Lampela gets 'no' vote

Village Council refuses chief's request to promote PIB police Sgt. Steve Korossy
Aug 12, 2014


The Put-in-Bay Village Council voted Monday against police Chief Ric Lampela's request that PIB police Sgt. Steve Korossy be promoted "to fix problems" in the police department. 

PIB fiscal officer Joy Cooper confirmed the vote was 4-2 against promoting Korossy. 

Korossy finds himself up against allegations he falsely arrested three employees of the Put-in-Bay Resort in September after a civil dispute involving his girlfriend and a parking ticket investigation he was conducting.

Korossy has declined to comment about his relationship with the woman, who was demanding to be immediately paid after the hotel fired her.

Lampela faces his own difficulties. Put-in-Bay Resort officials and Dennis Rectenwald, the former Port Clinton Schools superintendent who owns Harriet's Guest House on the island, both have contended the chief has ordered officers to harass their businesses for years stemming from disagreements with Lampela in the past. 

Rectenwald was handcuffed and detained last month for about 15 minutes after a traffic violation, and PIB Resort officials have documented a series of incidents in which they allege wrongdoing by police, including surveillance video that shows Korossy making the arrests at the hotel's front desk in September. 

The employees were arrested because they declined to talk with Korossy. 

Korossy said he'd been authorized by Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan to arrest the employees. 

Mulligan has dodged questions about his involvement for months. 

The employees were charged with obstruction. One case was dropped, but two remain pending. 

Lampela and Korossy were not immediately available for comment. The chief and Korossy have not made a practice of responding to inquiries or direct questions and the police department has not made their cell phone numbers available. 



Fire the whole lot of them on PIB and start over.

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go to this link and type in this report number 14-013228


Oh? So there are four people on the island with a brain?

Let the retaliation begin!


Hey. Apparently there are two who need to see the wizard for one!


Anyone who would even consider hiring this clown is part of the problem on the island. This officer is one of the larger problems (along with Lampela) and has been involved in most all of the controversy over there. The whole department needs to be removed off their collective power trip and start from scratch. Living in the township, we don't get to vote for the council members who make these decisions and I applaud the 4 members who demonstrated enough sense to deny this officer a reward for his outlandish actions. Now the rumor is the Mayor is going to try again on Wednesday. Let's hope the other two members get a clue and also say NO!!!

Finn Finn

Or perhaps two of the four no voters will be shown "the error of their ways" and have a sudden "change of heart"? On PIB, that scenario wouldn't be at all surprising, no?


A safer bet would be that any of the four will get handcuffed, hog tied, arrested or jailed for a simple traffic violation, with in the next few days.


I am wondering why the PIB Township trustees do not weight in on this matter. The Township contracts with the Village for police services and should have some input
into what is going on. Maybe it is time for those who live outside the Village to ask
their trustees to speak up. PIB Township could contract with the Sheriff Dept. for protection (as once they did briefly in the past). I agree with Islander that the police
department needs to be "started over from scratch."


Highly doubtful. The guys reputation is well known. More likely one of the two will move, the other is totally clueless.

The governed

After seeing this joker and how he acts in person over the weekend I can see myself suing sgt Steve Korossy some day. The video from the hotel should be enough to open another federal civil rights case against put in bay police and sgt Korossy. Trying to promote this guy is a slap in the face to every law abiding citizen and I hope the islanders continue to be patient before someone takes justice into their own hands.

4-wheeler al

when you quit a job or been fired from a job, have wait till next pay date. pick it up or mail it too you.


I sure hope Sgt. Korossy recorded his conversation with Mr. Mulligan. Or he had better add the phrase "fall guy" to his repertoire. Although Korossy is not an innocent party here, he might as well reach out and grab the bag he about to be left holding, courtesy of Mr. Mulligan.


The paycheck was a CIVIL matter. The police should never have been involved period!!! These clowns overstepped their boundries. WOW!!
And the people put up with this kind of actions from their police department? Wake up people and clean house.


Any legit business would also tell their employees that you never give out information about other employees too. Why would the employees even know the who, what, why, hows, of this other employee's (his girlfriends) termination or where her paycheck was? That is really none of their business or problem. They are, for lack of better term, low man on the totem pole. Any job I have ever had, we were NEVER allowed to even say when someone else was working, what time they got off work, or when they came into work. Can only imagine discussing why they were fired or terminated.


The Brooms and trash cans are being gathered as we post. Keep an eye on this one!


Fire every one of them and start over. The Chief on down.


Amen! Fire them all if you want your island to keep its success.
Especially with the nature of these island businesses: bars and drinking and whatnot. If your police department isn't functioning then neither will your island in general and soon the only people who will visit will be ones who want to tear everything up.
Everyone now knows whats been going on and they're watching & waiting to see how you all deal with this department. Fire them all and start over.
An island full of bars certainly can't get away with paying officers minimum wage! Shame on all of you for this!
Want to have an island full of bars? Hire an island full of professional, seasoned, confident, upbeat and effective officers and pay them top dollar! You only have to pay them 9 months out of the year sheesh get a grip folks....


Not only did they say no they dropped this clowns pay to 8 dollars an hour. still overpaid.