Muratori inks deal with Huron Schools

Huron Schools has publicly released its new superintendent’s contract, a three-year deal that will land him about $400,000 total in salary and benefits.
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 15, 2013

Dennis Muratori, the district’s new leader, will net about $125,000 a year. The contract is nearly identical to the district’s agreements with its past two superintendents, and it puts Muratori on the same pay scale, treasurer Mike Weis said.

Huron school board members voted 3-2 Monday to hire Muratori as superintendent starting Aug. 1. He is currently Sandusky Schools assistant superintendent.

Newly included in Muratori’s otherwise standard contract is a section regarding “morals, ethics and personal character.” The section was not included in former superintendent Fred Fox’s contract. “The superintendent shall uphold the highest standards of morals and ethics of the Ohio Department of Education, the Ohio Ethics Commission, local, state and federal law and board policy,” the section reads. “Failure to do so may result in discipline, up to and including termination.”   

Board members voted 3-2 in April to fire Fox for alleged misdeeds that included an improper business relationship with a district vendor, inappropriate use of district resources and an extramarital affair on school time. The district first hired Fox as superintendent in 2008. Board members and attorneys crafted and reviewed this contract’s language, so Weis said he could not comment on specific sections of the contract. Board president Scott Slocum did not return a call seeking comment Friday.  

  Muratori’s contract with Huron Schools
• Superintendent job is effective Aug. 1, 2013, to July 31, 2016. $124,989 annual salary, with increases possible.
• 11 percent of salary will be put toward retirement fund, which district does not pick up.
• Up to four weeks paid vacation.
• Reimbursement for “all travel and expenses required during performance of official duties.”
• Reimbursement up to $4,000 per year for professional organizations, service organizations, continuing education and other “professional growth.”
• Cell phone services paid for by district. q#He agrees to have comprehensive medical examinations at the board’s expense.   
(Source: Huron Schools)
See the entire contract by downloading the .pdf below



Once referred to as "Mr. Sandusky" by Tom Tucker. More like Benedict Arnold! Will his kids go to Huron or Sandusky?


Why is he a Benedict Arnold? Sandusky made it real clear what they want when they hired Dr. Sanders without conducting a superintendent search. Don't you remember how he approached them last summer to fill in for one year? Some how that turned into a million dollar contract for the next 5 years without interviewing anyone for the job. A great opportunity opened locally and he went for it. Sandusky is losing a great administrator. I wish him the best.


Whazup: You need to get informed on "WHAZUP" before you get on the blog commenting and making yourself come across like an "ignorant", misinformed gossiper. First of all, Dr. Sanders was approached by the Board to serve and asked by the Board to stay, just as the Board passed up Mr. Muratori before they hired Tom Tucker to serve as the assistant superintendent. They had decided that they didn't want Mr. Muratori to lead the district and as a woman who has talked to Mr. Muratori and know him as a classmate years ago, I adore the man and think the Board should have given him the opportunity to serve as our district's head. Dr. Sanders had nothing to do with it, and has given Mr. Muratori nothing but the best in open forums, meetings, etc. Dr. Sanders is residing here in Sandusky and is seeking out a home to move here permanently. Mr. Muratori will be missed by our district and I wish he was here as my children complete their years in the SCS district. Mr. Muratori is like anyone else who is seeking advancement in any career, and with this opportunity in Huron, he sought it out. If Mr. Fox was still employed, Mr. Muratori would still be in our district serving our students, staff, and community. Dr. Sanders had nothing to do with any of this, so again, why don't you learn "whazup" before you run your fingers across the computer board with misinformation! Best wishes Mr. Muratori, we will miss you in our great district!


I didn't disrespect Dr. Sanders. My statement was toward the Sandusky BOE. Dr. Sanders is very personable and always upbeat. I will disagree with you. I had a board member tell me that Dr. Sanders let them know he was available and this is how the relationship started. Just like you say, the board asked him to stay. The board didn't conduct a search like they told the residents they would last summer. I never suggested that Mr. Muratori was leaving because he was disgruntled. My response was to the nay sayer who called Mr. Muratori Benedict Arnold. Get your panties out of a knot!


Didn't say you disrespected Dr. Sanders, but your questions were directed against him as if he had something to do with his own hiring. My panties aren't in a knot, but my nerves get twisted when inaccurate information is spewed about innocent people to make them look bad. No need to read an article with the Toledo Blade and nothing else! As you have stated, "you had a board member tell you that Dr. Sanders let them know that he was available." If this Board member was honest with what went down, "he" would truthfully tell you that a board member brought Dr. Sanders' name up as an interim as they were seeking out someone immediately to serve when Tom Tucker secretly accepted the job in Lorain without the Board's knowledge. He left abruptly with only a few weeks before school was to start. Mr. Bill Lally and a couple Board members recommended Dr. Sanders for the position and contacted him, not him freely letting them know that "he" was available. Only after they contacted him did he inform them that he was available since he was retired. I'm sure I know where you are getting all of your information from the beginning with this board member telling you what Dr. Sanders said to the personal information of him living with his brother. There was only 1 Board member that didn't want Dr. Sanders to come because of their own personal agenda, and I am sure that that is the Board member relishing all of the information to you. We all have a Board member or two or three that we are close to that can give us the "truth" and the insight to what's going on. Yes, Mr. Muratori had been passed up 2x by the SCS's Board to 1st serve as the Asst. Superintendent and the Superintendent. He definitely could have performed much better than Mr. Tucker did. Huron's gain is our district's lose and I can agree with you completely, The SCS's Board should be called out for us losing Mr. Muratori without any unnecessary mentioning of Dr. Sanders, his hiring, and where he lives.


