block of Shelby St., was arrested at the scene and is being held in the Erie County jail without bond. Charges hadn't been filed as of 12:30 a.m. today.

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Sandusky police were dispatched to the home at the corner of Cleveland Road and Dewey Street just before midnight, after someone inside the house called 911. Officers arrived to a chaotic scene and immediately requested backup from Perkins police, Erie County deputies and Cedar Point police.

At about 12:30 a.m., Sandusky police Detective Dana Newell said he and officers were still sorting out the details.  

Onlookers gathered as dozens of officers from multiple agencies blocked off the street and secured the scene. While officers stripped yellow police tape around the home, the occupants paced about the front yard, some of them shouting at each other. 

One witness said he saw up to six police officers drag the suspect out of the home.

"He didn't want to go peacefully," said the witness, asking not to be identified. The witness said he saw a woman police officer run out of the home with the child in her arms.

"As soon as the ambulance pulled up, she jumped in and the ambulance barely even stopped — bam, they were gone," the witness said.

The people who were in the home during the stabbing may all be related, detectives said.

Sandusky Municipal Court records show Castile was charged last year with disorderly conduct and drug abuse. In a traffic stop about two weeks ago, he was charged with underage consumption, operating a vehicle under the influence and two traffic violations.

The ranch home is at the corner of Dewey Street, close to where Cleveland Road and Sycamore Line intersect.



i hope that baby is gonna be ok! and who in the hell stab a baby?????? good job spd an perkins for getting there quick ill pray for the baby!


For the love of God, what is WRONG with people in this community? Another baby? Stab yourself, stab each other if you're that inbred, drunk, addicted, or whatever, but leave these innocent kids out of it!




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I read on Facebook from someone on the ER that the babe coded there, and they worked on her for an hour... but lost her. She was never life flighted from the sound of it. I pray for her family! Having 2 kids, one being 6m... I can't imagine their pain!


Denzel. welcome to your new home. It's called HELL. Oh yeah, and we'd like to introduce you to Bubba. He will be your worst nightmare.


Again with "bubba"? WTF?


he'll probably wear his pants down low alot.


They DON'T PUT CHILD RAPERS OR KILLERS IN WITH the general population. "Bubba" can't get to them.


OKAY, OKAY I get your point about general pop. and it's rapists not ' ers..lol. anyway he'll probably enjoy it.



Listen to a song by Arlo Guthrie called "Alice's Restaurant". Here, I'll even give you a link:



luv, yes they do. and nothing happens.
just an fyi i've worked in the state prison system for over 15 years, and have seen very little violence towards these people. even what happened in toledo recently and was said to be about the crimes the 'victims' committed was not.


Lock him up and throw away the key.


Multiple STAB wounds on an 11 month old baby!!!??? I just don't know what to say...................! Prayers for the family.


Scum of the earth... he should not be allowed to breath!


Or Breed!!!


Forget the locks and keys just dust off old sparkey round these lowlifes up and go to town,,, save tax payers dollars that way.


My prayers go out to the child.


What a piece of $%^&!



Is worried about the political correctness of "bubba" when a baby is stabbed and dead. Priorities?


They DON'T PUT CHILD RAPERS OR KILLERS IN WITH the general population. "Bubba" can't get to them.


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I was told it is actually an 11 week old baby.


We as society have lost the value of human life. Not exactly sure when that happened. It didn't just happen last night. Last night was just an example.

Does anyone have an answer or a reason?


People don't teach their kids morals anymore, or give their kids enough love. And they're desensitized growing up seeing so much violence on the news, and in movies. At least I think that's part of it. Some people say no religion, too.

Julie R.

One monster strangles two babies and their mother and now another stabs a baby. Nothing but pure evil.


moviesd and religion hae nothing to do with it i hae seen all kinds of violence in movies the news and in the world today but i aint out killing no baby/child so dont try to mske excuses for ppl that do they they should all be crucified it is thier fault no one or nothing elses


Movies, games, religion, etc, etc, there is always an excuse. That is just what it is, an EXCUSE. Many many many people watch violent movies, many play video games, and some have no religion.....they are not BABY KILLERS. I do not need god to know that stabbing a baby 11 times is a bad thing.

Don't judge you...

I've known Denzel since he was about ten. He isn't the monster that everyone on here is saying he is. None of you people on here have all the facts of this case. He didn't wear his pants sagging as one ignorant person commented earlier and another one said just take him downtown and hang him like they did back in the old days. Why the hanging cause he's a black male? We won't ever go back to those days again honey so you can "Hang that one up" all I can say is that I'm praying for everyone involved in this incident. In all the years I've known him he has always been a respectful young man. He was raised up in the church so I pray that God will help all hurt by this. And for you people judging him before you have all the facts may God have mercy on you all because that same quick tongue that you use, you too will also be judged by.



This THING (I refuse to call it a man) just MURDERED an innocent BABY. You should be hung in the street right next for him just for defending this sorry piece of scum. I don't care how nice he used to be, how many times he went to church as a kid, or how well he dressed....HE MURDERED A BABY...PERIOD. This is the most disgusting crime I have ever seen, and that says a lot considering I am from Detroit.

"Why the hanging cuase he's a black male?" -- NO! The hanging because he MURDERED An 11-WEEK-OLD BABY. I don't care what color he is...Black, White, Yellow, Green, Orange or something in between....he deserves a slow, painful death.

You are insane for defending this monster...may God have mercy on your soul.


I could not agree more. This person killed a CHILD. And I am SO sick of the race card getting pulled when people have an opinion, and those posting assume it has to do with race or color of skin. Who gives a rat's azz what color he is? Does anyone know my skin color or are you just reading my posts? He killed a BABY. When I post my comments I am pretty sure no one knows the color of my skin except ME.

JULYSTAR's picture

Do not pass go, take this person straight to jail, he is a monster sin is a monster and a waste of cells, I agree Statealltheway, crazy sick drugged out knows no color!