Man threatens other man over abortion

A Sandusky man sent threatening text messages to a Huron man who encouraged a woman to abort a child she had conceived with the Sandusky man, according to a Huron police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 1, 2014

Police did not file charges, but they warned the Sandusky man to stop sending messages.

The 39-year-old Huron man called police Thursday and explained the situation. He said the mother of his children was dating the 35-year-old Sandusky man and she got pregnant, the report said.

The woman then decided she didn’t want to be with the Sandusky man, and she wanted to get an abortion.

She contacted the Huron man — the father of her children — and he agreed to help her pay for an abortion, the report said.

The Sandusky man learned of this and got upset, according to the report, and he sent a text message to the Huron man, stating: “A life 4 a life.”

Police contacted the texter and told him to stop sending messages or he’d be arrested.


whattheBucks thing I don't have is money.. And where in the world in my post did it mention anything about buying or selling a baby..I said adoption..I do not want another child, but I know there are thousands of people out there that would love to ADOPT a child.. If I were you Mimi, you should sell your 2 kidneys and use that money on a down payment to purchase some brain cells to go along with the two you currently have

mimi's word

Did you not say you were going to give her money if she did something? that sounds like buying and selling to me.


Mimi, usually when I buy something I give someone money and I get something in, food, a car, something like when I sell something, I usually give someone an item... To keep it simple, let's say shoes, food, a car, or something like that and they give me money....Im not doing or getting either.... I guess my point is, I guess I would rather like to see a complete stranger that I don't know have a baby and another complete stranger adopt an innocent baby...if you have an issue with that then to bad for you.

mimi's word

First off thank you for showing your ignorance with your comments! To keep it simple...In your first post you paid her for a service...doesn't mean you have to actually receive anything to be buying or selling. And secondly I do not appreciate being called names just because my opinion differs from yours...I allow people who have different opinions to have them. I just don't have to agree with them. And yes i guess it is too bad (that is too with two o's) I want people to adopt children who are already here and need loving homes not just cute little babies. I guess that the kids that are already here don't matter to you and are not your problem since you did your part in getting them here huh?


Mimi's world.. I paid her for a service ?? You are a moron ! Its obvious the service was already done before this article even ran. You allow people to have different opinions, and you talk about my ignorance ? Thank you for "allowing" me to have my opinion. The ONLY thing I can agree with you on is that ALL kids should have the chance to be adopted...cute, ugly, short, tall, skinny, fat,light, or dark...but let's not kill this baby, for the sake of all the other living ones that need adopted.. Ya know let's hope this baby gets adopted early so it don't have to jump around in foster homes for years from family to family...some male and female already did their part in making a baby, my ONLY thing was to give the baby a chance and not kill it because of someone else not being responsible.. Sorry for the misspelled word, sometimes auto correct is not my best friend, but at least you were able to use your two (spelled right) functioning brain cells to sound it out and get it's meaning !! I guess I'm just thankful that all these kids that need adopted don't have you for a mother. Huh?


Mimi world....And since you are so into correcting my grammar and spelling, in your first post, its "I know".. Not Iknow, and its " care to put a down payment".. Not "car" ... Thank you for your ignorance !!

mimi's word

You are an A$$..did I spell that right? And the service you paid for was for her to be an incubator while the fetus grows. You are so bound and determined to know everything I never called you any names until you said I was ignorant and had only 2 brain cells. The world is way over populated now but you want to keep brining them in...when no one has any food or space to live in who will be ignorant then.


Mimi, Mimi, Mimi.. You are pyshco ! Before you think, or post anything, please take a second, relax, take a deep breath, and think again.. I really hope this is my last post commenting on your stupidity. First of all yes you did spell that right... Remember you were the one who first commented on spelling and grammar, I was just showing you how stupid you looked correcting me and then having the same thing... Side note... You might want to go to the other article you posted on and learn to spell "decided". When you're done doing that go back and look at our posts from the beginning and see who brought up ignorance first... I did say you only had
2 brain cells, but after having conversation with you, I believe I was a little generous with that number. There is plenty of room in this world, and I will pray for you that you continue to have enough food and space for yourself until you leave the top of this world and move to the inside of it


Repulicans want them to be born, but afterwards do not want to help the children who are born to mothers who cannot afford them or have them just to receive more money. Get Real!!! We need free birth control (of course it must be used) and need to NOT reward people who have more children for the money... Studies have found that most of the so called "welfare" babies are born to less educated women, so maybe more education in schools early on and of course in the home,,


Good job Rosa. Clear, concise, and correct!


Free birth control, maybe we can have the bars add morning after pills after 10 to every girls drink : )


We pay more than any other country for an education, maybe the parents need to be accountable,

Hey, here's an Idea, if you don't study and work then you don't eat, what a motivator instead of the liberals stealing from those who did study and work and giving it to those who wont study and work.

Why is it you and other liberals reward being lazy? Guess you want the votes..


