Homeowners get the boot

Sandusky forcing residents from their homes because bankrupt property owner failed to pay $50K water bill.
Shawn Foucher
Jun 19, 2013


"Fine with me." 

So said Joe Yost, when asked Tuesday how he feels about the city gearing up to toss a dozen or more Sandusky families out on the street within the next month or so. 

Yost, owner of Hoppers mobile home park on Venice Road, hasn't paid the property's water bill in about five years, according to city officials, and he's about $50,000 in arrears. 

So the city's leaders came up with a grand solution: Shut off the water Aug.1 and evict the residents. The health department would deem a health hazard to live there without water service.   

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Yost had little else to say about the situation when reached by phone, other than accusing the residents of failing to pay him for their water service. He said he and city officials are working out some details, but he declined to discuss the matter further before hanging up the phone. 

Tuesday afternoon, three residents at the park showed a reporter copies of receipts for recent water bills.   

"It's not my fault the (expletive) screwed me out of this and didn't pay the water bill," said Lawrence Allen Jr., 46, who has owned the same trailer at Hoppers for the past 20 years. "I have nowhere to go. If they shut my water off, I'll still be here. I'll go buy a Porta Potty and put one right in my (expletive) front yard. I'll haul water in." 

For now, the water is still running. 

Even so, the folks in this ill-fated park along Venice Road know greater troubles are just around the corner. Some are hoping for the best, others are carrying on as if the worst is inevitable. 

As Allen talked about digging in his heels and fighting to the bitter end, another resident, Bill Mullins, quietly pried away at the metal skin off his trailer. By early afternoon he had removed most of the metal shell, which he'll sell for scrap. 

Half a dozen or more of the mobile homes have already met similar fates, skeleton frame left in their places.    

Like Allen, Harry Litteral, 49, doesn't plan to leave quietly or easily. He watched as Mullins peeled the trailer like an orange.  

"We ain't touching our houses," Litteral said. "That's crazy."  

"I have almost $18,000 tied up in my trailer," Allen said. "And they're just going to throw us out in the street without any compensation?"  

Both men are on disability. Allen said he was injured years ago. Litteral said he still suffers from a long-ago attack, when he was shot four times in the back by his half-brother. 

More than two weeks ago, a handful of public agencies hosted an information session in the parking lot of Westgate Center, a property Yost also owned until a bank grabbed hold of it a few years ago. Hoppers residents were invited to the session, where agencies passed out brochures and packets about services offered.

There are 36 lots at Hoppers, at least eight of them vacant. Other trailers appear empty or disassembled, although in some cases people are still living inside. At this point it's unclear how many people still live at the mobile home park.   

City officials said they're working with the residents to help them relocate. 

Head out to Hoppers this week, you'd get a different story. 

"They haven't done (expletive) for nobody," Allen said. "Every time you go talk to one of them, it's, 'Go see this person, go see that person, go see this person.' But after you go through a whole train of people, you get the person at the end who says, 'Well, what do you want us to do for you? What are we supposed to do?' 

"What are you supposed to do? You're supposed to do something," Allen said. "You're throwing us out in the (expletive) street."

It's unclear how Yost could have gotten so far in arrears on the water bill, or why the city is pushing the residents out without offering other potential options. It's also not clear who made the decision to evict the residents and how the city arrived at that decision.  

The Register has asked all seven city commissioners for their view, if only to determine if the city will delay its timetable for shutting off the water, or provide more individual help to some of the park's residents. 

The Register asked commissioners to reply by Friday.




Why don't the commissioner discuss the problem at the commission table where it belongs instead of through e-mails to a reporter? Some of these people deserve an answer and help in relocating. The city says nothing on the matter.

God Of Thunder

The city has been involved with the residents. Don't forget, the residents did receive 3-4 months notice with an outstanding $50,000 water bill. Everyone has to remember, the city didn't cause this.. The slum lord owner is the cause for this situation. I think the city has been more than lenient and it's time..


I'm not quite sure that they would have received the bill for this. They would have received their individual bills but probably not the entire bill that was in Mr. Yost's name. But I agree with the other's statements that it shouldn't have gotten out of hand the way it did and gotten up to $50,000 before anyone took action. I feel sorry for the people that live there and agree with whoever it was that suggested putting Yost in jail and letting the residents live there till the bill is paid back. But then you have the residents paying double for something that they've already paid for and Yost has pocketed and county residents are supporting him while he's getting 3 hots and a cot as the saying goes. But realistically I don't know if the City would be capable of taking over the property there even though that would be the best case scenario.


