Commissioners challenged

Seven city commissioners challenged by police chief in ALS fundraiser
Angela Wilhelm
Aug 22, 2014


Sandusky police Chief John Orzech challenged the Sandusky city commissioners and they accepted.

The commissioners challenged Erie County Commissioners to participate with the only requirement being they use city water and pay full price which is $1.36, according to commissioner Dick Brady.

According to the ALS Association's website, the campaign has raised $41.8 million in donations as of August 21.

Watch video from Chief Orzech in the player below




just observing

I think everyone should donate to the charity of their choice, but dumping a bucket of ice water over you head, that's just plain stupid. Instead of a bucket of ice water, skip Starbucks, cigarettes or beer for a month and send that money to ALS research.
Wouldn't it be a better idea to challenge others to volunteer at charities and non profits? How many of these public officials volunteer at the humane society, Stein Hospice, Salvation Army, soup kitchen or any of the other organization that are in this community, and I don't mean serving on a advisory board and showing up once a month, Symbolism seem more important than actual volunteering.


Some people are doing BOTH.

Tsu Dho Nimh

It's just a fun way to get people to donate to a foundation that doesn't have much publicity. Every bucket equals $10 to ALS.

Just a Girl

Right on Tsu! What I really like is that I've seen constant photos of our new city manager in the paper, involved in the community. All we saw of Ms. Ard was that stock photo because I don't think she was ever out and about. Kudos to Mr. Wobser for being a part of the city that he manages.


Blahahahah , thanks for the laugh this morning! The visual I got of Ard with wet hair was hilarious! I can not imagine her on the lawn pouring a bucket of water on her head.


The commissioners have proven that they are all wet. The name of charity goes a little too far to ask professionals to throw ice water on themselves fully clothed all in the name of charity. Just cut a check and stay dry.


Where's Wes Poole?

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Patrick Stewart had a pretty epic IBC:


Isn't it wonderful? The sheep fall for the humanizing, and pandering to the regular person.
If these bozos didn't think you would find it charming they would never do it. Pfftt.


Not nice term to call someone Sugar!


What I would like to know, is the collected 41.8 million for ALS going to be used for lining someone's pocket. I know for a fact that all the money donated for any cause never go the people that need the money to pay their medical bill.
All you hear and see people dumping ice water over their body, the buckets should be full of bricks.
All the people on Facebook dumping ice water on them self just want 15 seconds of fame.
And your right Darkhorse, the city commissioners are all wet anyway. Idiots


You are not going too many Black women pouring water over their hair. Not gonna happen! LOL!


Hopefully, Wes broke rank and decided on his own not to follow the leader and think on his own without being pressured.