State agrees, seeks death penalty

Randall Ross shot himself in the head after killing estranged wife; remains under guard at hospital.
Jessica Cuffman
May 16, 2013


A Fremont man accused of storming his sister-in-law’s Carroll Township home to kill his wife faces the death penalty if he’s convicted of aggravated murder.

Randall Ross, 47, remains in Magruder Hospital, where he’s been since he was released May 8 from a Toledo hospital. Ross shot himself twice in the head after allegedly killing his wife, according to Ottawa County deputies.   

An Ottawa County deputy has been posted at Ross’ hospital room ever since. 

Ross allegedly shot to death his wife of 12 years, Amy Ross, 42, on March 27. The incident came about a month after she moved into her sister’s Carroll Township home.

Ross then turned the .40-caliber gun on himself, but he somehow survived both shots to the head. He was standing in the front yard of the North Leutz Road home when police arrived.

The indictment lists seven criminal charges against Ross, including two counts of aggravated murder, which carry multiple death specifications, two counts of murder, two counts of aggravated burglary, and kidnapping.

The indictment also includes weapons specifications that would add years to his prison sentence if he’s convicted.

Other indictments an Ottawa County grand jury handed down: 

* Derek Thayer, no age given, Bono, failure to appear.

* Johnathan Trunk, 26, Lorain, theft.

* Dennis Saldusky, no age given, Fostoria, two counts election falsification.



He shot himself in the head twice and is still alive? I would consider him an underachiever.


The indictment was largely a formality. There's little question about who did what on that fateful day! As far as I'm concerned, we should save taxpayers a boatload of money, and just lock the guy in a room somewhere with another loaded .40-caliber gun and enough bullets to ensure he gets it RIGHT this time!


I would like to know if and when ottawa county has has a death penalty case and if it went through as such or was it plea bargained down to life in prison?
I dont think I have heard of a case as this in 51 years that I have been in this world
This could be intresting to see how this turns out


He'll probably plead insanity and get life. Of course, he is insane to have done something like that yes, but it was malicious and uncalled for. The woman just wanted to get away from him. Controlling men are a real problem anymore. And yes, I know there are women as well that go off the deep end and kill. People in general need to realize they just need to let go and move on; find someone else. No one is worth going to jail over.


SamA: I agree - sounds like a plan to me!