EHOVE students make career choices

Logan James stood Friday alongside her “family,” a group of students united through what she calls her best decision: enrolling in EHOVE Career Center.
Alissa Widman Neese
May 25, 2013


The group spent the bittersweet day fondly recalling the past, but also excitedly looking toward the future.

James knows it will be difficult to say goodbye to her classmates from EHOVE’s health careers program, but said she’s excited for the opportunities awaiting each one of them. After graduating from Perkins High School, she plans to enroll in EHOVE’s adult education program to study nursing.

“Coming to EHOVE is the best decision I’ve ever made,” James said. “Your grades shoot up, you get a head start in your career and your classmates and teachers become your family. Everyone here has been wonderful to me.”

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EHOVE honored James and more than 300 other high school seniors at its 44th annual recognition ceremonies Friday at the State Theater. The technical school hosted two ceremonies to recognize students from more than a dozen partner districts in Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties. Both events nearly filled the theater.

The morning was an opportunity to celebrate each student’s journey to graduation day, said Shannon Ebert, student speaker at the 11 a.m. ceremony. Teacher academy student Mary Kate Bodkin, from Edison High School, was the student speaker at the 8:30 a.m. ceremony.

Ebert recapped memories of preschool and kindergarten — when “cooties” and tasting glue were primary concerns — and shared laughs with her classmates as they took a nostalgic journey through their awkward teenage years.

“Then we all made a decision to further our education with a program based on our interests,” Ebert said. “Thanks to EHOVE, we all have had a chance to reach our highest potential and be something great.”

For Ebert, her personal journey was a “leap of faith” which led to the equivalent of about half of a bachelor’s degree. An interactive media technology student from Perkins High School, Ebert earned 62 college credits — an EHOVE record — while also attending BGSU Firelands. She landed a volleyball scholarship with the University of Findlay and plans to study business.

“Coming here was a no-brainer,” she said. “It’s a bittersweet day, but more bitter, because I’m sad to leave it behind. Everything is so hands-on and everyone makes it easy and fun to learn.”

EHOVE’s leaders, principal Rod Smith and superintendent Sharon Mastroianni, praised the hard work and dedication of this year’s graduating class while speaking Friday.

“You’ve reset the bar for future EHOVE students to ensure they’re college and career ready,” Smith said.

EHOVE Career Center’s Class of 2013

Number of graduates: 309
Going to college: 56 percent
Going into workforce: 37 percent
Going into military: 7 percent
Total amount of scholarships accepted: $178,750

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Not all students are wired to attend college. These students have been educated on other career paths. Congratulations and good luck with your future of becoming a member of our hard working society.

Home Boy

Well said, donut. EHOVE is a very valuable asset to this community. Congratulations to these recent graduates, and to EHOVE for their continued excellence in education.


Congrats to the class of 2013!


Society in general does not put enough importance or value on skilled trades, the message for decades has been you gotta go to college to be successful. This one size fits all approach hurts individual achievement and our economy.
Check out Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs talking to the senate about this at

Best wishes to the Class of 2013 !

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The Hero Zone

Agreed. I understand that there has been a stereotype about those who attend trade schools and perhaps that is a holdover from an age where it was more true. But, having several kids from the store's community who attend I can tell you that they are bright and sociable and that this was a way for them to get really valuable experience and training.

I rather enjoy having an abundance of nurses, law enforcers, etc. around my community. Plus if the classifieds in this paper say anything, there are ALWAYS an abundance of nursing-style jobs.

Congrats to them all!


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The Hero Zone

What is the point of this aside from sounding creepy?


Fantastic school!! Congrats kids..welcome to adulthood!!!


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