Chief wants deputies to show respect

Fallout from Sheriff Howard's botched raid on Benedict Avenue continues
Apr 27, 2014


The Norwalk Police Department will not be working with Huron County sheriff’s deputies on any joint operations again, anytime soon.

Police Chief Dave Light cited a botched raid at 114½ Benedict Ave. as just the latest example of sheriff’s deputies having a “lack of training, experience and being outright overzealous.”

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Light said he asked Sheriff Howard last year to back down from taking the lead on drug investigations inside the city and told him he wanted more cooperation from deputies.

But the sheriff increased drug investigations and search warrants in the city in response, according to Light, disrupting local investigations and raising concern for public safety.

Deputies are operating below standard and showing a “lack of respect and professional courtesy for our department and our citizens,” Light told NPD detective Jim Fulton in an internal police document.

Light asked Fulton to brief him on any interaction police had with the sheriff’s office regarding the Benedict Avenue search. Fulton responded telling Light sheriff’s deputies were fully informed they had a bad search warrant before deputies raided the wrong home and detained the wrong person.

Light also told Fulton to step back, for now, from interacting with the sheriff’s office on any new cases.

“In addition, please refrain from working any ‘joint investigations’ with the HCSO until further notice,” Light told Fulton.

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Stop It

WTF? They knew before and still went through with it?

Ride 'em like a new pony, SR.


When law enforcement break the laws, they become criminals. Who's going to arrest them with their blue code of silence? Keep up on this, Sandusky Register, as you do your job and theirs too!


In recent times I think many more incidents end up with the suspect being killed by the police.Are they blood thirsty or poorly trained or do the dept's condone this?As a child nobody was more admired than a policeman.I want that feeling back.


Once again, a few bad apples are making the entire law enforcement barrel look rotten. The only way to deal with such matters is to throw away those bad apples! Good for the Police Chief for making an effort to do the RIGHT thing, and to do it under the law (you know, like the police expect US to do?).

The most crucial part of the matter still remains. It's obvious the sheriff isn't listening to anybody and appearances seem to indicate he doesn't intend to do so anytime soon. He needs to be given two clear choices: Straighten out himself (and his department), or GET out. The next step is up to YOU, Huron County voters! Hold him accountable.


I usually agree with you Sam, but your statement ‘a FEW BAD APPLES’ creates and exception. I know several L.E. personnel and I think there are just as many bad as there are good, and sadly I believe the numbers are tilting more towards the bad.

I have lost nearly all respect for the State Patrol long before the Vitte report and few local L.E. deserves respect. google Lorain Pd corruption or Cuyahoga County Corruption. Both had Feds investigations and many people went to prison, and the news underground reports that the corruption is still rampant.

If we non L.E. plebeians break the law while doing our job we get fired, arrested & prosecuted, but cops usually are NOT charged unless the press like the Register does their work, and if they are they get administrative leave and seldom get fired but instead get a ‘written’ reprimand, BIG DEAL!
Those knowing of the illegal warrant should be arrested, held in contempt and if the judge didn’t investigate he should be impeached and charged with Federal crimes as well!
When are our representatives going to PROTECT US FROM L.E and provide JUSTICE to the citizenry FROM L.E? The Sheriff lied to the Register and so did others and we only expect them to be trained or written up? This is not justice but tyranny.


I respectfully disagree. I continue to believe that the majority of LEOs aren't criminals themselves. In fact, I don't even think the majority are on the power trip that can come with authority. That being said, I DO think that the number of those who are bad and/or let power go to their heads has increased in recent years.

Where we probably CAN agree is when I say, with a good deal of regret, that it appears there IS a majority of LEOs who stand with those who are bad when push comes to shove. In private, they may not like it, but in public, they do it anyway.

I grew up around cops thanks to close family members and friends who were LEOs or firefighters. I don't believe for a minute that my hometown is so dramatically different from Sandusky that that alone accounts for the fact that I knew ONE bad cop in all those years. I think it's a combination of things, but probably the most important factor is that we (the public, I mean) didn't used to turn a blind eye to such misdeeds, and neither did the judges we voted into office. The bad guys were fired immediately, and charged/tried if whatever it was they did was criminal. Now we're lucky if the bad guys don't sue and some judge or arbitrator reinstates them!

Peninsula Pundit

I won't lean so hard as to calling them bad, but conversely, Do believe many more are on an Power triip, Authority buzz, whatever you like to call it.
See them wearing their pants in their boots?
Dog at the ready?
Recall how the Sheriff liked to have fully armed SWAT members in summer parades not too long back?
Power Trip.
Plain and Simple.
That's what makes them bad apples.
They don't have the mental and emotional makeup necessary to be the kind of law enforcement the general public can respect.
They'll help themselves some more this summer when they all take to the lake en masse with their machine gun boats, jet skis and boats with more horsepower than a diesel rig, harassing boaters from every part of the country.


