Redfern heads to PIB

State rep. plans town hall meeting on Put-in-Bay at 10 a.m. Saturday
Aug 6, 2014


State Rep. Chris Redfern plans a trip to Put-in-Bay on Saturday for a town hall-style meeting with residents and elected representatives on the island.

"This will be our 79th town hall meeting," Redfern told the Register this morning. "Every elected official has been invited."

Redfern represents the 89th House district, which includes Put-in-Bay and Ottawa and Erie counties. 

He also serves as the Ohio Democratic Party chairman. 

The Put-in-Bay town hall comes as Village Counsel struggles with allegations the police department is harassing some local businesses, has made false arrests and isn't investigating complaints from 15 visitors to the island who suspect they were drugged unconscious after drugs were slipped into their drinks.

A psychoactive drug was found in one victim's system after she became unconscious and got violently ill.


Finn Finn

And we can all be sure he won't obfuscate or cover for Mulligan because why?

meg a

good question!

sandtown born a...

More hot air blowing around the island


Whatever happened to that hardened criminal who rattled his door knobs and peered in the windows?

meg a

another good question!


The kid was given diversion (another name for probation) and had to write a letter of apology to Krissy, which if memory serves me right, I read that Krissy wasn't happy with what the kid wrote as it didn't seem "sincere" enough to him.

Julie R.

I can't wait to see what his take will be on the situation. I'm willing to bet it's the same 'ole, same 'ole bullsh*t we always hear:

"Duh, me find no evidence of any wrongdoing whatsoever."


Let's hope he really takes notice of the mess we have here with the Police Department and Mayor and makes an impact and this is not just a stunt!


You're joking right? He's one of the King Pins to whom Mulligan and Put in Bay pols must answer.


Hey, look at the bright side: Maybe Redfern can get the guy(s) doing the date rape drugging charged with trespassing!

Julie R.

Now that was toooo funny.


Doesn't he realize that he is part of the problem in Ottawa County?

The New World Czar

Do you mean that Redfern isn't out campaigning for "his" gubernatorial candidate?

Finn Finn

Perhaps if Redfern thinks Fitzgerald might lose, he doesn't want to be seen campaigning for him as this might make folks see him (Redfern) as a loser, and God knows Redfern couldn't live with THAT perception. He is obviously throwing large amounts of funding (and his usual volunteers to show up at public events to make it seem like she has a tremendous amount of supporters) to Lorraine Croy's candidacy for Judge. This is his usual M.O. with local candidates. This is how obscure Vince Leone beat Debbie Tester in the P.C. Mayoral race.


The Edmund FitzGerald sunk yesterday.


Maybe Redfart is going to be Fitzgerald's DD? Chris you might want to relax and take long deep breaths!!!


He will blend right in with the rest of the corruption on PIB


Redfart ha ha!

meg a

wow--just who we need to solve the corruption problem


More hot air PR. Anything for a vote.

meg a

I don't get why anybody would vote for him


Pretty sure he and goofus wil hook up on west shoere smack an 8 ball and high 5 on the unhygienic west shore cronies


I hope they don't arrest him!