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Erie County agencies can provide people to guide you through Obama Care
Tom Jackson
Dec 6, 2013

If you’ve tried to buy health insurance at Obama Care’s website,, and failed, you’re obviously not alone. There’s been plenty of news coverage about the site’s woes.

But here’s an upside: There are local folks — yes, real, live human beings in Sandusky — who will help you with the process.

And even as Ohioans are enrolling in private health insurance plans, subsidized by the federal government for certain income levels, enrollment is about to begin for another program: Ohio’s Medicaid expansion, which serves low-income Ohioans.

Family Health Services of Erie County is working with a Toledo organization that provides “navigators” to help people buy health insurance at the new marketplace set up by Obama Care.

Brad Clark, navigator project director for the Neighborhood Health Association in Toledo, said his organization has stationed a navigator in Sandusky at the Family Health Services offices.

Anyone who needs help can make an appointment with her, and she’ll walk the consumer through the various options, Clark said. She won’t push anyone toward any policy, but will try to provide fair and impartial advice.

Sandusky’s other community health center, at the Erie County Health Department, is also offering navigator help, from Fremont Community Health Services.

Jennifer Leonard, a counselor at Community Health Services, did not return repeated phone calls to her office and cell phones, but a flier distributed by the Erie County Health Department has a phone number for making an appointment to receive help.

Erie County Job and Family Services will try to provide help to people who visit the offices, but for expert advice, it’s referring people to navigators provided by Ohio’s food banks, said Belinda Sibert Biemler, program development administrator for Erie County Job and Family Services.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Ohio will begin taking applications from people who now qualify for Medicaid through expanded Medicaid coverage in Ohio. Applicants are being asked to go to, which is supposed to go live Monday.

“They’re really encouraging everyone to do that through the website,” Sibert Biemler said.


Stop It

Why would one sign up for failure? It won't fly even if one were to take all 3,000+ pages and make paper airplanes out of them.

Hacker: No Security Ever Built Into


Ben Stein on Obama: Should Be “Charged With Criminal Fraud” for His Repeated Lies


Re: "subsidized by the federal government for certain income levels,"

Approx. 69% of enrollees will receive subsidies.

Financially this is unsustainable.

The "you can have it all" progressive crowd is driving this country off the fiscal cliff.

Stop It

This 'about' sums up my feelings:



Now that is an obamaSCARE fix I could believe in.


The estimated cost for the website alone is fast approaching $1 billion!


not signing up. sue me. you won't get anything!


Okay, we get that the same posters that we hear from day after day hate Obama. We also get that after your fearless leaders (Rush, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, etc.) told you to hate Obamacare, you hate Obamacare (although it was a great idea when a Republican think tank came up with the idea in 1989). Your posts are not only getting old, but they've lost all possible effectiveness. Really, for every link that you post from actor/Nixon speechwriter/lawyer and Nixon defender Ben Stein saying that Obamacare is awful, I can pull up dozens of links from Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman or Rhodes Scholar-winning economist Robert Reich saying that it's going to be great for our country. Seriously, it's getting old!

Listen, if you guys are right and Obamacare is going to cause this nation to crumble at its core and end mankind as we know it, we'll know soon enough. In the meantime, this is an article about how there are people out there to help others negotiate through the exchange. I saved money and didn't qualify for any government subsidies, maybe some other people out there will save some money, too. This isn't government insurance; it's just a marketplace for private insurance companies to sell their insurance policies. I thought you guys were all about free market and competition - that's exactly what this is.

And you guys that don't carry health insurance? I wouldn't brag too much about that because you're one of the main reasons that health care coverage in this country is so expensive. When you go to the emergency room with a broken neck from an accident, it's the rest of us that have to pay for your hospital stay in the form of higher rates for us.

The Big Dog's back

Right wing minds are saying Does not compute, Does not compute, Does not compute.

Stop It

That's cool, you already bought the lie and now ya gotta run with it or lose it all. I'm not gonna do it. No POTUS, SCOTUS or COTUS can make me buy anything. ESPECIALLY IF THEY DON'T BUY IT THEMSELVES!!!!!!


Stoop It is as Stoop It does!