The problem in this issue runs a fine line from being a bad cop. If these cops (deputies) have not been in law enforcement for more than a few years, how are they supposed to know exactly how to conduct a proper investigation. . Real departments choose their detectives and supervisors on their merit and from years of experience. Real detective bureaus utilize experienced personell who have dealt with issues on the road that build that experience. Allowing that position to make you believe you are above all other departments, or now that I'm in this position, I don't need advice from other experienced officers, is a huge mistake. I would like to believe all law enforcement agencies willingly work together in our county but the HCSO acts as if they are above all that nonsense!


Howard needs to go his office is a laughing stock of Northwest Ohio! Now he wants to lead the OHIO Heroin Task Force what a joke he can't run his own office. The turn over rate at his office is at an all time high we need to wake up and remove him from is title as SHERIFF.


Dave Light is an outstanding person! Keep up the good work NPD!!



Whiskey Tango F...

At least they are trying to get the drugs off the street. Let the records show that the guy they detained had a track record of drug abuse. Not saying that it justifies what happened, but if it means fewer drug dealers selling this to our kids then I side with Sherriff Howard. Now all we need is a judge and a jail that actually does something other than probation.

Stop It

Lemme get this straight WTF. You think it's ok for illegal search and seizure? Against the 4th Amendment?

I want people like you to move to Mexico or some other strange place that allows that behavior. I sure as hell don't want you voting around here.


Absolutely Agree !

Whiskey Tango F...

I guess that since I don't use drugs, have no record, haven't been to rehab, and don't break the law, I don't live in fear. The Sheriff has always been an asset to me and my family by protecting us from slime and crime. I guess it's like a drug screening at work... I can whiz in a cup all day long, I don't use drugs and I have nothing to hide.

Darwin's choice

You be sure to tell us all how happy you are after they come to your house, handcuff you, and then say, "it's for the war on drugs". I'm sure you'll be quite content....

Stop It

What prt of "illegal" don't you understand, WTF?


That's ALWAYS the excuse of the coward: "If you have nothing to hide..." You seem to think that as long as the INTENTIONS are good, or that something ACCIDENTALLY works out, that makes it all okay. Which of the OTHER of the Bill of Rights are you willing to grin and give up, eh?

William Pitt the Younger said it better than I ever could: "'Necessity' is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves." Guess which one YOU are?

Peninsula Pundit

Lay off the Whiskey,Tango.
You better go back for a rudimentary course in what it is to be American.
Congrats to all the others for excellent retorts.


Whiskey, it's a truly shallow and immature conception of liberty that only cares when one's own ox is being gored. "First they came for the potheads, and I didn't speak up because I'm not a pothead."

Do you consume alcohol? That was once illegal. Do you drink coffee or soft drinks? Several prominent politicians want to regulate sugar as a drug. Exactly how long do you think it will take for fascists to outlaw something you do on a regular basis?

Take note, no consideration of the occupant's prior record went into planning this little adventure, so your squeaky clean record in no way prevents this happening to you. While you're thinking about that one, keep in mind that there have been SWAT raids on the wrong address in this country where the occupants or their pets have been gratuitously shot.

You claim that only criminals should be concerned about this, which implies that the Norwalk Police Chief, who is concerned, is a criminal. He has all the resources and power to conduct similar raids. Thus your lack of concern becomes a circular self-contradiction.

If you're so concerned about drugs, and so unconcerned about Constitutional rights, perhaps you'd be more comfortable living in a nation ruled by Sharia law. They have much less recreational drug use than the USA.


Wiskey, sober up, and read Dane Howard is the worst sheriff Huron County has had in over 100 years. Even worse than the one term Sheriff in the past. I don't know of another Sheriff who has covered up and lied, as much as Sheriff Howard. What about the cell phone from the evidence locker?

Thanks for pointing us out! were trying to get the word out about dane howard SR is becoming an excellent source of news for us

anyway if anyone has any information about further corruption please submit or contact us on facebook ur submissions will always remain anonymous

Dane Howard is corrupt and John Collins is innocent. I know what dane Howard does on the side and when the people of ohio see it you will all be sick.


so, jus because the guy has a track record, it is ok to raid the wrong house when it says they knew before they went, that it was the wrong house... you are pretty much saying it was ok cuz he has a record of drug abuse... people like u is whats wrong with this place...wrong is wrong.... what about the rights of us citizens? just because they are law enforcement, doesnt give them the right to do as they wish.... i agree with "stop it", y'all need to move to another country where citizens have no say.... and jus because someone has a past record, that doesnt define them as a person, trust me, i know that first hand.....

Game time

The over zealous one sounds like Dave Light in this situation. Why would he not want the Sheriff's Office in the city and cleaning up the community to make it a safer place to live. There is no comparison to the amount of drug work the Sheriff's office does and the amount the police department does. I'm not buying into what the SR is attempting to sell here.


You've got to be Joshing us? Just Quit with your nonsense "game time", because no one is buying into what you are trying to convince us with. The gig is up and the truth is beginning to hurt. Why would NPD want a group of inexperienced cowboys riding into town and kicking in doors, especially after NPD warned them not to in the first place? Ever hear of quality not quantity? Maybe the sheriff should find some training in that area since he is so big on training.

