Muratori inks deal with Huron Schools

Huron Schools has publicly released its new superintendent’s contract, a three-year deal that will land him about $400,000 total in salary and benefits.
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 15, 2013

Dennis Muratori, the district’s new leader, will net about $125,000 a year. The contract is nearly identical to the district’s agreements with its past two superintendents, and it puts Muratori on the same pay scale, treasurer Mike Weis said.

Huron school board members voted 3-2 Monday to hire Muratori as superintendent starting Aug. 1. He is currently Sandusky Schools assistant superintendent.

Newly included in Muratori’s otherwise standard contract is a section regarding “morals, ethics and personal character.” The section was not included in former superintendent Fred Fox’s contract. “The superintendent shall uphold the highest standards of morals and ethics of the Ohio Department of Education, the Ohio Ethics Commission, local, state and federal law and board policy,” the section reads. “Failure to do so may result in discipline, up to and including termination.”   

Board members voted 3-2 in April to fire Fox for alleged misdeeds that included an improper business relationship with a district vendor, inappropriate use of district resources and an extramarital affair on school time. The district first hired Fox as superintendent in 2008. Board members and attorneys crafted and reviewed this contract’s language, so Weis said he could not comment on specific sections of the contract. Board president Scott Slocum did not return a call seeking comment Friday.  

  Muratori’s contract with Huron Schools
• Superintendent job is effective Aug. 1, 2013, to July 31, 2016. $124,989 annual salary, with increases possible.
• 11 percent of salary will be put toward retirement fund, which district does not pick up.
• Up to four weeks paid vacation.
• Reimbursement for “all travel and expenses required during performance of official duties.”
• Reimbursement up to $4,000 per year for professional organizations, service organizations, continuing education and other “professional growth.”
• Cell phone services paid for by district. q#He agrees to have comprehensive medical examinations at the board’s expense.   
(Source: Huron Schools)
See the entire contract by downloading the .pdf below



TDN -- ORC 3319.16 makes no provision for an arbritrator. Read it. The three stooges would never have agreed anyway. Remember 23-0. What would evermake you think that this will change -- will be the same witnesses and same story -- can't change, it's under oath.

J Cooper

Ice cream & cement business must be slow if they have this much time to spend on the blogs.

Julie R.

A Dollar General in Huron? That should stay in business for maybe 6 months.


Hey wannabe!

The word is that Fred's attorney submitted a settlement offer on August 1 and even before he got a response resubmitted another offer with a big decrease in what he was asking for. Is it true the insurance company has rejected the second offer even though what Fred is asking for was drastically reduced? Don't you find it odd that Fred's attorney would submit a second offer before getting a response to the first? Could it be that the Fox camp isn't feeling so confident? Why would the insurance company refuse the lower settlement? Could it be that they feel confident the board will win in court? Do you wonder how the OEC finding will impact the lawsuit if it goes forward? Speaking of the OEC, is it true that your buddy on the board is nervous? He ought to be. The word is there will be four seats open.