Police seize drugs from home

Heavily armed officers raid Huron home
Courtney Astolfi
Feb 12, 2014


A swarm of law enforcement officers stormed a Huron home Tuesday morning, detaining 10 people and seizing a small amount of drugs, paraphernalia and ammunition.

Joined by heavily armed officers from local agencies, Huron police showed up at the Westport Boulevard home at about 11 a.m. with a search warrant, Huron police Chief Robert Lippert said.

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“We seized several drug paraphernalia items and several items that were illegal narcotics” Lippert said.

Officers also found an unspecified amount of handgun ammunition. Charges weren’t immediately filed against any of the residents.

“We submitted the items to (a crime lab) for testing,” Lippert said. “When the results come back, they’ll be charged” Once Huron police receive those results, officers will try to determine which item belonged to which resident, in order to determine specific charges. Lippert said his department received information about drug activity inside the home, prompting them to request the search warrant. The drugs officers seized were “small amounts — grams” Lippert said. The small quantities were consistent with the information police previously received. “This particular search warrant did not deal with drug trafficking,” Lippert said. “It dealt with possession”    

The large number of people living in the house raised other concerns.

“We knew there were at least nine people in the house, and we knew a couple of those people had been convicted of felonies in the past” Lippert said.

Moving forward, Lippert said he plans to continue monitoring the residence and take appropriate actions when called for.

The Erie County Sheriff’s Special Response Team assisted in the search. The team is comprised of officers and paramedics from many local agencies, Erie County Detective Nick Kotsopoulos said.

About a dozen members assisted in Tuesday’s search, he said, along with members of Huron police.


Darwin's choice

Another waste of time by law enforcement!

Good practice for rounding people up after recieving complaints about them though!

Maybe they were Iranians!


How is it a waste of time for police to enforce the law? Do you want a drug house living next door to you? I'm guessing the neighbors are frustrated beyond belief to have illegal activity happening right next door. What about school kids that walk past the house?

I, for one, am happy to see law enforcement effectively doing their jobs, keeping all of us safe, and taking the precautions they feel necessary to ensure they return home to their law-abiding families every day!

Darwin's choice

Oh my, a "drug house" living next door??
The neighbors probably didn't like how they mowed the grass either!
Did you see "illegal" activity going on there?
And, this is the only way for all those "school kids" walking past??
Really, I'll bet no kids walk anywhere in that neighborhood.

You're making a whole lot of ASSumptions!


Awwww someone's butt hurt and wants to live in Huron but can't afford to :P

Ned Mandingo

So now they can get a warrant and swat team your house over suspicion? The amount of force these officers use insane. Its a good thing no one was killed by a over aggressive coward officer.

Ralph J.

Similar to the German SS police who also were known to storm homes.


Seriously, do you really think that druggies are just going to answer a police knock at the door? Geez, get real!

mimi's word

OOOOhhhh Worthington... Rich Huronites must have their boxers in a bunch about this!!!!

seriously 1137

This house has been raided multiple times over the past 15 years. They are all a bunch of junkies living off one man's grandma. They don't have a lot of drugs siezed because they are all broke or just hit on the wrong day. They are all in and out of jail and what they dont mooch off of grandma they steal And Two are sex offenders. Only people I feel sorry for are the neighbors...they needed a swat team. These people are dumb and think they are bad *sses. If police would have come with any less they would have fleed or and or fought back. Not to mention they used to have a ton of guns owned illeagally. Looks like they sold em for dope.


Great News! These little punks have been destroying the peace and quiet of wexford for years. That house was full of sex offenders and druggies. Great job Chief Lippert. I'm tired of always seeing that 515 westport blvd as the address of numerous sex offenders on the erie county sheriffs website residing their.


No way! Not in lily white Huron?


That's right ! Move to Sandumpy where they will fit right in with the rest of the white trash and sparkling wiggles !