First Mr. Sandusky man needs to make a "second" deposit before he has any say in what that woman does! You know about $250,000.00 in a bank account earmarked to raise the kid to the age of 18. After all that is the average cost according to CNN.


Great point!


Hey Thinkagain, feel free to adopt this baby, since it's unwanted by its mother. There's a great solution.

mimi's word

when all the children in the world can say they eat every day, have clothing, a roof over their head, and medical/dental care then I say make abortion illegal. BUT Since 2000, there was a total of 2,058,915 adopted children in the United States. With that number growing every year, adoption rates have been rising. Research shows that there are approximately 125,000 adoptions annually in the U.S.(from Until all of them are taken care of I hope we stop brining ones in the world that from the get go are not wanted. I do feel sorry but I want to take care of the ones already here first.


It's harder to adopt children in the United States. The reason for many foreign adoptions.

Stop It

Rev. thinkagain Phelps is just another Bible thumping hater trying to fix the world with phrases taken out of context from a fictional book and using ad hominems to do it. Of course that is counter intuitive, but it doesn't stop him from trying one tiny bit.


Stop It
Fri, 12/27/2013 - 5:05am
“The gov't stole my home and my job. I’m old, unemployed and living with my mom. Been through catholicism , protestant, baptist , fundamentalist, evangelicalism, and pentecostalism.”

Tell you what, if being a hateful and intolerant troll makes you feel better, have at it.

Although, being a bitter old man and blaming God and Christians for all your shortcomings is the easy way out. Man up and except responsibility for your lot in life.

Stop It

HA ha ha!!..You used to have the quote right. Now you've went and abrogated it to suit your needs to chastise someone who doesn't believe as you. Typical bible thumping scenario. When you can't get at them with YOUR thoughts of truth, change the words and slam them.

Rev. thinkagain Phelps. The Hater of all who do not believe as he does.:)


I’d be happy to reprint in its entirety your whiny incoherent rant from Fri, 12/27/2013 - 5:05am.

Your willingness to document online your emotional breakdown from that date, has helped me to understand why you troll after my comments. You simply hate anyone who many times has demonstrated faith in God. A God you blame for all your problems.


How much does it cost for an abortion in Ohio? Birth control is out there , use it.


These unwanted unborn children are much better off being brought into the world and killed 2 or 3 yrs later by their so called parents who didn't want them in the first place?? If a mother doesn't care this early in the pregnancy, what makes people think she cares enough to have a healthy baby? If these idiots know ahead of time they aren't fit to have a child, it's probably for the best...adoption is a great choice for a mother who cares about her health and pregnancy .


Thank you! Exactly. Most of these women don't give their babies up for adoption because it's a paycheck in the form of welfare and food stamps, then the kid gets killed a few years later by the boyfriend or is neglected/abused/hungry/dirty etc.


Some times not having a baby is better than having it. And you guys are saying if a girl gets raped ends up pregnant it should be gods decision if baby is born or not? I think not. And I think that if the lady in article believes that baby would be better off not being born in todays society or that she cannot be responsible enough to raise it her self then she has every right to have abortion without being called a baby killer. Baby is not a baby befor birth its a fetus inside of HER. We as the people cant afford to keep raising other peoples wellfare or un wanted babies.


Sieg heil mein Fuhrer!

Hitler killed 6 million vs 50 million American babies killed.

You go baby killers! You’re #1!


And how many gay teens are killing them selves because of hate from jerks like you?

The Answer Person

HA HA HA!!! After reading these comments I feel more than satisfied that my original post IS correct. We need MORE abortions, not FEWER!

Not one of you has mentioned marriage, fornication outside of marriage, nor adultery. You are defending a blob of goo that will more than likely become another parasite on the dole of society that YOU pay for.

If one of you wants to pay $1000. for the woman to HAVE the "baby" out of some misguided agenda, then why don't YOU step up and offer to ADOPT the "baby" instead of throwing dollars at the woman? You all are so much the types that want to throw $5.00 in the red kettle or the church plate so they can go back home to their litle house and feel all warm and fuzzy for doing "the right thing".


pigeon farmer

Sandusky needs as many abortions as possible. Abortions and sterilisations should be free for all.


Who's going to be financially responsible for all of these unwanted babies? Certainly not the pro life organizations. You can't get the local child support agencies to enforce child support. They won't go the extra mile to force these dead beat parents to pay up. Sure they might put them in jail for non support but what does that solve? Nothing! They may end up in the unemployment line for that jail time on their record. Everyone has their right to express their opinions, but what would you have done to help this woman? Adopt her child? Support her financially via our welfare system or private donations? I am pro choice. That doesn't mean I am pro abortion or pro life. It means I have enough compassion and common sense to know that in no way should I be allowed to make such a big decision for a person I know nothing about. People make mistakes and they should be allowed to learn from the mistake and hopefully not do it again! I don't feel sorry or excuse women who have had multiple abortions. They know there are low cost ways to prevent pregnancies.