Huron school board wants to renew levy

A five-year extension to existing levy could be on November ballot
Alissa Widman Neese
Jun 26, 2014

Huron Schools officials are prepped to place a renewal tax levy on the November ballot.

The district's 1.25-mill, five-year operating levy expired in 2013, and board members are seeking to extend its funds an additional five years for the first time.

Voters first approved the levy in 2009.

It currently costs the owner of a $100,000 home about $38 a year, according to the Erie County Auditor's Office.

If approved, the renewal levy would not increases taxes from the amount taxpayers currently pay.

At a meeting Tuesday, board members agreed to send a resolution to the Erie County auditor declaring their intent to seek a levy renewal.

They discussed possibly extending the levy's timeframe to 10 years, to increase the district's financial stability, but they ultimately agreed on a five-year proposal.

"I agree with (board member Tim Sowecke), we need to be as upfront as we can with the public," board member John Caporini said. "It would be nice if we could go for 10, but in reality, I think it's better to stick with five right now. That's what they approved."

The levy generates about $400,000 annually for Huron Schools general operations.

The district's annual operating budget is about $15 million, according to its most recent five-year financial forecast on the Ohio Department of Education website.

Once the Erie County auditor certifies the renewal levy's millage, board members must approve a second resolution before it's officially listed on the November ballot. The deadline to do so is Aug. 6.


Huron Schools renewal levy

•1.25-mill, 5-year tax levy.

•Will cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $38 in taxes a year, not increasing taxes from the amount currently paid.

•Will generate $400,000 a year for day-to-day district operations, including employee salaries and benefits.


Darwin's choice

Hahahahahaha.....good luck dysfunctional board!

The GOB club is really amusing!

Tsu Dho Nimh

They were able to pass the renewal back in November, even with the lies being circulated by Team Fox. I would have to say we have a better board today with Asher gone.


Darwin the dysfunction & GOB club came to an when the door hit Fox & Asher in the arse on the way out. Cap has to be awfully lonely these days !

Darwin's choice

The same board who just authorized re-hiring the retired Principal?

And Slocum calls it savings?

Tsu Dho Nimh

I'm disappointed in Slocum's vote but let's not forget that Caporini and Muehlhauser voted in favor, too. Aren't these two on your side when it comes to Fox?


The Register said earlier this week that he will take a smaller salary and the school district won't pay him any benefits. Please explain to me how that doesn't equal savings for the district.

Darwin's choice

Do you all believe he is the only available person for the job?

Was the job even posted for applications?

In the current state of unemployment/unemployed, millions of highly qualified people looking for work, HE is the best? Morons!

Idiots see a pattern...GOB...??

I'll bet there a a hundred qualified people, who would work for less money, do a better job, and would be a 10-15 year employee!

But, continue to crow about savings, and if a levy was passed last year,why another this year? If the azzhats on the board wouldn't have burned bridges with Todd Nelson......

Good luck!


You are a piece of work Darwin. Its a renewal. What are they supposed to do...let it expire? And who hired all the above from Sandusky (except Muratori)? You insult the intelligence of the community with your comments.


Yes, the same board. You obviously have no experience in the rehiring process of retired administrators....Like it or not it does save the district $. Are you still butt hurt that your buddy Freddy was removed from his post for being an unethical two timing lying bully ? How is his job with Todd going ?

Darwin's choice

Really, pole smoker?
Please explain how, without even trying to find another applicant, this is the best process? By your moron logic, anyone who is in a contract should retire, and double dip, asap! This isn't a new GOB club?

If this "process"is so wonderful, why are most states outlawing this practice? Ohio is going to do the same, matheney knew it, and his pals on the board folded. Call it whatever you'd like, but chit still smells!


HAHAHA ! Pole smoker ? Is that the best insult you got ? Awwwww somebody is upset that the chicken coupe doesn't smell like FOX chit anymore ! If you live in Huron and don't like it....MOVE ! I'm sure you know a "reputable" realtor and wouldn't have a problem selling your house :D