School board picks Muratori

Sandusky administrator selected in a 3-2 vote
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 9, 2013

Huron Schools will look to a current Sandusky Schools administrator to guide the district forward as it confronts the aftermath of firing its former leader.

At a brief meeting Monday, school board members voted 3-2 to hire Dennis Muratori as Huron Schools superintendent starting Aug. 1. Muratori is currently assistant superintendent of Sandusky Schools.

“He rose above the other candidates because of his commitment to student learning, ability to engage the community, his drive and his desire to always get better,” board president Scott Slocum said. “We have a lot of confidence he will take us to new levels of success. This is a great opportunity for the district.”

Board members Kevin Asher and John Caporini voted against the hire. They cited their desire to look for an interim superintendent and said their negative votes had nothing to do with Muratori, who is “incredibly qualified.”

Fred Fox, the district’s former superintendent, is appealing his April firing in court. If Fox wins, Huron Schools may be forced to reinstate him as superintendent.

Until the legal battle is over, Asher and Caporini said they believe hiring a permanent replacement is a premature decision.

“There are some circumstances that could happen which might not be good for you or for the district and that concerns us,” Asher said to Muratori at the meeting. “We would rather see that come to finality before we move forward with this.”

Muratori was the only local candidate among 21 applicants.

He has been with Sandusky Schools more than 10 years, including six as Sandusky High School assistant principal of academic and student affairs.

As assistant superintendent, he also served as the district’s chief of staff and transformation officer.

In his application letter, Muratori said he is satisfied with his current job, but as a longtime Huron resident and a parent of Huron Schools students, he felt inclined to apply for the superintendent position.

He attended Monday’s meeting with his wife, Rebecca Muratori, Osborne Elementary School principal, and three children, McKena, 10, and twins Dominic and Marco, 6.

“The opportunity to serve the district in which I choose to live and raise my family is a unique and special one,” Muratori said. “My No. 1 priority is to reach out and build relationships with the community, students, faculty and staff as soon as possible.”

A signed copy of Muratori’s contract, including pay information and employment timeframe, was not available Monday night, board president Scott Slocum said. The Register should have a copy Wednesday or Thursday, once attorneys have finished reviewing it and all parties have signed it.



Sandusky's loss is Huron's gain. Congratulations Denny! Much deserved!

There you go again

Anybody know about his time at the welfare office? I heard there was some shenanigans going on with Muratori.......

Tsu Dho Nimh

What time at the welfare office?


The two no votes may prove to have been the more prudent. Congratulations to Mr. Muratori.


He was my first guess out of the choice of applicants. Last name ends in a vowel. Search over.

All kidding aside. Good luck. Let the healing begin.


Congratulations Mr. Muratori !

21 smart people with high profile careers applied for this position and Asher/Caporini advice is it might be a bad move? I'm sure all of the applicants did their homework

Julie R.

Is it just a coincidence that he's a long-time Huron resident and his last name ends in a vowel?


Great choice! Someone needs to tell the two nay sayers that judges don't tell school districts who to employ. Like someone else posted yesterday, if Fred wins he would be given the money left on his contract. Idiots!


Italian immigrants settled in Huron many years ago. Many generations have made this little sleepy community on the lake prosper. It was a great place to raise kids and live even though my German ancestry kept me out of the real movers and shakers.

If you don't believe me just ask the guys at the Donut Shop. They have solved world, state and local problems for years. Thanks guys.


Nothing a great cup of coffee won't fix !


Dennis is a great person. I am sure he will be good for Huron Schools


Sad to see him leave Sandusky City Schools, but happy that he got the position he really wanted. Best of luck to you Denny!


Congratulations! You will be missed. This could not have happened to a better person. Good luck !

Julie R.

Isn't that what started the Fox fiasco in the first place --- sort of like a family feud amongst the Italians? That's the stories I've heard, anyway. Fox's Kalahari friend giving a ton of business to Caporini's cement company but none to Asher's hardware store ......... Kalahari giving all of their business to Fox's Huron realtor friend to sell condos and none to the other Huron realtors ........ Fox allowing his friend at the bus garage to sell an old school bus for $1 to a friend and when some of Fox's enemies went to the police about it, a former police chief wouldn't do anything because he was related to the one that bought the school bus ......

And now we have another long-time Huronite with a last name ending in a vowel as the new school superintendent.

Huron's no different than Sandusky --- the more things change the more they stay the same.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Julie...I would hardly call him a long-time Huronite. He moved here to raise his family. Get over the vowels, will ya!

Julie R.

I never had any problems with anybody that has a last name ending with a vowel --- with the exception of my mother's Huron attorneys, that is. Nevertheless, everybody around knows that the Huronite Italians (not all, but quite a few) are ALWAYS fighting amongst themselves.

BTW, who is this Sandy Rubino I keep hearing about that works in the joke Erie County prosecutor's office? Don't know if it's true but I heard he runs Erie County.

Tsu Dho Nimh

The website says he is from Cuyahoga Falls, which is Summit County. He's from the Akron area, not Cleveland.

Julie R.


So is it true that he runs Erie County?

Tsu Dho Nimh

I wasn't being snippy so I hope you weren't offended. I don't know how much power he has.


Denny graduated from Sandusky HS, he is a lifelong resident of the area, must be a mistake on the website. His father used to own Louie's Bar near Cedar Point.


Think they were talking about Rubino and the Erie County website. Julie likes to digress and bring in Erie County officials whenever possible.

Darwin's choice

Nice try though, Mother Goose.....


The school must feel VERY secure that Fox won't be back on the job when they can hire a permanent replacement. If this should lean in the direction of Fox, the school will be in double jeopardy with having to deal with honoring or buying out two contracts especially if Fox settles for his job back. I think the school should have waited until the lawsuit was settled to contract with another superintendent. It might prove to be a real financial burden to the school.

Tsu Dho Nimh

I do not think we need to be worried that Fox will get his job back. The current board will not reinstate him and if it goes to trial, the judge does not have the power to make the board reinstate him. Personally, I do not think he will win but if he does, buying out his contract will be worth it.

Congratulations to Mr. Muratori! He will be a good leader.


Mr. Muratori and his wife are administrators in the Sandusky School System but feel the school system and or the city are not appropriate for their family. Mr. Orzach the police chief of Sandusky does not live within the city limits.

How many other administrators in public employment in the city of Sandusky do not believe in the city ? What does this tell you?

I have alway believed that city and school officials should live within the boundaries of their employer.


Neither of the superintendents of Sandusky City Schools or Perkins Schools live in their school districts.


Speaking of supers, I heard that Gunner has it written in his contract that he gets a mileage stipend which includes his travel back and forth to work every day. More money being wasted in Perkins.

Tsu Dho Nimh

If that is true, that is just wrong. He knew how far he had to drive when he took the job. No one pays my spouse to drive an hour work. Gunner should either move to Perkins Twp. or suck it up.



That is incorrect. Dr. Gunner receives a $300 per month stipend to cover all travel as it relates to his job responsibilities. It is not for his daily commute.

Tsu Dho Nimh

What should people do if one is employed by Norwalk Schools and the spouse is employed by Huron?