Principal announces retirement

Huron’s Scott Matheny requests immediate rehire, a change to policy
Alissa Widman Neese
Mar 27, 2014


For the second time in about a month, a retired Huron Schools administrator could be immediately rehired into the district.

In January, school board members implemented the district’s first-ever policy regarding the matter. It doesn’t allow rehired individuals to receive benefits or more than a one-year contract with a minimum base salary.

Scott Matheny, in his second year as Huron High School principal, announced his retirement at Tuesday’s board meeting, effective May 30.

He immediately requested a rehire, as well as an amendment to the district’s new policy, to allow contracts for two years instead of one.

“If it weren’t for the state’s retirement system, I’d stay at Huron High School for many years to come,” Matheny said. “But the time has come for me, financially, to make that move, and I ask you to reconsider that aspect of the retire rehire policy”

A two-year contract would provide more stability for both the school and Matheny as he seeks to relocate to Huron from Sandusky, he said.

Want to go?
Public hearing on Huron High School principal Scott Matheny’s potential retire-rehire
WHEN: 6 p.m. May 28, at a rescheduled monthly board meeting
WHERE: Shawnee Elementary School meeting room, 712 Cleveland Road East, Huron
Matheny currently earns about $108,300 as an annual base salary. If Huron Schools rehired Matheny, it would reduce his base salary to about $90,700, and he would not receive any benefits, according to district policy.

Districts must host a public hearing 60 days after a retirement announcement before re-employing a retiree, then wait another 15 days before voting on the decision, according to state law.

Board members voted 3-1 to allow the state-mandated hearing for Matheny’s rehire. It will be 6 p.m. May 28.

Board member Tim Sowecke voted against the decision, and board president Scott Slocum did not attend Tuesday’s meeting because of work-related travel.

Huron Schools is now facing three potential administrator switches before the upcoming school year:

•Huron High School principal, to replace Matheny, if board members do not approve his rehire this summer following his retirement.

•Shawnee Elementary School principal, to replace Satanta “Tanny” Vonthron, who died March 12 after a lengthy battle with cancer. Lyle Rowe, the district’s EMIS coordinator and a former principal, is currently filling in as dean of students on an as-needed basis.

•Treasurer, to replace Mike Weis, who announced his retirement in January, effective March 31. He is currently acting as interim treasurer on an as-needed basis.

Huron Schools will accept applications for the Shawnee Elementary School and treasurer position until April 4 and 18, respectively, superintendent Dennis Muratori said.

The district hopes to hire permanent replacements for both individuals by May.



Double dipping greed. Public shame.

Steve P

The district would SAVE $17,600 plus the cost of any benefits with a rehire, not to mention continuality and experience, where's the shame?
Those who complain the loudest about double dipping are those who wouldn't qualify for the positions.

Darwin's choice

And, through the kindness of his heart, he'll collect his pension, probably 75,000 a year,and then his salary of 90,000, and tell us it's good for the system. Right.

If you leave your job, you should not be allowed to return.

Your union is showing...

Steve P

Has nothing to do with union, I personally have never belonged to a union, this administrator is not union what ever that has to d with this topic. If it saves the schools which it does envy would be the only reason anyone would be against it.


The shame is in keeping a younger person from an opportunity to move up.


Some people need to educate themselves on "double dipping". It benefits both the employer and the employee. Obviously he/she is hired back at a reduced wage and benefits package which is better for the employer. If the employer doesn't allow it odds are the employee will just stay employed at the same wage scale for as long as they were planning on working in the first place. Why not allow it if it benefits both? Those who argue against it are most likely just jealous they can't do it themselves, which makes them sound so childish. Waaah why can they do that but I can't?


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The board passed a policy in January regarding the rehire process and this guy wants the board to change it two months later for him? Well, isn't he special? Hope they tell him to accept the policy or look somewhere else. We don't need to get back into the making exceptions and taking care of buddies game again!


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights) and Personal information.


And public schools want levy's passed while administrators\double-dippers milk the "hog" for as much as they can.
Riddle me this ..... How is the teachers retirement system supposed to pay people that retire at 55 & live to be 90. They will be paid longer for not working than they did for working. It is blatant Greed, Gluttony, & Arrogance. However, i do not begrudge Mr.Matheny one iota - i would do exactly as he's doing. It is the "SYTEM" that is wrong.


The early retirement is the problem - not the re-hiring - which saves the local taxpayer's money. Local leaders have no more control over retirement ages than you do. All they can do is take advantage of the rehire to save you money.


Legalize........well said. Couldn't agree with you more on all points. I keep looking for the like button.

Just Asking

What benefits would be saved?

If his State pension system is like OPERS, the school would still have to pay into the pension system because he would be require to have an annuity account.

The school would also have to pay for his health insurance if they offer it to other principals.

So what benefits are left?