Stop It

If you choose illegal search and seizure over your freedom, I want you to go with WTF to somewhere that you can't vote in this area.

Peninsula Pundit

Big Thumbs Up!


Why are all the Police Departments avoiding working with the Sheriff's department. Just Norwalk and Dave Light will stand up and speak the truth in public, other departments are not happy with the Sheriff either, but don't rock the boat.


He does, he knows there's a right way and a wrong way and the sheriff is going about it the wrong way causing trust issues in LE and among the community.


Huron county Sheriffs dept is a joke......


Huron county Sheriffs dept is a joke......


Maybe Sheriff Howard needs to do some ride alongs with some City Of Sandusky Detectives! Seems like Orzech Can give him a few pointers on how to properly bust some dealers.

Big Poppy

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JMOP's picture

Well, it was Fulton who told Light that the search warrant wasn't legit. So shouldn't Fulton get some recognition for being honest?

Guess I'll read the past articles to before I make that judgement.

Ralph J.

Bullies, cocky and arrogant people need not apply for positions in law enforcement.


Police officers (in this case deputies) are human beings, therefore they make mistakes. We are all taught at an early age (the truth will set you free). The HCSO believes they are above all others and defend their mistakes until the s*** hits the fan. There are too many inconsistencies in their story for any reasonable person to believe. The blame will then fall on some poor sap who is a detective or supervisor, who was placed in that position by a sheriff who loves to have his arse kissed and worshiped. These kids have no experience and it's beginning to come to light, even though this has been going on for quite some time. They have the paper follow them around for photo ops and post photos of evidence on their Facebook page. They claim they have many more drug cases than anyone in this county. They put a honest hardworking judge in a bind by raising their right hand and swearing they had probable cause to believe a certain guy lived in a certain apartment when that was not true. They were warned prior to obtaining the warrant by NPD the subject the warrant was for, does not and has not lived in the residence they obtained the warrant for. They brag how they have more drug cases than any other agency in the county. Why can't they see that 100 s***y cases doesn't even equal 1 lawful and well executed case? They promote someone to sergeant (a trusted supervisor) then falsely accuse him of losing or misplacing a weapon. He is then suspended and has his cruiser taken away, only to have that weapon show up while he is gone and not on the premises. What's the final story to that? How did that weapon get put back where it belongs after accusing a war hero for our country of stealing it? I for one would love to hear the answer to that fiasco.


Funny, Deputies have been seen at stores in Norwalk buying every copy of today's SR, so people can not read this article. Come on we are not stupid people, it is on line, and the article could be reprinted again, for those who do not have it home delivered.. Sandusky Register,maybe a 2nd edition of the paper or story on newsstands!

Courtney Astolfi

Thanks for the feedback! We're going to be publishing the story online in its entirety tomorrow. Check back then for the whole scoop.


Thank you Courtney!


I wonder where the money came from to buy up all the newspapers. Next they will be taking the camera footage from the stores so nobody can prove they spent county money on this.


(Wicked cackle) Hey Dane....waay before the papers put out stuff we knew. Do not bother to try for re-election either. Ancient people before your lineage here in Ohio are tired of your stuff. Those currently in L.E. know who is sincere in their execution of SERVING the populace. As the months progress I expect more news about HCSO.


Sure do miss the days of Sheriff Borgia!


I don't want blood, I want justice. Dane may be the nicest guy in the world and may have been a good cop while on the beat, but as Sheriff this mess is on him. On the Sheriffs web site it says Howard will support the US and Ohio Constitution, enforcing a KNOWN illegal warrant is tyranny and for justice to prevail a charge must be made to those who knowingly violated the mans constitutional rights and those who violated their OATH of office. When an oath means nothing to a cop then were in serious trouble as a citizenry.


Hell, Mark won't even go hunting with him anymore. Chief Holden that is. What's up with that? Chief light, or mike, you got my vote and many others for Sheriff.


Please post the Crossing the line article, that appeared in Sunday's paper if you were lucky enogugh to have home delivery and read it.. I got mine at little store 25 miles from home. As all the local stores were sold out..


See? Told you yesterday. (Read Norwalk paper) Dane you have an opportunity to change your ego, even though you won't be re-elected. Leave on a positive note. (Thanks for reading Dane) Again....Register - keep these blogs. It can/does produce good results.

SanduskySlayer's picture

In Indiana you can kill cops caught breaking into your home. Ohio needs to follow suit. Break the law and die regardless of the badge. “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer's life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529. The Court stated: “Where the officer is killed in the course of the disorder which naturally accompanies an attempted arrest that is resisted, the law looks with very different eyes upon the transaction, when the officer had the right to make the arrest, from what it does if the officer had no right. What may be murder in the first case might be nothing more than manslaughter in the other, or the facts might show that no offense had been committed.”