RE: "(although it was a great idea when a Republican think tank came up with the idea in 1989)"

Yes it was so great that nothing was done with it. That speaks rather loudly as to how much the repubes thought of it. They let it sit for over 20 years. That sure shows how much all the repubes loved it. What I read the idea, it took less than 25 pages to state the idea. It sure went on steroids while multiplying it by 100 to the great policy it has become and is failing. Note all the exemptions, the major parts put on hold for a year (so far) Congress exempting themselves some are exempting their staffs... I could go on but after having near 3 years to get it ready, by the smartest people available by the smartest man to be president, it sure isn't doing well. I could go on but will stop after highlighting the major problems and let the little things like having the young pay for the old and more lie. Unlike what Pelosei said the more we know about it the less people like it. look at any recent poll on obamaSCARE.

Pterocarya frax...

If congress exempted themselves, why did Boehner sign up at last week?

Stop It

Linky? I can't stand his grandstanding. I would not google that man under duress..

Edit to add: you don't think he has back-up? Plan B?

Pterocarya frax...

I was referring to this:

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The Hero Zone

I imagine he was thinking about this:

It's not all of Congress for sure, and maybe others won't convert over, but it is worth noting.

“This work was strictly voluntary, but any animal who absented himself from it would have his rations reduced by half.”
― George Orwell, Animal Farm

Stop It

"..."I'm sure that regular Americans who just lost their insurance will feel comforted to know that Senator Reid's staff gets to keep their government plan," a senior GOP Senate aide said."


@ toredown


To Stop It:
I've just got to know what lie I bought into? I used to pay for health insurance through my wife's employer and now I pay directly to the healthcare provider. What's the difference? I got a better price, better coverage and a lower deductible. Who in their right mind wouldn't take it? And before someone who has no experience with the exchange chimes in and says that my rates are going to go up, the price of the plan that I purchased in locked in for 2014. If it goes up, I can always go back to my old insurance in 2015.

Grumpy, your last presidential candidate liked the think tank's (the Heritage Foundation's) idea enough that he enacted it in Massachusetts when he was governor in 2006.

By the way, for those of you crying that some people's health care plans were cancelled because they didn't meet the new standards, in the twelve years that we had our health insurance through my wife's work, the policy that we were carrying was cancelled FOUR times (no explanation other than "We're no longer carrying that policy."). Each time we were offered a new plan, and each time the cost went up by at least 10%. We never used the insurance more than a few doctor's appointments! Again, I'll take the lower cost of the health insurance I found on any day of the week.

Let's not forget, while we were paying more and more for health insurance while basically not using it, the insurance companies were making record profits year after year.

Stop It: Every American that has health insurance through their employer gets to keep it if they choose to. Why would Senator Reid's staff be any different?


RE: "Grumpy, your last presidential candidate liked the think tank's (the Heritage Foundation's) idea enough that he enacted it in Massachusetts when he was governor in 2006."

I have stated several times on here that I haven't voted for a dim or repube for president, for well over a decade, nearly two to be correct. US senators and house members have been 60% - 65% repube, State offices 55% - 60% repube local offices 70% dims. Few independents run for anything but president so I don't get to vote for them and I don't do write ins. I'm not fond of the major "parties". If the tea party or libertarians or whatever comes out I will look them over and go from there.

Now as to obamaSCARE compred to romneycare, there were no exemptions , it was never deemed a tax, it doesn't have the same required coverage, the same deductions, the same limits, you don't get fined for not being covered, you had more choices, the IRS couldn't collect from your overpaid your income taxes.

There are eight major things that are different, now it is your turn to give eight major things that are the same between the two. Then you can come up with some more for me to match. You have 2500 pages of obamaSCARE to go through looking, but only a couple hundred pages of romneycare to go through, oops that makes nine major things. Have fun! Bet you don't even read one of the plans. (grin)


Grumpy, this is exactly what my first post was about. You don't like it, don't use the exchange to see if there is a less expensive plan for you to purchase. It's really no sweat off my back.

