School board picks Muratori

Sandusky administrator selected in a 3-2 vote
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 9, 2013

Huron Schools will look to a current Sandusky Schools administrator to guide the district forward as it confronts the aftermath of firing its former leader.

At a brief meeting Monday, school board members voted 3-2 to hire Dennis Muratori as Huron Schools superintendent starting Aug. 1. Muratori is currently assistant superintendent of Sandusky Schools.

“He rose above the other candidates because of his commitment to student learning, ability to engage the community, his drive and his desire to always get better,” board president Scott Slocum said. “We have a lot of confidence he will take us to new levels of success. This is a great opportunity for the district.”

Board members Kevin Asher and John Caporini voted against the hire. They cited their desire to look for an interim superintendent and said their negative votes had nothing to do with Muratori, who is “incredibly qualified.”

Fred Fox, the district’s former superintendent, is appealing his April firing in court. If Fox wins, Huron Schools may be forced to reinstate him as superintendent.

Until the legal battle is over, Asher and Caporini said they believe hiring a permanent replacement is a premature decision.

“There are some circumstances that could happen which might not be good for you or for the district and that concerns us,” Asher said to Muratori at the meeting. “We would rather see that come to finality before we move forward with this.”

Muratori was the only local candidate among 21 applicants.

He has been with Sandusky Schools more than 10 years, including six as Sandusky High School assistant principal of academic and student affairs.

As assistant superintendent, he also served as the district’s chief of staff and transformation officer.

In his application letter, Muratori said he is satisfied with his current job, but as a longtime Huron resident and a parent of Huron Schools students, he felt inclined to apply for the superintendent position.

He attended Monday’s meeting with his wife, Rebecca Muratori, Osborne Elementary School principal, and three children, McKena, 10, and twins Dominic and Marco, 6.

“The opportunity to serve the district in which I choose to live and raise my family is a unique and special one,” Muratori said. “My No. 1 priority is to reach out and build relationships with the community, students, faculty and staff as soon as possible.”

A signed copy of Muratori’s contract, including pay information and employment timeframe, was not available Monday night, board president Scott Slocum said. The Register should have a copy Wednesday or Thursday, once attorneys have finished reviewing it and all parties have signed it.


J Cooper

First of all, I am not your sweetheart, my guess is with your problems you don't have one, you might want to consult with Edna on that one. Again off topic, and off in fantasyland.


The real trump card in all of this is if Fox wins Sunshine Law violations. That will void all actions and Fox will be reinstated. They will then have to buy out Muratori. Plus if you read the testimony of Green, Sowecke, and Slocum -- you will see that they admit under oath to numerous Sunshine Law violations. Not good. Don't argue with me -- just go read the testimony.


Whatever. Go sell some nut dips.


Julie, I think the Pisano office building is owned by Ralph and his sister Edna. Dan Pisano is a different lineage.

Julie R.

Considering how Erie County is into fraud on property ~ especially fraud on the properties belonging to the elderly ~ I sure hope the jokes don't do to this former law office building what the dirt-bags did to my mother and stepfather's property in Huron that they owned, but not jointly, for over 40 years ~ 36 of those years scot-free and clear of a mortgage ~ with never any back taxes owing. I sure hope the new auditor doesn't authorize any disgruntled morons from Huron to transfer the 1st owner's half on a forged power of attorney concealed in another county so the disgruntled morons (with the assistance of attorneys) can defraud one of the beneficiaries on a new fraud TOD Deed seven months before the 1st owner's death.

If they do, the corrupt Erie County courts and their attorney buds are going to have to come up with the same devious illegal plot --- they're going to have to sell the property with serious defects in the title at a substantial discount at a scam sheriff sale through a scam partition action and a fraud preliminary judicial report to a realtor and one of the fraud power of attorneys to use as rental property.

So keep watch on the paper. See if the clowns at the courthouse are selling any property in Huron through a partition action. If they do, you'll know the property was involved in fraud.

J Cooper

Once again, off topic, how surprising.

Common Sense

This article is about Dennis Muratori and his new job as the superintendent of Huron City Schools. Let's keep the focus where it belongs. Congratulations, Mr. Muratori.


I am sure Mr. Muratori is an excellent choice for a super. Where they went wrong, was to hire a super before we know what is going on with Mr. Fox. If he is to be reinstated, we are now, as citizens, paying for two supers. Why our community is not seeing what is going on, is beyond me. We will be "bankrupt" in our school system in the next few years. Back to where we were when Mr. Fox came in and dug us out. There is no way any levy, new or renewal, is going to pass! Changes have to be made NOW to help avoid what could be an end to our Great School System! The Three have to "Suck it up", and move on.....

Tsu Dho Nimh

Mr. Fox is not going to be reinstated unless the board votes to reinstate him. Judges do not tell school districts who to hire or fire. IF the court determines that Fox was wrongly terminated, then he will be entitled to the balance of his contract. Asher likes to her himself talk and thinks he sound important when he tries feed us his bolognie.