Grand jury indicts sex offender

Man convicted for sex with minor faces new charges involving underage girl. Others residents from Norwalk, Monroeville, Bellevue, Collins and New London included in county indictments list.
Jessica Cuffman
Jan 14, 2014


A convicted sex offender again faces criminal charges for alleged sexual crimes against an underage girl.

Brad Todd, 22, of Monroeville, was arrested in November after Huron County deputies learned of the allegations, according to court records.

The victim was a young woman, Huron County prosecutor Russ Leffler said. Friday, a grand jury indicted Todd on three counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. He remains in jail on $25,000 bond.

Huron County Common Pleas Court records show that in February 2011, Todd pleaded guilty in a separate case to two counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. He was sentenced to 17 months in prison, but was released after serving six months.

Todd is a Tier I sex offender who must register his address with the sheriff’s office once a year for 15 years, starting from the time he was last released from prison. “We’re gonna get through to this guy one of these days” Leffler said.

Others indicted Friday:

• Robert Catania, 53, New London, felonious assault.

• Ashley Amo, 31, Bellevue, possession of heroin.

• Kane Ortman, 21, Collins, two counts abuse of harmful intoxicants.

• Kreg Brady, 37, 900 bock North Meadow Lane, Norwalk, possession of heroin.

• Jonathon Stover, 29, New Haven, possession of heroin and possession of criminal tools.

• Jeffrey Lee Patton, 43, Willard, tampering with evidence.

• Timothy Brant, 33, Willard, breaking and entering.

• Donald Patton, 24, Willard, breaking and entering.

• Jason Taylor, 36, 5100 block Tomahawk Drive, Norwalk, trafficking in heroin and trafficking in Fentanyl.

• Daniel Legg, 23, first block Mill St., Norwalk, possession of heroin and tampering with evidence.

• Raymond Caudill Jr., 43, North Fairfield, possession of heroin.

• Nicko Del Leon Raymore, 33, 1100 block Peru Olena Road East, Norwalk, trafficking in marijuana and possession of criminal tools.

• Jason Grosswiler, 29, 200 block Whittlesey Ave., Norwalk, possession of hydrocodone.

• Emily Ann Hoffman, 23, Grandville, Mich., possession of amphetamine.

• Kimberly Slone, 38, Willard, theft of checks and forgery.

• Randy Johnson, 59, New Haven, driving under the influence of alcohol.



“We’re gonna get through to this guy one of these days” Leffler said."

No, you won't. All that happens is you allow this monster to leave a trail of victims, until eventually he's incarcerated for life.


What really bothers me is how area prosecutors trivilize sex with under aged girls. This man was sentenced to 17 months for sex with a girl. That's rape and deserving of a lot of time. Similarly, Leffler claims the victim in this new case is a "young woman". No, she's not, she's a girl because she is underage, i.e. less than 16 years old.

If these predators were sentenced for rape they would be looling at 10 years insetad of 17 months and out in 6 months.


A bullet to the head might get through to him.

Just a thought.


Close, that would go through him, and I'd be the one doing it, if it were my daughter.