Alleged wife killer remains in hospital

Family files wrongful death lawsuit against suspect who shot himself twice in the head after shooting his wife dead
Jessica Cuffman
Apr 30, 2013


The family of homicide victim Amy Ross has filed a lawsuit against her alleged killer, seeking more than $125,000 in damages.

Randall Ross, 47, has not yet been charged with a crime, as he remains hospitalized with two self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head.

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He’s accused of kicking his way into his sister-in-law’s Carroll Township home March 27 and chasing his wife, Amy, into an upstairs bedroom, where he then fatally shot her once in the chest. He then turned the .40-caliber handgun on himself, firing two shots into his head. He somehow survived the incident.

Amy, 42, had been living with her sister, Andrea Swope, for about a month in an effort to escape an abusive marriage, friends and family said.

The 11-page lawsuit the family filed in Ottawa County Common Pleas Court lists Swope as a plaintiff, as well as her brother, Robert Mominee, of Salem, Ore., and their father, Gene Mominee, of Oregon, Ohio.

Randy and Amy had been married since 2001, according to the lawsuit.

“During the course of the party’s marriage, defendant physically abused and/or beat Amy on a number of occasions,” the court documents state.

It came to a head when, “in a fit of rage,” Randy “violently and uncontrollably” hunted down his wife. Amy’s family claims damages under wrongful death, false imprisonment, assault and battery, survivor action, and claims of intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Each claim seeks more than $25,000 in damages.


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(He somehow survived the incident.)

You have to have something to damage!


The whole family was damaged by this incident. The guy owes them way more than money and if he doesn't die, he'll be charged with murder and spend his remaining days in jail-at least in a perfect world he will.

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Referring to “grey matter”


Here's a thought: Let's save us all the trouble, time, and money and just not TREAT people who are seriously injured as the direct result of committing a crime! HE gets free healthcare. HE'LL get free housing, meals, and MORE healthcare as needed. Meanwhile, his estranged wife is dead and the taxpayers are being killed by the burden.


what a ghetto incident this is. Wow!


Someone should just finish him off and save us all the time and money. He obviously didn't care about what he would do to her or his families so why should anyone else care.