Bikers go hog wild with gifts

Family gets Christmas help.
Jessica Cuffman
Dec 20, 2013
Tradition dictates that Santa travels by a sleigh powered by eight magical reindeer in his one-day trip around the world each year. But for one Huron family, this year, he came early.    And he ditched the sleigh for a motorcycle.


   Members of the Mad River Harley Owners Group surprised Eric and Amber Newcomer and their three boys Thursday with a little extra help for the holiday.


   A few of the pack of 200 stacked piles of gifts under a Christmas tree in the lobby of North Point Baptist Church, complete with Harley gear and a Christmas ham for the young family.


   “I’m shocked” Amber said. “I wasn’t expecting it. I’m thankful”


   A relative had lured the couple there Thursday with vague text messages about being needed at the Hayes Avenue church, where they are members.


   Greeting them were seven bikers, representing the chapter’s effort to help a family for the holiday.


   The idea started with Chad Sullivan, activities officer, who months ago brainstormed for the project, then coordinated with his pastor at North Point to identify a family the motorcyclists could buy gifts for.


   “They were all about it,” chapter secretary Shelly Spangler said. “They’re very giving, all about community and charity”


   Members contributed about 20 gifts each for the twin 3-year-old boys and their 5-year-old brother, as well as gifts for Amber and Eric, and gift cards, one donated from Kroger, to round out a Christmas meal.


   “They’ve been all about Santa,” Amber said. “Now they’ll have even more of a reason”


   “It’s all about the spirit of giving,” chapter director Jodie Grimes said.