God of Thunder: Agree with your statements !! Also, I would like to get the attention of DOLLAR GENERAL: Would you like to have your brand new shopping cart in the picture back ?? That is theft, period. If this is any indication of the actions of others there, then it would be wise to clean the place up. Just sayin...


This P>O>S Yost is everywhere, but JAIL..WHY ??? http://www.morningjournal.com/ar...


This scam artist keeps changing LLC's , the pattern is obvious. Take a look>> http://erie.iviewauditor.com/Dat...


Connect the dots people !! WHO is letting this scum get away with this and doing nothing?? Wake up City of Sandusky. Everyone affected should get together and put him away for good before he runs ! http://erie.iviewauditor.com/Dat...

God Of Thunder

"It's unclear how Yost could have gotten so far in arrears on the water bill, or why the city is pushing the residents out without offering other potential options. It's also not clear who made the decision to evict the residents and how the city arrived at that decision.

The Register has asked all seven city commissioners for their view, if only to determine if the city will delay its timetable for shutting off the water, or provide more individual help to some of the park's residents. "

Really SR??? Why the city is pushing residents out without offering options??? Don't you think letting this Scumbag go for 5 years and running up a $50,000 water bill is quite an option. I think the city has gone above and beyond over this whole situation and as far as delaying its timetable for shutting off the water....already said..

This place is long overdue to be shut down. It has been in a sad state of affairs for several years. I do feel bad for the residents getting forced out, but I also feel bad for the conditions they live in back there. The filth, stray animals, raw sewage flowing from under these trailers, and what scares me is the kids who run around barefoot through there.

I wish the residents luck, but believe me, it is for the better. Hopefully you will never have to deal with Yost again. You aren't the only people he has screwed over.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks God of thunder. Residents, some of whom own the mobile homes in which they live, had receipts showing they paid their water bills to the property owner. His company apparently didn't pay the city and is in arrears on other tax bills due to the city and other entities.

It doesn't seem unreasonable the SR would report updates on the frustrations the residents have with the  predicament they're in. I know I wouldn't like it if I were forced from my home through no fault of my own. It's good, perhaps, that you feel bad for the residents. The Register is simply reporting what is happening. 

It also doesn't seem unreasonable to ask how the overdue utilities bill to the property owner could reach $50,000 and what other steps there might be to assisting the residents who paid their bills. 


Yes, but if the city allowed Yost to continue to recieve water service, even though he did not pay his bill for all these years and had an over $50,000 debt to the city what kind of precident would that set? Think about all of the other businesses and residents that would stop paying their bill if they did not have fear of the risk of having the water shut-off.

If you do not pay for your subscription to the Register for over 3 weeks what happens? If you do not pay for your electric service for a few months, what happens? If you do not pay Columbia Gas for a few months what happens? You get my point... The city has given this guy 5 years, and from what was said in the story it sounds like the residents and other agencies knew about this for some time now. How long is the city supposed to give out water for free?

Do not get me wrong, I do feel bad for the residents. But honestly, they need to group together and hire a lawyer. It is the only way they will recoop any of their losses in this. The city should not be expected to support or provide charity any longer, isn't 5 years long enough? For those that own the mobile homes, they can be moved. I know there is some expense involved, but I have see open spaces down 101 in the mobile home park by the ford plant. It is not the perfect fix, but it may be the best one available.

Rich Close


God Of Thunder

Yawn.. These residents knew all along that this nit wit wasn't taking care of business. I think they had a clue when they had to start chucking trash bags out the front door. It is privately owned property and because of all the legalities and attorneys, the city's hands were tied.

And no...I don't work for the city...I don't live within the limits.


Problem is the occupants can not squeeze blood out of Joe "Turnip" Yost. Lock him up.


Put yost in jail for fraud. Have the residents pay their lot rent directly to city until its caught up. Not that hard to figure out.


Exactly bigdad! But that is to logical!!!


Common sense,no,you can't use that in settling things,not in politics !


These people have paid their bills. It's YOST who has not! Sandusky fix the problem! Where are 28 families who own their moblie home going to go????? DISGUSTED BY YOST!!! Most of these people can not afford to move their mobile or buy another one. They for sure can not afford an attorney. I know onw of the residents and he is a hard working man who can not afford to buy another home. Forced out for something completely out of their control. Why can't they start paying their water bills directly??? Go after the real crook YOST for his back payments!!!!
Clean up the trailer park & let these 28 familes stay!!!


