Man threatens other man over abortion

A Sandusky man sent threatening text messages to a Huron man who encouraged a woman to abort a child she had conceived with the Sandusky man, according to a Huron police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 1, 2014

Police did not file charges, but they warned the Sandusky man to stop sending messages.

The 39-year-old Huron man called police Thursday and explained the situation. He said the mother of his children was dating the 35-year-old Sandusky man and she got pregnant, the report said.

The woman then decided she didn’t want to be with the Sandusky man, and she wanted to get an abortion.

She contacted the Huron man — the father of her children — and he agreed to help her pay for an abortion, the report said.

The Sandusky man learned of this and got upset, according to the report, and he sent a text message to the Huron man, stating: “A life 4 a life.”

Police contacted the texter and told him to stop sending messages or he’d be arrested.



This 12 year old has more brains and maturity than all of these so called adults. No wonder America is so screwed up.


Love that video Truth!

It's hard to explain the truth to the senseless. They must walk in life with blinders on to be able to deal with the "choice" of wanting to commit murder on the innocent.

From the Grave

I think abortion should be legal AND free, but to be legal and free it should require that both the mother and father be sterilized at the same time. Just like cats and dogs that don't know any better.


What is wrong with this logic! You believe its ok to murder a baby ONE time and since there is nothing free you force me to pay for it? Then you FORCE them to a surgery and tell them they don't have a right to have children that they might want to keep in the future? Its hard to imagine your logic and legal thought process, thought Auschwitz was closed...... nope, it wasn't, its now called Planned Parenthood.

From the Grave

McFly, are you in there?


Is Jerry Springer still taking new guests?


can someone email me the comments of the huron woman who got caught with marijuana?


tsr..for some reason, they did not allow for comments on that article. I had a few questions regarding that situation!!


They allowed comments, but had to take them down when the militant brain dead potheads went on a vengeful tirade.


Thanks, I must have read the article after they removed the bad!


thinkagain, you should be the poster child for Abortion rights.

Brick Hamland

A man tells a woman to kill, I mean abort, a baby. Then the mad gets a text message and goes to the police... pretty big man to call for an abortion and then let text messages intimidate him.


Read the story again...the WOMAN decided she didn't want the baby. The man didn't tell her to do it. He was going to help pay for it.


I reckon that THICK head comes in handy, when you don’t want to let facts or LOGIC get in your way. Only in your BIZZARO world, would offering to help pay to have a child in utero KILLED, not be considered in essence an affirmation that she SHOULD do it. I mean he sure didn’t offer to pay to have her KEEP it.


bizzaro is you and your superstition and the way you try to force that crap on others. relax and smoke some good weed, man..

The Answer Person

After reading some of these comments I will stay with my existing opinion: "We need MORE abortions, not fewer."


I feel sorry for you.


no comment


Once a baby killer, always a baby killer.


So what are your thoughts on a spontaneous abortion? You know when a womans body rejects a pregnancy? Are we still killers? Or is that "gods way"?


nothing but pure ignorance to even ask such a question.


Not really. If your body is rejecting the pregnancy. Call it what ever you want. It is a type of abortion, spontaneous abortion. Gods way of TERMINATING a pregnancy. I was getting to the point of thinkagain trying to call someone a baby killer. Are you going to call someone who had a SPONTANEOUS ABORTION a baby killer? IT is all about semantics .....careful with the words you use. If your body rejects the pregnancy, "gods will"....then god would be the "baby killer". Again semantics.


Pro-KILL fanatics like yourself can’t be reasoned with. Since you don’t believe in God, WHY would you even ask about Him? You’re actually equating a miscarriage, with a PREMEDITATED decision to end a life? Unless you have the IQ of a TURNIP, figure it out for yourself BABY KILLER.


Isn’t it odd that the cold hearted Republicans are the ones that are fighting for the life of the unborn. I was always told by the liberal Democrats that they were the compassionate ones. These bleeding heart liberals, who claim to support equal rights, sure have no problem denying them to their fellow humans in utero.

From the Grave

Your first mistake is to call yourself Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal.


Yet doesn'tusehisbrain is against a company having to cover contraceptives in it medical plan for it's employees. Makes alot of sense.


Cold hearted Republicans LOL!!!

The Democrats support Planned Parenthood whose founder stated that its purpose is to eliminate BLACKS and others who aren't needed by society.

Democrat's gave us the KKK, SLAVERY, MURDER by night, RAPE of slaves, MURDER of their babies to cover their sins, REFUSED the right to vote for minorities.

REPUBLICANS started the National Rifle Association to train and provide blacks so they could defend themselves, started the United Negro College Fund, FREED THE SLAVES, GAVE MINORITIES THE RIGHT TO VOTE.


Yes, and Bill Clinton also got a BJ in the oval office how many years ago? What does that have to do with this article? Neocon's are infamous for always bringing up the past, usually in the form of Truth2u's comments, as if that somehow settles the debate. Hello! McFly, 2014 now!


I'll give this lady $1,000 if she has the baby, and promises to give him/her up for adoption right after birth.

mimi's word

Way to go! show that once again people who have money are allowed to buy and sell anything they want! Ihave 2 kidneys would you car to make a down payment for the future?