Hoppers owner may still face charges

The owner of the mobile home park may soon know if he faces citations from Sandusky firefighters, as well as theft charges from police.
Courtney Astolfi
Sep 9, 2013


In the theft case, Joe Yost allegedly collected money from tenants for water services, but he never paid the city for the services.

Citing a conflict of interest because he knows Yost, Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter has passed the case on to Medina County prosecutor Dean Holman to serve as special prosecutor.   

While it’s been more than a month since Sandusky detectives wrapped up their investigation and forwarded the case to prosecutors, Holman said he is still in the process of reviewing Yost’s file.    “I’ll be meeting with detectives shortly to discuss the case,” Holman said. “Beyond that, I have no comment.”    Baxter referred the case to Holman in August.    “I’ve known Joe Yost for years,” Baxter said. “I felt it was more appropriate for an outside prosecutor to review this.”  

In the meantime, Sandusky fire Chief Paul Ricci has given Yost until Monday to rectify multiple fire code violations on the property. “What we’re after now is getting rid of combustible materials and maintaining access to the park,” Ricci said. “There are also unsecured structures still in the park.”   

If Yost cleans up the property by Monday, or if he comes to fire officials with a plan of action, fire code citations aren’t likely to be filed. “What we’re after is compliance,” Ricci said. “If the site isn’t cleaned up, we’ll meet with the law director and file an action.”   

If Yost doesn’t comply, the fire department plans to issue the appropriate citations and obtain a release through the courts, which would allow them to clean the property. “It’s a timely process, but it’s a due process,” Ricci said. “We have to make sure we follow the rules here.”



That scumbag will get off scott free!


Well something needs done, it looks like an eye sore over their.. people are still living their! I dont see how they are staying their still w/ no water or electric!! I mean they go days w/ out bathing, obviously bcuz I work at a store close to their and people come in from their all the time.. I understand standing up for yourself and your family and your rights but not without water.. They should of gotten receipts and everything written down from this guy to prove they paid stuff.. But then again you should be able to trust a landlord! But I would be mad also if I had to move bcuz of this, I am sorry they had to go thru this, but stop living their, u need water to survive like to bathe and use the bathroom !!

simply me

My parents and sister were living over there recently, they hauled A LOT of water in between the two trailers to be able to bathe, eat, drink, etc. They also still had electric up to the time they unhooked everything for it to be moved. My family owns their trailers and had no choice but to stay. They have since moved their trailers to a new place. Not everyone in that park was accommodated by housing authority or had other places to go. Not everyone in that park, honestly mainly just my family lol, but not everyone in that park lived dirty and trashy and not clean.


THERE. People are still living THERE. THEIR trailers are uninhabitable. THEY'RE going to have to move. They should HAVE gotten receipts... your English teacher is rolling over in her grave.


I agree. I don't understand why people don't know the difference or how to spell. Same thing with your and you're. It makes me wonder where they went to school!!


Or NO ONE as one word "noone" -my personal favorite. ;]

Darwin's choice

What's this say about Baxter? Good buddy! Something sure smells rotten here, 5 years without paying? How, and who in the hell.....!


People should not have been allowed to destroy their trailers. What a legal situation this has become.


Unfortunately the trailers belonged to them, so they were free to scrap what they could to possibly help financially get a new place to live. I am sure it would be difficult to just go find an acre of land to pay outright for to move your trailer to. The cost of the land, the slab of concrete needed for the trailer and all of the plumbing and electric/gas needs would be tremendous. I am sure people were standing their ground because they were left with very few options. I don't know anyone that lived/lives there, but I can't imagine how helpless these people must have felt. I highly doubt they thought it would ever get to this point. It should have never gone on this long and he needs to be held responsible for that. Unfortunately the tenants that paid their lot rent and water will be out all that money and a place to live.


Yost is a piece of cow-dung..enough said


Hang on Sanduskians you're going to pay for this mess through delinquent payment forgiveness. .

Just like the millions owned to the County/City in property taxes throughout the area, this property will be added to the list, including money owed for water/sewer, while the elected officials cry poverty and want to "creatively" raise revenue.

Darwin's choice

Like Baxter and his island rocket boat service?

red white and blue

It's not the first time or the last time one of baxters buddys get of scott free


This scenario reflects on America. More people are being trampled by the few.


The government continues to pick up the tab and charges it to the taxpayers.


The city of Sandusky is also at fault in this mess for allowing the water bill to go unpaid for so long.