How do YOU know they ALL paid their bills?? Maybe when they stopped paying the the water never got shut off they figured WHY bother? Sounds like some or even most can't even afford to live their. It is CLEARLY in the bottom 5% of trailer parks.


Bigdog1205 has the answer! Matt westerhold take that ball & run with it!

Home Boy

Slum Dog Millionaire


It is a sad situation and whoever allowed the bill to go unpaid for years needs to explain why. However, I really believe the city wants to clear out that entire area for commercial development and provide a better view for incoming tourists. Yost is a crook. Plain and simple. I have to admit though, that corner has looked awful for decades. It really does need cleaned up and the residents deserve some type of help relocating!


deertracker, you are right on the money about someone wanting the land! The City of Huron is doing the same thing to the mobile home park in Rye Beach. If the cities don't look favorable on first appearances, then the investors won't look twice at our areas. To city governments, tourists rule and Ford and New Departure have died and gone to Heaven. Look at the potential land re-use on that acreage. The land will always be here and is the most valuable commodity along with the Lake.

doggie mom

City wants to run the trash out of the trailer park cause it is a problem but I would love to know how 221 Rye beach got where it is...what a hole!!!!

Rich Close

I was going to post the same belief, the city let this happen to enable them to force them out. Why would Sandusky be any different than any other political entity, use their power and manipulate others to get what you want.


"Fine with me" he says!!!. I say put his smart a%% in jail. I know I'd be there if I owed the city 50k and did not pay it.


Why doesn't the City work out a deal with the home owners?


What about the kids! This place is so nasty and these kids are stuck playing there, because the city told there families Metro would be able to help. When they call Metro they tell them we will get to you we are still working on our 2010 list! The adults, whatever there adults but the children out there don't have a choice and it can't be very safe for scrap metal to be flying everywhere! I would think these people should be relocating the families with the kids before worrying about the others!

Truth or Dare

Hey bigdad1205; That would be the right and proper thing to do, and the SR or someone from the park should be contacting the ACLU in Cleveland, like when this first came about! If this story is in the hard copy today, I'll be mailing it out myself.

This is the trailer park on 101, south of the tracks right, not the one at the intersection of Venice and Tiffin, right? This is the same man who awhile back with a few others had quite a bit in unpaid taxes forgiven, right? Who is he married too? Or at least use to be? Why hasn't this man been charged with theft, let alone tax evasion? Who wants this property that the City would literally evict entire families from their homes? See, those are fair questions, because this could happen to anyone within this city that rents from a Landlord who doesn't pay their property taxes, let alone takes your $$$ for a city water bill and doesn't pay that either! Which trailer park in town is next?

Par for the course no one within City government knows who decided what. They know, just aren't saying and all the more reason I'll not cast a vote for not one City Commissioner that wouldn't speak up or out when a decision has been made to put several families w/children out onto the streets. The way I see it, the City is setting a precedent which could affect anyone who rents.


Nope!!!! Its the one at Venice and Tiffin

44870 South

Wow...this is just terrible. Can't Habitat for Humanity or something like that get involved here? That Park needs some TLC for sure. Every cent needs to be paid back to the city. But these people need help, not all of them back there choose to live in filth. I say mow down the trailers that are a complete eyesore, plant trees, or put in a some swing sets and slides. Give the people back there who don't live in squalor a chance to show pride of ownership...and yes...I also agree with paying rent and utilities directly to the city.


This is an extension of a much larger problem in Erie County, where delinquent property owners have the ability to acquire more and more property, despite owning existing delinquent property. To me, it makes perfectly good sense to pay the property taxes for what you presently own before acquiring more property. Others though, don't share this view. Hence, the problems multiply.


Now this has got to really suck for the residents , I know if it were me and this happen ed to me I would be fighting with the owners as well as the city . Even if it ment me getting lawyer and filing suit against the city as well as the owners of the property and ask the court for a restraining order against the city as well as the property owner from shutting off the water for the ones that have paid .. I relize the city has a point , but you have to look at the whole picture and not take it out on the tenants that are current .
And to say , well to bad , you have to get out and we are not going to help in anyway speaks loud and clear what this city is all about .
If this where Cedar Point , I bet they would be working hard to fix the problem

2cents's picture

No offense to the residents, but I did not like to park over by there when Mr. Wiggs was in the plaza!


I miss Mr. Wiggs and Foodtown too.

2cents's picture

The mini mall before the mall! I know, I was a little freaked out moving to the area in the early 70's from a bigger city that had two malls.


There's no excuse whatsoever for the City to have let ANYbody run up a bill that size for so long. NONE. Sure, the landlord is, just as some have said, scum. But $50,000 is seriously out of control!

