Candidates try to out-fox each other

A newcomer seeking a Huron school board seat garnered the most applause Thursday while answering a pressing question at a candidate debate.
Jason Werling
Oct 11, 2013


When asked how she would personally move on from the district’s bitter past, Cheryl Kleist took little if any time to prepare her response.

“I was not involved with the bitterness of the past, so I don’t have any problems moving on,” said Kleist, the only candidate in attendance with no board history.

Chuckles and applause followed.

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While all candidates said they’re also ready to look forward, community members don’t appear to be finished dissecting the past.

More than half the questions audience Thursday addressed issues related to former superintendent Fred Fox’s controversial firing earlier this year.

Five of seven Huron Schools candidates seeking three open seats — Kevin Asher, Nancy Bulea, Donna Green, Kleist and Scott Slocum — weighed in on this issue and others at the Register-sponsored debate Thursday at BGSU Firelands. About 125 people attended the event, co-sponsored by the Huron Chamber of Commerce and Huron Public Library.

Candidates Sherry Catri and Eric Muehlhauser did not attend because of work-related conflicts.

When asked if current board members handled Fox’s investigation and firing properly, Bulea and Asher suggested those who voted to fire him spent too much money, causing longterm financial trouble for Huron Schools.

“The situation could have been handled through board policy, internally, and at no cost to taxpayers,” Bulea said.

Kleist also said it seemed all involved could have handled the situation better.

Green and Slocum, however, contended they handled the situation as best as they could, given its circumstances.

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The district’s fiscal situation is a result of statewide cuts to public education, not Fox’s firing, they said. Forecasts indicate the district’s reserve cash will be wiped out by 2015.

“We bent over backwards giving (Fox) his due process,” Green said. “Because our administrator was the top person, we had to have outside investigators. You can’t have someone with a lower ranking do that investigation.”

Green and Slocum voted to fire Fox in April. Asher voted against his firing.

An audience member also asked if candidates were in favor of reinstating Fox in the future, depending on the outcome of his pending lawsuits against the district. Green, Slocum and Kleist confidently said they were not, while Bulea and Asher diverted the question.

“It won’t be our decision, that decision will be determined by the court,” Asher said.

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The candidates are seeking a four-year term on the Huron school board. The election is Nov. 5.

Asher, Bulea and Muehlhauser are campaigning together as a political action committee.



How can Asher and Bulea seriously say that they are in favor of the renewal and the courts will decide if Fox comes back? Too many people in this town have heard Fox brag that they will get this renewal to fail, his buddies will bring him back in January, and the renewal will be on the ballot in February. Chris Wechter has his name attached to both their campaign and the PAC. It it clear that the PAC is out to defeat the levy. Who do they think they are kidding? Do they think we're idiots? Bulea made it clear when she said Mr. Fox instead of Mr. Nelson. This block of candidates has one goal: bring back the fox and turn the board office into a hen house again.

There you go again

I have to agree with you in at least one point....I was rather disturbed that Fox was bragging at a recent golf event that he will get a big settlement. He did not even know that I was totally for his removal. It kinda bothered me that he was such a braggart.

Darwin's choice

What's wrong with Mr. Wechter supporting a canidate?


Chris is trying to defeat the levy. He might have a sign in his yard but his PAC meetings tell another story.


Nothing....of course one slime ball would support another.


Here is the real bio on Asher. It reads differently than the city wide propaganda, I mean mailer.


what's your point? I bet if we looked at your info,or anyone elses, they would not be sqeaky clean, now would they?

Will those of you who insist on using initials instead of words please explain what they mean somewhere in your sentences. Colonel Sanders started this with all his KFC.


bio is a word - it is used on a regular basis in the English language. Asher is the one who presents himself as a retired attorney, not me. If he'll lie on a mailer about being an attorney, why should anyone believe him?


Lying about his status as an attorney (retired vs suspended for disciplinary reasons) in campaign literature is grounds for an election complaint and a Bar grievance. An elections complaint for campaign falsification is filed with the Ohio Elections Commission and the Bar Grievance is filed with Erie Huron Bar Association or the Disciplinary Counsel.


I was referrencing PAC, not bio which is short for biography.


PAC stands for political action committee. Political Action Committees (“PACs”) are how political donors maximize their dollars in the political process. While individuals have limits on how much they may give to a candidates and political parties, individuals can further contribute to PACs and maximize their individual donations. The Save Huron Schools PAC was formed to support Asher, Bulea, and Muehlhauser. Seems a little strange to me that folks seeking the lowest level of elected government office would create a PAC, this is not a presidential election .... but it is a great way to hide who is funding and supporting you. It also sends the message they will be a unified voting block as board members, if elected. I want independent thinkers, individuals who are obligated to the voters and taxpayers, not people who are loyal to their PAC and each other as board members to over see my school district.


Perkins would be glad to trade you two Gunners and two candidates to be named later for a Fox and Asher. Or give us Muratori and you can have anybody you want.


No you wouldn' us.