Yost ordered to clean it up

Owner of Hoppers mobile home park is nearing an August deadline of his own, after city officials notified him of multiple fire code violations earlier this month.
Courtney Astolfi
Jul 25, 2013


Sandusky fire marshal Rudy Ruiz notified Hoppers owner Joe Yost of at least five serious code violations at his Venice Road mobile home park.

Yost has 30 days to clean up and secure the property, or he’ll face fines of $50 per violation, per day. According to the city’s code, Yost could even see jail time if his cleanup efforts aren’t satisfactory. He has until the second week of August to clean up the mess. 

On Aug. 1, meanwhile, city officials plan to cut off water service to the park, a reaction to five years of unpaid water bills at Yost’s property and management company. He is $260,000 delinquent on water and sewer service payments, according to the city.  

Residents at the troubled property have spent the past few weeks dismantling, scrapping, abandoning or moving their mobile homes, a process that has resulted in the numerous code violations Yost must now address.

In a letter to Yost, the fire marshal cited unsafe structural conditions, an accumulation of waste materials, the presence of abandoned and unsecured buildings, and a buildup of combustible materials.

“It’s his responsibility to secure any vacant or abandoned structures, especially if it’s property he owns,” Sandusky fire chief Paul Ricci said.

The abandoned and unsecured mobile homes has left the park ripe for a plucking. Ricci cited personal property thefts as a primary concern. 

As owners peel the aluminum siding from the skeletons of their mobile homes, their belongings inside have become vulnerable to theft. While it’s been more than two weeks since Yost was served his paperwork, conditions have hardly improved. 

On Tuesday, Sandusky police responded to one such theft. Billy Crawford, a resident of lot 514, returned home to a ransacked trailer that was stripped of its aluminum siding and glass windows. 

Televisions, fishing equipment, children’s clothing and other items were stolen. The mobile home had been rifled through from top to bottom, leaving even Crawford unsure of the extent of the thievery.

Such circumstances are threatening the safety of residents who, at the same time, are being forced from their homes.  

“The current conditions present a life-safety risk to the public and emergency responders,” Ruiz stated. “The immediate removal of all trash, combustible debris, rubbish and waste is imperative.”

If Yost fails to clean up the park, Ruiz can authorize city workers to remove any of the hazardous materials.



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I haven't been following this story. Can someone tell me why the city allowed the water bill to go unpaid for 5 years? I would imagine that mine would be cut off if it went unpaid for 2 or 3 months.

Just Sayin IMHO

That is what I am wondering as well! If it were my water or your water, they would have been here in month 3 to turn it off...... who's been turning their heads for the last 5 years!?!


I can understand that people are getting things in order and moving but why leave items inside the trailers to take out after the aluminum outside walls have been removed? I would think you would pack up and move all your valuables first and then strip the walls.


I thought the same thing.

local man

Gee $50 a day in fines. Will that matter to someone already owing $260K?

Darwin's choice

He could lapse another 5200 days to equal that amount! Over 14 years...!

$50 per day, I"ll bet he's terrified! His boat burns that much fuel in a half hour....


What took the city so long to issue the order? How can Yost be to blame for the mess the tenants caused by tearing their own homes apart? They should fine the tenants for dismantling their trailers and causing a nuisance. Somehow, I don't think we are getting the whole story. I don't think Yost will do anything about it and the cleanup will have to be handled by the city.


It's Yost's problem because he was the one that failed to pay the water bill (among other things), thus forcing the tenants to have to move. It's his fault that they're stripping their trailers. I think it's only fair to make him clean up his own mess.


this idiot will just reopen his bankruptcy and add the fines to IT. This city is NEVER going to see a penny from this joker let alone see a clean up crew doing much. The city would be better off taking the land from him for the cost of the scrap metal of those trailers and selling it at Sandusky Steel. That would be something back on what is owed.


I've been saying and this only adds to it- the city is going to seize this property and develop it as they see fit! Mark my words, in the long run this will be more cost effective than an eminent domain proceeding.


Leaving this property as an eye sore is Yost's big FU to the city.

He doesn't care!




Yost has had more than a few projects and properties go belly up. I am not totally blaming him but I have heard of him screwing investers, partners, and tenants before. The residents are probally stripping the metal and copper off of them trailers to get a little of the money back that was taken from them by host who was charging them and billing them for water usage.. I bet the city never gets a penny and he will just file bankruptcy and open up under a new company name..... buisnesses do it all the time.... rack up a debt and have no intent on ever paying it back...they get all of there equipment or materials ect ... then file bankruptcy and get a fresh new start with little to no penalty


bankruptcy was never meant to be abused in this way. He's a corrupt thief . He needs to be thoroughly investigated by a P.I.


Why did they leave it go 5 years is the question???????? Maybe so they can proceed with their plans.........building the new Hotel/Restaurant/Gas Station on that whole corner lot from Tiffin to Olds Street??? And if they let the bill run up so it was impossible to pay, force the tenants to move, take over the acreage, they can demo it and re-build the new HRS on that lot and think of all the TAX money they will collect!! THINK ABOUT IT!! I'm sure it was all PLANNED.... No other place in the whole city is allowed to have even a 5 month deliquent water bill......... THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!


Sectary might be on to something... I do know, that the city was aware of the delinquent bill and it is kind of fishy that the city let the bill go for this amt of time unless they had another motive.... most peoples water is shut off after 3 mths


Now that the overpass is so close to completion, it is a bit coincidental to finally call in this delinquent bill. Still, Yost may have had someone in the city gov. giving him a pass all along.


Does anyone know how long Yost bankruptcy is to go on for? Shouldn't this be settled soon? What is the average length of a bankruptcy?