Fire code violations adding up for owner

Joe Yost owes $7K in violations to city, which seeks options.
Courtney Astolfi
Oct 7, 2013


Fines have been stacking up for the owner of the now-defunct Hoppers mobile home park on Venice Road.

As of Saturday, Joe Yost had accrued $7,000 in fines for fire code violations on his property, according to Sandusky fire Chief Paul Ricci.

In mid-July, Sandusky fire marshal Rudy Ruiz notified Yost of five serious code violations in the park that needed to be addressed by the second week of August.

It wasn’t until Sept. 9, however, that the city began fining him for the unsafe structural conditions, accumulation of waste materials, presence of abandoned and unsecured buildings and the buildup of combustible materials that plague the park.

Since then, Yost has been slapped with penalties of $50 per day, per violation.

“Mr. Yost has relayed to us he does not have the means to remedy Hoppers mobile home park as it sits today,” Ricci said. “We’re pursuing alternatives.”

The cleanup solution will likely come through an application of federal grant money, Ricci said.

“One of the pieces of the solution is to utilize the money we do have. We’re getting bids right now on what that cost will be,” Ricci said.

The fire chief plans to make a decision by Oct. 22 about which contractor the city will hire to remedy Yost’s violations.

“We have taken care of the immediate, necessary hazards,” Ricci said. “We eliminated the electric and gas out there, and debris has been localized to one area.”

Water access for the park was turned off on Aug. 1 — a reaction to five years of unpaid water bills totaling $260,000, according to the city.

Only two households have yet to leave the property.

“The last two occupants have found places to stay, and they’ll be moving within the next week,” Ricci said.



He won't pay these fines either. Do you think if he owes $293,000 in property taxes and $260,000 in water/sewer bills, that this measly $7,000 is of any worry to him? Think again.


Throw the idiot in jail.


Have WARD's do it!! They did a fantastic job on the OLD MARTIN junkyard and working on demo-ing the house next door. They could get the job done!! That stuff needs taken care of and so does Yost!! Just Git-er Done. I'm tired of looking at it in my HOOD!!! VOTE WARDS FOR DEMOLITION!! And NO before you talk, I am not a Ward, and not related to them! I just have seen what a fantastic job they did cleaning up the OLD MARTIN junk yard!! Just tired of the crap and it is very unsafe. Also sick of watching people pull up and start taking stuff that isn't theirs. Next they will be tearing off the siding on the one trailer that sits up front!!!!! Why that kid didn't just take the stuff and scrap it, I don't know!!

Truth or Dare

Please excuse me for a couple of minutes whilst I take a drive just about 2 blocks away from home to check something out........Yep, didn't think it looked any different from yesterday, day before, the day before that, last month for that matter! "We eliminated the gas and electric out there, and debris has been localized to one area", really?! What I see are at least 13 remaining gutted out trailers, a few RV's parked back in there and as for the debris, it's left where it was, pretty much spread out across the empty lots as it has been. Even the furniture sitting out close to Venice Rd. is still there, ripe for the picking. Must of been left behind incase someone could use it? I'm sadly disappointed in that statement, the lack of coverage this is receiving including pictorial, and the fact the thief who caused this, who lives only what, 20 minutes away has yet to be charged with anything and all he has to say "I have no means to remedy this".... I mean really, this picture does this mess left behind absolutely no justice! Guess we wouldn't want to ruffle any feathers, eh?

By the way, that heap of a building that's still sitting on Campbell St., that was tore down what, at least a month ago, it's still sitting. That I consider centralized.


More money Yost will not have to pay.

The fortune cookie I just opened told me this is part of a process where you and I (Sandusky)will end up owning this property, cleaning it up costing thousands plus Yost's unpaid bills and along will come a developer taking over the property for 3 figures dollar amount--corporate welfare.


Have the fire dept. burn it down as practice. Is Mr. Yost an invalid ? I think he should rent a trailer, and start carting away the junk on his very own.SR please interview him, we need to know what a man that abuses the system looks like.

Erie County Resident

He should be forced to live there in the conditions he put his renters in.


I think it's a nice addition to that whole crappy area.

Truth or Dare

How long ago was it, maybe a few years ago that this same man had how much in property taxes forgiven, which if I recall correctly included the property to the west of Hoppers, the Westgate Plaza. At the same time he was taking $$$ from residents within Hoppers and not paying the water bill?! What's he owe in property taxes for that land? Couldn't of happened any smoother if it were planned!


Face it, he's just waiting for the mess to be cleaned up for him, no sweat off his brow. If he's not paying the money owed off, he sure isn't gonna pay to have anything cleaned up. City will get tired of it and do it for him. Oh, don't worry Joe they will forgive all and you can get on with business as usual.