Murder-attempted suicide suspect attends hearing

Randall Ross being transferred to prison hospital.
May 16, 2013


Randall Ross, the man suspected in the March 27 killing of his wife who then tried to kill himself with two gunshots to the head, is being transferred to a prison hospital after a hearing in Ottawa County court today. 

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Sharin' Johnson

They shud x e cute him!

Er, he wants to die so...

Don't x e cute him!

These are the times that try a blood thirsty peasent's soul...


I love the line "The man SUSPECTED in the March 27 killing of his wife". Now I know the whole "innocent until proven guilty thing but didn't he do it in front of his sister in law?


I do not understand how the sister in law didn't just SHOOT him before she called 911. She took the gun from him and called. I would have shot him dead first.


He looks pretty good for taking a couple of rounds to the face!


Now that's a sad SOB. Shoots himself twice in the head and can't get it right! Looser!!!