The residents, at least some of them, DID pay their water bill (to the landlord, doubtless a requirement of the space rental). So why are the RESIDENTS being punished? The City should change the billing so that each resident can pay his or her own water bill directly to the City, and the City should go after Yost for what he collected and never paid.

Unless, of course, as some allege here, there's some sort of a "plan" to get rid of the trailer park... It's not that I can't see some rationale for that, but at the same time, the wrong people are being penalized here! That needs to be addressed, and it needs to be addressed BEFORE anybody is homeless.


The trailer park on Rt.101 is not going to let them move their mobile homes there. They want to tear down all the older ones that they already have there. Last I heard years ago it was over $600 just to move in there. "Entrance fee." Probably even higher now.


Not to dash hopes, but the residents aren't going to stay.
Go to the Erie County Auditors website and put in parcel 5801990000, then chose the tax tab. $293,000+ owed in back real estate taxes. If you solve the water problem, the tax problem is next, then it will be the mortgage. We should all empathize with the tenants, but if the city bends it will only be a few more weeks before the county or the bank becomes the new bad guy.


The residents should call Fox 8 or Channel 5 or Channel 11 ... as far as lawyers go they should Call Legal Aid or something.. This is an absolute OUTRAGE! It's a good thing some of them kept their proof of payment. Always keep your receipts or cancelled checks for proof - most especially IF YOU rent whether it is a home or LOT rent.


I think if the tenants had known that the water was not being paid to that extent their rent could have been put in escrow. I think that there are regulations about unpaid utilities. It's hard to believe that the unpaid water bill is as high as $50,000. Regular households are shut off after the second payment is missed. I think the city should have made the tenants aware that the water was not being paid so that they could have looked for legal advice since they were paying their rent in "good faith". I also thought that by including the utility company as a creditor in your bankruptcy schedules, the utility company will receive official notice that you have filed for bankruptcy protection. That will ensure that the utility company does not terminate your utility services due to your pre-bankruptcy delinquent account. I am not sure if this would apply in this case but it is something to think about.


1. If they paid Yost and he didn't pay - did they know? If so, couldn't they pay directly - or at least get a lawyer and put their rent in escrow. Why didn't they pay the water dept directly - sounds like they just paid him rent which included water. Did they get water bills?

2. After looking at the pictures in the Register - it doesn't look like this is the most habitable place to live.


I have to say that its not the responsablity of the tenents to see that the water bill or taxes is paid , its the owner of the park that is resposable . and to hold the tenants like they are and avicting them from there is a crime as far as I am concerned
I am not saying that what the park is doing is right , cause from what I have read on here , the palce should have been shut down years ago . But I am saying that the way the city is going about it is really wrong , I would like to think that some of the people that live there are working and paying taxes and to just throw them out without any recourse is WRONG . I would like to think that some of the trailers in that park are liveable , and what is going to happen to the trailers once everyone is gone ? I can tell yea , they will sit there unattended and will become just like the others and it will take the city years to do anything about it cause its private property and there are going to be channels that are going to have be done and thats going to cost the tax payers even more money, Wheres it end ?


God of thunder how could you sleep st night knowing you forced children out of there home and into a shelter for doing nothing wrong. You are crazy and dillusional if you think that is ok and I am embarrassed to even live in a city where the commissioners would even consider putting them kids out in the street regaurdless of a notice. If you don't have the money to move, are you going to give it to them. I didn't think so. Think twice before rushing these people to the homeless shelter. Have a heart.


This isn't the city of Sanduskys' fault. They let it slide for 5 years! This is the park owners doing.

God Of Thunder

Have you been through the trailer park??? Walk through, not drive through, and look at how neglected it has been for several years. I would sleep very well knowing that these kids would be in a better place. I am going to assume that you have never been through the place to know what you are talking about, so I will let it go at that. I and you will give them the money, because it will be public assistance, and these folks, I believe, they deserve it.

Yeah... I may be crazy, but I call them as I see them.


I know a few good people that live in the park, work hard just to get by, they paid there lot rent on time every month, trash and water is included in the lot rent, they had NO idea until the city came knocking on the door there was any trouble. Seems to me that would be theft on Yost part.
Mr Yost is the same man that went bankrupt on the Cold Creek Crossing development levying the city hanging, also the Westgate plaza that is in foreclosure. scub bag


Hmmm... It seems as though Mr. Yost has the DILLIGAF syndrome.


MY GOD!! Peeling the siding off his own trailer to sell for scrap and continuing to live there???



