Health department cautions residents

Ask for credentials when contacted by someone claiming to be from the health department.
Feb 13, 2014


A release from the Huron County Health Department

Huron County Public Health is alerting residents of individuals claiming to be from the “Huron County Health Department”. These individuals are asking homeowners whether or not they are eating healthy, among other questions. Please be aware, these individuals are NOT from the Huron County Health Department.

Huron County Public Health inspectors will ALWAYS wear identifying badges and have a logo embroidered on their hat, or shirt/coat. Inspectors will ONLY come to personal property to inspect sewage systems, private water systems and investigate nuisance complaints. Again, Huron County Health Department employees will ALWAYS have identification.

Huron County Public Health urges residents to verify credentials of anyone representing themselves as a Health Department employee. Huron County Public Health will never ask for financial or secure information. 

If you have any questions regarding the identity of a Health Department employee please immediately contact HCPH at 419-668-1652 ext. 231.



I don't live in Huron but I have always had a policy of NOT answering the door to strangers. I admit it's mostly to avoid Jehovah's Witnesses and salespeople, but I think it's wise to never open your door to anyone except the police-and even then, make sure they are the real police.


Huron is in Erie County. I do the same as far as answering my door. Phone also most of the time!


Same here. We're out in the township, so about the only people who come to our door are there to either sell me something I don't want or to push their religious beliefs on me. So if I don't know them, I don't open the door. They usually get the hint.


I can tell by looking out the window whether I answer my door, or let my dog answer the door. He sends most back down the driveway.

da wind

ok there's the city of huron and huron township - both in erie county and then there's HURON COUNTY the article refers to HURON COUNTY which includes-Norwalk, Willard,Bellevue, etc etc....

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The Hero Zone

Saw something like this in an episode of Supernatural not too long ago. The two brothers in order to gain access to a wishing fountain in a Chinese restaurant flashed a badge at the manager, claimed to be from the health department, and the flustered manager let them do what they were there to do. I suspect, though, that whoever is doing this isn't searching for an ancient coin minted with Tiamat's image that grants wishes in a less-than-expected manner.