Update: Crew sent to clean up ball park

Someone ordered it done
Jun 4, 2013

Update: The ball park the city forgot about for the last few years got a quick makeover Tuesday hours after an article about concerns from two commissioners was posted at sanduskyregister.com.

Sandusky city commissioners Diedre Cole and Wes Poole both wanted a cleanup but were unable to get fellow commissioners to act.

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City manager Nicole Ard did not immediately respond Tuesday to an email inquiry asking who ordered the cleanup. Ard generally does not return phone calls or respond to email inquiries. If she does respond her replies are sometimes non-responsive to the questions or nonsensical. 

Commissioners Julie Farrar and Jeff Smith both complained about Cole and Poole asking for the cleanup. Farrar suggested Poole was ignorant and Smith posted inaccurate statements about the Register's role in reporting the information. Neither commissioner responded to a request for additional information. 

Commissioners Keith Grohe, Pervis Brown and ex officio mayor John Hamiltion, who together with Farrar and Smith make up the majority coalition on commission, also did not respond. Poole also did not respond. 

Farrar and Smith also said the city couldn't afford to send a work crew to the park. It's not clear how that was overcome Tuesday. 

Cole said all she hoped for was that the park would get cleaned up. 

"I'm surprised it was done so quickly but I'm not complaining," she said. 

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Original post, June 4, 2013
7:33 a.m.

City's park maintenance under fire 

SANDUSKY — The city has let the Huron Park baseball field go un-maintained for years, and now two city commissioners want that to change. 

"We just need to have the field repaired to a standard suitable for safety and reasonable use now," Sandusky city commissioner Diedre Cole stated in an email to fellow commissioner Julie Farrar. 

Cole suggested that Farrar's opposition to maintaining the baseball field was ignoring the needs of neighborhood youngsters who still use the field quite frequently despite the city's refusal to properly maintain it. 

"From outward appearances it looks like the poor inner-city kids get the crap field while those who can afford league participation get the well-adorned fields of Dorn Park and Amvets Park," Cole told Farrar. "Like it or not, that's how it looks and your continued support concretes that position." 

Farrar suggested the city cannot maintain the park due to manpower issues and finances. 

"Our grounds department has nearly 600 acres of grass to mow in our parks, weed spraying that needs done, public bathrooms to clean, setting up for special events, equipment that has to be moved all about the city and they only have two full-time employees and two seasonal employees to do it," Farrar wrote in response to an email from city commissioner Wes Poole. "I guess you could get all that work done with just those four people and that wouldn't overwhelm you? You're so awsome!!"

Farrar also suggested Poole was stupid for inquiring about the field. 

"I cannot even believe I am responding to your uneducated yammering about something you weren't even around to take part in," Farrar wrote in her email to Poole.

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That is just it, people LOVE to complain and point fingers. But, sadly they are also the ones that want everything done for them, not by them. I see it all the time where I live too. Everyone has something to say but do not want to actually DO it. Point a finger and make someone else do it.


Maybe I'm missing something, but AMVETS fields aren't kept up that well either.

This city needs to get it together for their youth. It's no wonder kids don't get outside to do things anymore...

T. A. Schwanger

The Amvets park is on of the "priority use" fields where Amvets takes care of the park in exchange for first priority use of the field for games/practice. When Amvets is not using the field, the public can.

T. A. Schwanger


As of 3pm today, the infield was dragged by City crews. Thanks City crews.


And as far as Julie Farrar is concerned , if she wants to get things done , she could if she wanted to bad enough , she got elected didnt she ?
She needs to take more intrest in the way Sandusky Looks and stop sitting there telling us that the city is short staffed and can not keep up with what the city is required to do .
You have a responsablity to the residents of Sandusky to find a way to get things done that need to be done , and if you cant , Step down and let someone in that can
For to many years city members have blow smoke in the faces of the very tax payers that place their trust in the city to do the things that need to be done , and now its time to step up to the plate and do what your elected to do and if you can not , then step down .
You have kids all around the city as wella s people that owe court cost that would be willing to go out and work off the money owed and if I recall there was something directed at Sandusky Muni court about not placeing people in jail that cannot afford to pay , Now you have the answer right in front of you that would be a good deal for everyone .Not only that but maybe it would stop repeat offenders from reoffending at the same time .


Ok. 1. First rule of good finance if you don't have money don't spend money, which the city is broke around 60% of the city does not pay taxes so of course the city if broke. 2. Deidre Cole is on welfare and there is unable to support herself, so how is she making decisions for an entire city? 3. It would be nice to have a nice ballpark for the children so why not have Erie County Inmates and or able Bodied Social Security Recipients put in a few hours each a month to maintain the parks. Sounds fair since those of us who do pay taxes support them


So you are suggesting that we put elderly people to work on the parks (Social Security). Most SS recipients are elderly, and most don't consider SS as being welfare since you pay into it over your working years. Now if you mean, non-working baby mama's collecting a check for being nothing more than a reproduction vessel, by all means. If they are working, they will have less time to lay on their backs and produce more future welfare recipients.


Or maybe people who sit online and make up jobs they dont have instead throw out jabs help out.


And gene44870, they can no longer enforce court fine warrant so there is no incentive to work off court costs




How about offering residents tax breaks for cleaning up or maintaining property belonging to the city? They could have a trustee, commissioner, or supervisor to post a list of things needed to be done, monthly. Then people could sign up and on completion of the work, get x number of dollars towards their city tax liability. It would be great for those with back taxes owed and not enough income to catch them up.


Was this the Cliff Schirg Park they are talking about?

God Of Thunder

Yes...By the city greenhouse. Not sure why they got away from that name.

I think it would be awesome to see these inmates and convicts out there working instead of sitting in the air conditioned jail. Not only in the city but throughout the county. As far as having welfare recipients do this work, the city has no control over this, although I like the idea..

sandtown born a...

My mom lives in a town that was recently struck by a f2 tornado guess who was picking up the debris and carrying the cut up trees???? COUNTY JAIL INMATES up there you do the crime they have trash on the xpress ways to pick up


This is why the sports in this town stink. Places like Huron, Bellevue, Fremont all have facilities or nice ball parks for the kids. What happened to that 'so called" Legends Park that was suppose to come to the area??? Why is it that smaller communities all have nice rec centers, but Sandusky doesn't have these things??? We wonder why people keep leaving the area to move to other places that offer their children an opportunity at a better life. Sports in Sandusky use to mean something, but in the last 20 years or so it has become a punchline to a joke. It truly is laughable to see what is going on in this city and it's past time to change it. Look at this city's leadership and start there. Hell, the city manager is from out of state.

VTX Rider

There really is no need for you to comment on any article. Your screen name appropriately describes exactly how you feel about the city of Sandusky. Frankly, I love living here.

Have a nice day :)