911 AUDIO: Killed in cold blood

An Oak Harbor woman’s heart-breaking and horrifying ordeal inside her North Leutz Road home Wednesday was recorded in a 911 call she made just moments after her brother-in-law killed her sister.
Jessica Cuffman
Mar 29, 2013


Click the player to the right of the screen to hear the 911 audio. Warning: It contains difficult dialogue.  

Andrea Swope’s brother-in-law, Randy Ross, 47, fatally shot his wife, Amy Ross, 43, before turning the gun on himself, Ottawa County deputies said.  

Just before noon, Randy stormed inside Swope’s home and shot Amy once in the chest then fired two shots into his own head. He somehow survived and remains in a Toledo hospital. 

Swope managed to take the .40-caliber handgun from Randy and hide it before she called 911. As she talked to an Ottawa County dispatcher, Randy was still walking around outside her home, two gunshot wounds to his head.

Swope’s teenage daughter, Summer Swope, had locked herself in a bathroom.

Through hysterical gasps and screams, Swope managed to give the dispatcher her address, also providing the name of the shooter and the grim condition of her sister.

“Please get here now,” she’s heard saying.

“Where is she shot?” the dispatcher asks. 

“In the chest.”

“Is she talking to you now?”


“Is she breathing?”

“No, no, no .... please get here now ... I don’t know how to help anybody,” Swope is heard saying. “I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do.”

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I know it's public record and all, but does this really need to be on here? How awful.


Yes it is awful. But maybe something more will be done about domestic violence because of it.




Im not even going to listen to it..Yes domestic violence is a terrible thing, but to post a recording of this is very uncouth to me......

Happy Hermit

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The caller knows her sister isn't breathing and knows that her sister's killer is shot in the head and she asks for an ambulance. She is a better person than I ever will be. I feel bad for her and her family.


I get where you are coming from Kate but what else could she do? That is one 911 call I could not listen to.


Honestly deertracker..I think she (the victim's sister) did the right thing. I've never been in her situation, so I don't know what I would have done. I doubt if I would have handled the situation as well as she did.(but I would have been the one to have had to pray and beg for forgiveness everyday for killing him..at least she doesn't) You know what? I wish I hadn't listen to the call. :(


How terribly sad for the sister and the people inside that house. I can't even imagine the horror. I pray for these people, they're going to need a lot of help.

Major kudos to the dispatcher who really stayed calm under extreme pressure. Well done sir, you did your profession proud.


I don't understand why everyone thinks 911 calls and pictures of accidents are uncouth or insensitive. This is real life happening, however sad that may be. It's upsetting and heart-wrenching but not ill-mannered, which is what uncouth means. This is what law enforcement and firefighters and ambulance personnel go through on a daily basis. To see or hear it firsthand or even secondhand is a privilege because we get to know what they go through. And yes, the dispatcher did an outstanding job.


Good job by the 911 Operator and the fast response of Police!


The dispatcher did do a great job! And the sister, even though she kept saying she didn't know what to do, she was able to get the gun away from the shooter, check on the safety of her daughter, and call for help! She did a great job,too!

The Big Dog's back

Yes she did.

he said she said

The woman just left this man and the couple had a history of domestic violence. Women are more likely to be killed by their abuser when they leave.

People that are not in a domestic violence situation have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. The abuser could be your neighbor and you would never know.

I hope that this man gets the chair. He's nothing but a coward to kill the woman when she decided enough is enough.

To the family: Stay strong for your sister. She needs justice. I will keep you all in my thoughts!


Its absolutely shameful that they would post this...I will not listen to it. This is another classy move on behalf of the SR to exploit the pain of others to get people to pay attention to their stories. Just because its "public record" doesn't mean you should publish it. Have a little respect.


Sandusky Register...how many other newspapers throughout the state post these types of recordings and pictures of fatal accidents etc.? Very insensitive. Once again my only thought is where are your feelings and morals for your fellow community members. Hope you win another award...not!