Off topic sorry here but I wish the register would tell us about the trouble the newly hired sandusky boys basketball coach got into and want to jail for. Also what about the guy who shot himself last night in sandusky. T. Greene.

God Of Thunder

Yost was even being paid lot rent for these people and supposed to include garbage pick-up..He stopped paying the garbage bill so everyone just started tossing their trash outside, for years, so that tells you what kind of shape the park is in.. Yost is a terrible person and it's like he held everyone captive.

I can understand with legal reasons why the city took so long to act, but enough is enough. The city is doing the right thing. Not to mention all the property taxes he owes on this property, and the shopping center..Oh and Cold Creek development.

Free Man

they would be left alone if they where black, the city is racist !

God Of Thunder

Dude..That's just wrong...You know it...


The whole thing is terrible! Those people do not deserve this and the problems should have been addressed a long time ago. So where is this landlord? I'll bet he isn't living like the tenants are.


I feel that it is a real shame that the residents of this mobile home park are being made to suffer because the park owner didn't pay the water bill. There should have been charges against Joe Yost a long time ago. He should be in jail for theft of services and probably other charges. The residents deserve much better than what they are getting out of this situation. The residents that can show a reciept for payment of their bill should be able to get water directly from the city. The city should be going after Joe Yost, not the unfortunate residents.

The governed

Scumbag sure lives the highlife with his cigar boat friends on Kelleys Is.

dorothy gale

Throw the owner's a$$ in jail and let the trailers stay, rent free, with the tenants paying all their utility bills including water. Or don't put the scumbag in jail and sieze all his personal property instead. Then garnish any wages he makes until the day he dies.


Lets see a good photo of Joe and all his assets, Shame on him, He has been very inhumane and needs to be made to live in the condition he has left for his tenants. slumlord!


job and family services has the money right now to to pay security and first month rent to any working individual that is eligible for medicaid and/or food stamps, heap, etc


I don't understand how it gets to a $50K deficit before they do this? The city is not at fault because this guy didn't pay, but the city is at fault for letting it get this far, why on earth would they do that? I don't get it.


The city needs the water for the splash pads!


Is it me or is it just a coincidence that now that the new overpass is being built, these people are being told they will be evicted from their homes for no fault of their own. I mean won't the overpass open that empty property up for prime development. The city surly doesn't want a bunch of old trailers at the end of a brand new overpass. This guy got away with not paying his water bill for five years...WTH!!! They wanted to shut mine off after two months.....

The Answer Person

Go knock on Yost's doors and see what's up folks.


Isn't this the same con-man that took the City for infrastructure at Cold Creek Crossings, American Crayon and Westgate Center?

Why do we keep doing business with him?


"Add to that the tens of thousands of dollars in delinquent property taxes, and the development could cost Sandusky more than $5 million."

This is a good example of how poor people have to pay the price for the actions of the wealthy. Who gets all of the breaks in Erie County, Ohio? There are laws in Ohio that could be used against this man. It depends on who you are and who you know.


Heh...© 2004 Cold Creek Development Co., Ltd. and Cold Creek Construction Co., Ltd.


I wonder what will be built on that land after everyone is gone. Habitat for humanity could breath new life into space.


It's very obvious that the City has let the Landlord's water bill go way past any over-due payment period. The Home owners had no clue and actually thought they were up to date. Tens and even hundreds of thousands of taxpayer money has been spent by the city on frivolous lawsuits that most of us haven't agreed on. I say forget the Water Bill, Let the Home owners stay and the city collect the money, and bring charges on the Landlord. Represent the people for a change instead of defending each other with our money.

Darwin's choice

Very good suggestion! But, I think there may be more to this land development story...!

Wasn't baxter and co. forgiven for over 200 grand?

Concerned For A...

I smell a lawsuit a brewing! Hopefully for these poor people that thought they were paying their water bills can find an Erin Brockovich to help them out. Who the heck do these officials think they are to just evict people from their homes when they have done nothing wrong! If they get away with this, what else do you think they will do? You might as well say that they can just come at any ramdom time, commandeer your land and house, and too bad for you! This is wrong on so many levels. I'm quite positive that there are folks out there that havent paid their water bills, but if its part of the park rule that you pay your own water, explain to me why their isnt a water meter and a shut off valve at every lot in the park? That would have eliminated this whole senario. Under landlord tennant laws, in a multi family dwelling, you either have to include the utilities with rent, or there has to be seperate utilities for each dwelling. http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/5321.0... is absolutely ridiculous!