Down goes Hofer and his little self called gang of pukes CWB = Crazy White Boys or WPF = Wolf Pack Family ! Lmao ! Trying to be thug in Huron....ain't gonna happen boys.

wheresyourpride's picture

This hofer kid has been a police informant for years, If people really know him then they know this. He's telling on his "crew" as I type this, Nothing new here, Hofer will give them some intel on some of the big traffickers and charges magically disappear or he doesn't get charged at all. This was the same loser that beat a young girl up just a few months ago, Some tough Guy!


I'm not going to argue that this might have involved a house full of ne'er-do-wells. What I DO wonder, though, is what was actually cited to get the search warrant as well as to justify a full blown and heavily armed police presence.

Too many people in the house? How many is "too many?" What about big families? What about minimum wage earners who pool all of their resources together? Immigrant families (even the legal kind) tend to band together to get ahead sooner.

A past history of crime? Yes, and so? I grant you that that might make it MORE likely they'll commit a crime in the future, but a record isn't a legitimate reason for a search!

Annoying to the neighbors? Almost certainly. But again, that's not sufficient cause for ANYthing in and of itself. So...

Register, either your report is incomplete, or the police are actively harassing LIKELY suspects as opposed to LEGITIMATE suspects. As a newspaper, I'm pretty sure you're obligated to clarify. And the rest of us have a vested interest in the matter if it turns out the latter is the case!


I guess this explains why Woodlawn Elementary had a "real" lockdown yesterday. I had heard it was because of something happening in the vicinity of the school (but not inside the school).

I would imagine that if multiple agencies were involved, all were heavily geared up, they had a search warrant, and they put a nearby school on lockdown, that there is more to the story than it appears in this article.

Perhaps Huron does not want it to leak out that they have any less than upstanding residents in their happy town.


It's Woodlands, not Woodlawn.


they have criminals of every age, shape and size, just like most communities. the nature of the crime is what makes the difference. some are traffic offenders. some are thieves and rapists. one or two have even gone to prison for being responsible for another's death. it's not like they are branded with a letter on their forhead so we can steer clear of them although that might be a good idea. Huron doesn't try to hide any information and what would be the point of doing so?

Julie R.

This happened in Wexford, one of the richest neighborhoods in Huron? I know of quite a few lawyers that live back there. How funny is that.


Not all residents of Wexford are wealthy. Some are in debt up to their eyeballs just to have the address.


“This particular search warrant did not deal with drug trafficking,” Lippert said. “It dealt with possession” Seriously? All of this for simple possession? There has got to be more to this story. There is no way that this many Law Enforcement Officers are to be used for possession charges, I dont know of any city or state, or country for that matter, that would ever even consider using this kind of manpower for a case of just simple possession. If what Lippert said is true, then this is nothing short of laughable. What a JOKE.

Julie R.

If that's true that they used all that manpower for simple possession, it shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, Erie County's "Most Wanted" are all most wanted for failure to appear in court. How funny is that?


Does probable cause mean anything anymore. Huron police are so hard up for action that they profile & violate civil liberties all day long. They can pull a person over for "suspicion - of - anything", search them - find nothing, and continually get away with it, until they catch a fish. And the same can hold true with "raiding, a suspicious home". The founding fathers we're against actions of this nature.


And if they would like to find drugs - just look in every medicine cabinet in Wexford... I'm sure they'll find Xanax(Valium), Vicodin ( heroin) aderrall (methamphetamine) & all types of mood altering depression medicine and everything else they sell at all the "drug stores" in town. The hypocrisy of the police, judges, & jails is staggering.


@legalize, unless i'm misinformed, it's their job to keep us safe and it's better to be safe than sorry, in my opinion. how quickly we have forgotten september 11, 2001, so get over yourself and go do something about getting a law passed to legalize whatever drugs you feel should be legal.

never make the assumption that acts of terrorism can't happen here.

to chief lippert and all the other law enforcement officers, a great big THANK YOU for risking your lives to keep everyone safe in this day and age. blessings to all.


@reading: Stop being a "Fear-Mongerer". Correlating 911 with this is asinine and ludicrous. Your fear is what has led to an unjustified and unwarranted war that might eventually bankrupt the nation. And don't worry about what I do or don't do. Worry about yourself and not everybody else.
And this search may very well be justified and warranted, I am really commenting on this with limited information. So... I will wait and see.