Looks like the blog Nazi is joining us tonight. Good to see that your source of information is the correct version. Surely it wouldn't be biased.


Try reading this link

As I said before, I made my comments at the board, not Dr. Sanders.


He graduated from Sandusky High, moved to Huron after getting married and graduating from BGSU. His kids attend Huron and he is committed to bringing the community together after the Fox Fiasco. While I don't agree with everything that happened with Fox, I have personally known Denny for over 20 years and I feel he is exactly what the district needs right now. He is good man, good husband, and a good father and he has integrity.




Where does he and his family live? And up until now where did they get their income from? It would be like working for coke and drinking big k cola.


Where does Dr. Sanders live? Here's a clue - it's not Sandusky!


WRONG!!! He resides in Sandusky and is buying a home here as well!!! I understand he is looking at purchasing a home down the street from my in-laws on 42nd street. Now that's "whazup"!!!


When did he move out of his brother's home in Perkin's Twp? I'm glad he is finally purchasing a home in the city limits.


Congratulations Mr. Muratori. Huron is getting a good person. Best of luck to you.


Remember, the school board vote for "everything" has been three against two.

And keep in mind that the new, more expensive insurance premium protection will not pay for the previous wrongful acts of the "three." And, if I read the new published insurance contract correctly, any current and future growth of school board financial legal debt will also NOT be "covered" by the new company.

In my opinion, the board will be ordered to rehire Mr. Fox. Can anyone imagine the "dollars" he will get (not just back pay) for the humility, mental pain and suffering not only for himself, but for his entire family.

If this comes to pass, then the "three" can kiss their political ambitions to somewhere on the moon. Their moral accusations against Mr. Fox (even if true) will not compare to the total financial and "human" damage for which these three will have been responsible.

Unfortunately, I'm guessing, that the board's attorney has advised the "three" that they are immune from personal lawsuits.

If any of my opinion comes to pass, and "if" Supt. Fox must be offered His job back, and "if" he ACCEPTS!! GOD HELP THOSE THREE.
Because, then, he will have the immunity, the protection from the "three" who then would be the "revenge" and "get even" trio.

Good luck Mr. Fox.


My God you are the King or Queen of all Acorns ! When are you gonna realize that Fox is GONE and will never return....NEVER ! G-O-N-E ! The decision to FIRE him cannot be reversed by anyone other the Huron BOE. Your entire post is laughable and it amazes that some people can even get out of bed in the morning and be a functional part of society* (* An assumption on my part that you are a functional part of society but I realize that this may not be the case.)

Tsu Dho Nimh

Acorns is correct. Only the BOE can hire and fire. Sounds like some people got their legal advise from the Asher School of Law at the University of Caporini.

Mr. Muratori will do a fantastic job and Huron is fortunate that he is willing to join our district. Best wishes to our new superintendent.


The moral accusations, if even true! I am dying of laughter!!! Did you even read his emails to the Fremont principal? Not only do they reek of the affair, they also mention drug use. I am so glad the slime ball is gone!


Morallly inappropriate yes ..however drug use?? REAllY I read the drugs. Just stupid banter..


Yes there was reference to drugs. Ms. Mistress mentioned wine, and Fox intimated that he would need something more, like drugs. It's in there. You just missed it or glossed over it.


Didn't gloss over it.. read it! It was all in jest. Don't make more out of it..


And you think, that even if it was in jest, that is okay to do using a school email account on school time? Highly unprofessional and unethical at best. If it wasn't in jest (and you are assuming that, you don't know) then also illegal.


2 of Muratori's kids are open enrolled in Sandusky as of July 8. This will cost Huron $11K per year. What a slap in the face. Also the Fox issue, read the latest Magistrate order and you will see that the Court is going to hear the Sunshine Law issues first before the appeal. If there are violations -- and there are major violations -- that the three all admitted to under oath -- all actions will be voided. I keep telling you all this over and over -- go read the testimony. Let's think about this -- why would the Court do this? I'll tell you why -- because they want this mess over and off the dockit. And that is the easiest path. I am sure that the Court is not happy that the three totally disregarded the system in place. The pain, the suffering and the COST is unbearable. Also -- remember there is an election in the Fall -- do you really think this 3-2 Board will be in place next year.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Do you know why the children are enrolled in Sandusky, Mr. Ice Cream? I am not going to put their personal business out there but you should be ashamed of yourself. I wonder if you even have the ability to feel shame.


I think Huron has recouped enough money from the Sandusky students attending our schools to make up for the 2 Muratori children. Any parent would respect their decision to keep the two youngest at their mother's building. They have a a good reason to. What a nut dip wannabe is !


Slocum, Green and Solwicki have my vote and support!


I plan to support Slocum and Green's reelection this fall. With Sowecke remaining on the board we will have the 3. We can only hope that Asher doesn't run or if he does someone else will take his seat.


Go crawl back under your Lighthouse. You're nothing but Fox's mouthpiece !

Dudley Do-Right

Too much ice cream causes brain freeze ....

Unfortunately, two of the Muratori children where born with cleft palates, they have gone under many extensive surgeries, and will continue to do so. Their mother is an elementary principal and having the children in her building allows her to take care of their needs. Put your ugliness aside, these are little kids.


Dudley: I know you had good intent on your blog, but it is no one's business what is going on with the Muratori kids. To be honest, you are violating a very serious law (HIPPA LAW) with even mentioning the children, their disability, and their surgeries. As parents, it is their "parental right" to open-enroll their children wherever they'd like with or without a disability or their mom being a principal. Again, your intent was without foul or malicious, but it is not your responsibility to put their children's business on this blog. As you stated, "these are little kids"!