Sandusky field to get more fixes

City activist says volunteers and Home Depot on deck to make repairs at Huron park baseball diamond.
Jun 29, 2013


A month after they initially refused to consider providing basic maintenance, city officials appear now ready to accept assistance from a national retailer to make upgrades to the ball field at Huron Park. 

"When we do activities with Home Depot we have meetings to plan the activities," Sandusky city manager Nicole Ard replied to an email from resident Tim Schwanger, who has been working to get the park fixed. Ard said a meeting with Home Depot would be scheduled. 

Schwanger, a waterfront watchdog and city activist, said Home Depot wants to make the upgrades July 25. 

"They plan on repairing/painting the fence, install gates near the dugouts and install a dugout on the west side, third baseline," Schwanger said.
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City commissioners Julie Farrar and Jeff Smith chided commissioners Diedre Cole and Wes Poole for asking Ard to send a work crew to the park to drag the ball field, which was overgrown with weeds and stones. The city couldn't spare a work crew for the job, they said, because city finances were so tenuous and crews were removing "dangerous trees" from areas of the city.
But a work crew did go to the park in early June the same day the Register published a story about the disrepair and lack of maintenance at the park, which includes a mangled backstop fence and other safety hazards. The city crew made short work of the effort, dragging the infield in about an hour, or so. 
About 30 kids have been using the field since summer break began, for pickup games and for team practices. 



Why does it take a resident to coordinate everything? Why doesn't the city look at other avenues such as Home Depot. The help is there and all the city has to do is ask for it as Home Depot is ready to assist the community. The city rather say they can't because there is no money rather to look at other funding resources. If a resident can do coordinate, why not the city?

44870 South

Agreed. Sure glad this is happening though...Maybe the city will get on board with Home Depot to do some other projects as well. It's the little details and improvements that make a BIG difference.

Sandusky Proud!!!:)


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T. A. Schwanger


Members from the Sandusky High School Class of 1998, coaches/teams using the field and community members will also be on hand to make repairs to the Huron Park Ball Field.

A light lunch for volunteers will be provided.

Long-term we are seeking a commitment by the City to schedule occasional maintenance of the field (weeding/dragging) after the Home Depot Project completion.


Good job Tim!