Update: Husband kills wife

There was a history of domestic violence and abuse between Amy Ross, 43, and her estranged husband long before he went to her sister's home Wednesday and kicked in the door before killing her.
Jessica Cuffman
Mar 27, 2013

Randy Ross chased his estranged wife, who was with her niece and sister, to an upstairs room, where he shot her once, killing her, Ottawa County sheriff's deputies said.

Randy Ross then put the gun to his own head, shooting himself twice. He survived the suicide attempt, however, and was outside the home when deputies arrived. A medical helicopter flew Randy Ross to a Toledo hospital, where he is currently being treated. 

Amy Ross had recently moved from Fremont to her sister's home on Leutz Road just outside Oak Harbor. 

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I just don't understand men that do this.


And what about Jodi Arias?

Just Sayin IMHO

LOL... yeah... exactly. A better statement would be "I dont understand PEOPLE that do this"


2cents...She is innocent.
I saw it on the internet. ;)


How can we get them all to kill each other at the same time?


But there are more men that do it than women.


How do you shoot yourself in the head TWICE, then go outside? Did he miss?


bad, bad luck..


People are just plain CRAZY!

Good 2 B Me



You're absolutely right! If not for the demon firearms, he would never have laid a hand on the woman, EVER! He would not have disputed their separation, he would NEVER have followed her anywhere, and he would, in fact, have been a model citizen.

Ah, if only guns were illegal ALL of our domestic abuse, robbery, and other problems would be solved...Because really, people never go nuts or get mad unless there's a gun in the house!

Licorice Schtick

Don't matter wut the problem Is. The solution is MORE GUNS!


Im keeping mine!


how many times?


People with a record of domestic violence should not be able to get guns.


Pretty sure that is already a law that is not STICTLY enforced. If the laws we had were enforced and followed there would be no need for new ones.


You are asked if you have any firearms when a restraining order is placed. They will be taken, in a domestic situation that has not gone to that level, I am not sure.


why do we go to these lengths to save a scum bags life?

Simple Enough II

Yeah, I'm not getting that at all, why not just call a ambulance from say wyandot county to come and transport him. Wonder who eats the cost of all his medical treatment.


He manages to kill his wife but conveniently fails to kill himself. It is shocking to think that every 15 seconds acts of domestic violence occur in the United States. Abusers need to be prosecuted properly every time they commit an act of domestic violence. Stop domestic violence, get involved, save a life!


If it wasn't a gun, would've been a knife, a sword, a baseball bat, or his bare hands. It's not the weapon, but the offenders action as it's used.


or even a scewdriver..remember the guy who stabbed his wife numerous times in the head ? :(


And furthermore...just because he had a gun, DOES NOT mean he acquired it through a dealer, or seller.


Since he was stupid enough to shoot his wife, when he shot himself he probably didn't hit any thing vital. He doesn't seem to have any brains to blow out.


Right, if he would have shot himself "first" she may still be alive!


Yup, if he shot himself first, he would have ran out of bullets and she would still be alive.


No, he would have been incapacitated, not out of bullets, if he was a good shot, it only would have taken one to kill himself. What he is, is a coward that could not come to terms with the fact that his wife left his good-for-nothing a** and I hope he gets what he deserves.


54,you didn't get it.


Why do, primarily men, do this? Do they view "their woman" as property that if they can't own them, no one will? Do they view it as their only chance to love? I can't fathom loving/hating someone I have spent years with feeling it's my right to take their life. If the guy is going to live, I only hope he comes through well enough to stand trial and spend his remaining years in jail--not as a vegetable.


The women being property thing crosses many cultures. There is also double dipping with divorce in our culture and women seem most of the time to be the ones who receive the most in a split. I am sure some of this can make men a little crazy and trust me I am not condoning it being right here, so don’t start and argument over reality!