I'm not going to waste a lot of time here discussing how Romneycare and Obamacare are alike or different, but you are wrong on a few things that you mentioned above. You most certainly get fined for not being covered under Romneycare, and if I'm not mistaken, the fine is taken out of your overpaid state taxes. I don't pretend to be an expert on Romneycare, since I don't reside in Massachusetts, but I know that you have to state that you don't have health insurance on your state taxes there and compute your penalty, so I can only assume that they deduct it from your return. As for more choices, I assume that you mean plans available. That's really apples to oranges since the providers under Obamacare vary from state to state. Some states have as few as three or four providers, while others (mainly the states that set up a state exchange) have as many as thirty providers available. As for having different requirements, I'm sure that you're probably correct -- I would find it hard to believe that the requirements would be exactly the same. Deductions and limits - I'm not really sure what you're talking about. It sounds like you're talking about the policies themselves and that would depend on the policy that you chose. I chose a more expensive plan than I could have purchased because I wanted a lower deductible. Again, I don't know if this is what you're referring to. As for the tax vs. penalty/fine, it's the same in my eyes. If I don't have insurance and I have to pay it, call it what you want.

Again, I don't really understand what your motive is by posting all over this website. All of the anti-Obama rhetoric and b*tching about Obamacare just makes me not read many of the comments anymore. If you don't want to shop through the exchange, then great, don't. Hopefully you have healthcare through your employer. If you don't carry healthcare, then please pay your bills at the hospital because when you don't, everyone that has health insurance pays in the end.


You are the one who made mention of romneycare. There are few things in common between the two. An idea can go many different directions from concept to finished product. I was simply pointing out that repubes did nothing with the idea that you said they thought was a great idea. The after 15 years or so Romney took it and made something of it in a state. ObamaSCARE has little of what romneycare has and a lot that it doesn't have. There are more differences that things that are the same in them. They both deal with healthcare, and are different in how the money is paid in and paid out, what the coverage is and how it is not mandated by the state in romneycare and is mandated in obamaSCARE. Doctors and hospitals were firmly behind how romneycare worked, and obamaSCARE doesn't have that. People had years to sign up for romneycare and now weeks for them to sign up for obamacare after the website has been "fixed" if that has actually happened. Romnycare was passed by both parties in the state, and ObamaSCARE was forced through by one party by parlimentary trickery. There is little that can be shown that is the same when actually looking at how the two are implimented. other than they both deal in heath insurance. YOU are the one who brought up both the Heritage "idea" and romneycare, and don;'t seem to be able to link them very well to obamaSCARE. Why did you bring them up if you don't know how "well" they link to obamaSCARE?

As to why don't I check out the website: I have my medical coverage taken care of. I don't have an individual insurance account, so I would have nothing to compare it to. Most people have a plan from some group either through work or some organization they are a member of. I won't call a number of insurance companies and ask them to write a special quote for a policy that will not be available in a month's time when individual policies have to conform to obamaSCARE. They wouldn't do it anyway.


As one who lived in the NW Chicago suburbs for 25 yrs. and have seen this shtick more than a few times; the FACT that the Salesman-in-Chief has to tell "the folks" ad nauseum how great the product is tends to leave me a wee bit suspicious of it’s quality.

IMO, ya gotta ask yourself one simple question: Would you buy a used car from this man?

Also, thank goodness that SCOTUS ruled it as a tax and not as being covered under the Commerce clause which is how the Obamanistas originally argued it.


was your price better before or after the govt subsity?

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The Hero Zone

Yo: I believe he mentioned that it wasn't subsidized. But a comparison of the old and new plans wouldn't hurt and can do more to support the case for why he believes others should sign up.

Tore: Even as a skeptic I would like to know that info, especially as it may prove a case against my beliefs. Until then, your passion for this mandate aside, myself and others are suspicious about a program that doesn't even have its greatest champion(s) enrolled in for a variety of reasons. Also, to your comment about others paying for uncovered treatment, that sounds like pretty good example of single payer. Though I would like you to explain your reasoning in how you pay for Stop's nonpayment. I say that with curiosity and not snide gotcha-ism.

Edit: you mentioned above that you believe you pay more with your broken neck example, so I suppose I should modify this to ask how your belief changes when people still won't buy insurance, can't pay their deductible, or lapse their coverage for financial reasons? Again, asked with curiosity. I'd rather have a discussion than a swordfight else there is no opportunity to learn.


Hero Zone, let me get back to you tomorrow on the questions that you have. I'm sorry, but my wife is screaming at me to get out in the living room to watch a movie. You can tell who's boss around here!

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The Hero Zone

Thank you, I non-sarcastically appreciate that. Not that you owe anything to me but taking care of IRL instead of browing the SR articles is more important.


Pay attention Yo!!