Mulligan mum

Ottawa County prosecutor refuses to confirm or deny involvement in alleged false arrests made for PIB cop's girlfriend
Aug 5, 2014


Nearly a year after the questionable arrests of two hotel employees at the Put-in-Bay Resort last September, Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan still won't comment whether he intends to seek convictions. 

Mulligan is thick in the middle of the decision to arrest the employees, and allegedly authorized the action after the hotel did not immediately issue a paycheck to a terminated employee.

Watch VIDEO: Strange arrests on Put-in-Bay

The fired employee was the girlfriend of Put-in-Bay police Sgt. Steve Korossy, who made the arrests, hotel officials said. 

Video surveillance at the hotel captured Korrosy and three other PIB police officers making the arrests. The hotel's owners and management contend — and the video seems to confirm — that the arrests were improper and false.

But Mulligan has refused to comment whether he authorized the action or confirm he gave orders to Korossy to arrest the employees, who were working at the hotel's front desk when they were handcuffed and hauled off to a holding room at the PIB police station.

Mulligan told the Register previously he was not familiar with the arrests despite his alleged involvement and referred questions to assistant Prosecutor Dave Boldt. Boldt also has refused to respond to inquiries about the arrests. 

Mulligan appears intent on seeking convictions in Ottawa County Municipal Court, but he has refused to explain why a police investigation was launched in a civil matter and whether it was proper to allow an officer with a personal relationship to the victim to lead the investigation. 

Korossy has not responded to questions about his alleged relationship with the woman who was fired by the hotel. He also has not responded to questions about the appropriateness of his involvement in the investigation, or why police were investigating a civil dispute. 

PIB police Chief Ric Lampela also did not respond to inquiries about the alleged relationship, or whether the arrests were proper, and whether the arrests were authorized by Mulligan. 

Korossy spearheaded the investigation into his girlfriend's paycheck, and another investigation into a parking ticket for a golf cart. Two employees were charged with obstruction when they declined to talk with him about his girlfriend's termination; a third employee was charged with obstruction after she could not immediately provide him with a rental contract for the golf cart. 

Watch VIDEO: Police Chief Ric Lampela talks with residents

It does not appear the police department launched any investigations into complaints from about 15 island visitors that they were drugged unconscious during their trips to Put-in-Bay, suspecting someone had slipped unknown drugs into their drinks. One victim did test positive for a psycho-active drug she did not knowingly ingest, but Korossy suggested during a public forum the alleged victims might simply have had too much to drink.

Sgt. Korossy seemed to dismiss the complaints during a public forum with residents July 31. He used his fingers to denote quote marks as he called the complaints "alleged druggings."

Read more: Drugged unconscious

Korossy and Lampela both complained during the forum about the Register's coverage, but neither of them has contacted the Register to dispute specific coverage or suggest than any coverage has been inaccurate.

Lampela did say during the forum he was out of town the day one article published by the Register stated he did not respond to questions. Lampela has been contacted numerous times, however, and he does not respond to inquiries.   

Island Mayor Margaret Scarpelli has played dumb to questions from the Register. She told hotel officials 10 months ago she would conduct an investigation. But the mayor never did, and she's never agreed to review the hotel's surveillance video or made any contact with the hotel, its employees or management since she agreed to it, they said.

Scarpelli did ask earlier this month, and Village Council approved, spending up to $15,000 for an operations assessment of the police department headed up by PIB's part-time law director George Wilber.

Wilber also has been AWOL in responding to inquiries about multiple controversies surrounding the police department, however, including alleged harassment of the PIB Resort and other businesses and residents. Wilber does not return phone calls from the Register. He generally does not provide public comment on public issues.

Critics of the mayor and Lampela fear the study will amount to nothing more than a whitewash of potential criminal behavior, false arrests and wrongful prosecution.

"What if they find criminal wrongdoing?" one resident who attended the July 31 forum on July asked. "Do they have the authority, or do they pat everyone on the back and let them go?"



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Julie R.

That's Mulligan? He even LOOKS like a snake!


I thought the SAME thing!

Julie R.

Reminds me of the ones in Erie County.


Now, now ladies! Let's be nice, people can't help the way they look. It's not nice to make it personal.

But since he is an elected public official, we can say that he is lazy, incompetent , arrogant and unethical. And when he doesn't get his way, he hides from the Register in his office like a petulant spoiled little man child.

You can also say that he is a terrible trial lawyer. Case in point, the Port Clinton female coach that he gave like 87 charges against, and not one of them stuck!! The coach walked. That's probably why he is afraid of high profile trials now, and let's them all plea out.

Julie R.

Funny, but the way you just described Mulligan ---- lazy, incompetent, arrogant and unethical ----- is exactly what I said about the Erie County public officials ~ prosecutor Kevin Baxter, probate court judge Beverly McGookey and the auditor Jude Hammond ~ when they all went running to hide after I found out about the criminal transfer of my mother's property they allowed seven months before her death ....... and then when I found out the rest of it they REALLY went into hiding.


Kevin Baxter has two things that Mulligan does not have.

A right testicle and a left testicle.

He ain't scared.

Say what you want about Kevin, but he is a brilliant trial lawyer, with a winning record, that is tough on crime.



Ottawa county needs to borrow clean house

Julie R.

You people must have very short memories. Didn't the corrupt clowns in Ottawa County work in collusion with the corrupt clowns in Erie County to shut up the disbarred attorney Elsebeth Baumgartner? If so, what makes you think the clowns in Erie County would ever "clean house" in Ottawa County when the clowns all work together?

Julie R.

Hey DickTracey, are you Baxter?


Personally I don't think the "fearless" Kevin Baxter would post anonymously on a blog. Think Julie..who got a deal in return for helping get Baumgartner and attacking you and others on SR blogs who question court outcomes?

Julie R.

I know who DickTracey is or I'm pretty sure I do, anyway. I was just being sarcastic when I asked him if he was Baxter.


Mulligan is done, he should probably start packing his bags. I wonder how many will fall with him?


Not necessarily. Oh, if he were employed by any private employer he'd be gone! Unfortunately, he's a) an elected official, b) a Democrat in Ottawa County, and c) is voted for by an electorate that, in the majority, apparently isn't a whole lot more responsible for anything than HE is.

Do you hear that, Ottawa County? You need two things right now: Somebody to run against Mulligan, and a clue!*

* Apologies to those voters in Ottawa County who DO have (and likely HAVE had) a clue. Too bad y'all are apparently in the minority there.

Brick Hamland

My favorite part of the video is he tells her he has to answer his questions or be arreasted... then he arrests her and says "you have the right to remain silent" I guess you only have the right to remain silent after you are in custody...


Yes, I agree its cute talk or we will arrest you and then they do and they say OK you can be silent. Its the modern day Keystone Cops !!! I understand the Mayor is none too happy about all this for she wants the quiet island life and the Sandusky Register keeps the heat on this and there goes the quiet island life.

Julie R.

Right. Keep the heat on this. That way it keeps the spotlight off the ones in Erie County.


Rather strange that the prosecutor cannot remember what he said in such a controversial matter. Moreover, why is this being swept under the rug? Where is the accountability? The island of put in bay has long been the hotbed or corruption, this police chief and mayor are really no different than others before them, they have just been caught. After all where does justice exist where a former sheriff resigns, takes another position in law enforcement, is then indicted for theft of office and gets a small fine and a slap on the wrist? Welcome to mulliganville....let's hope people wake up and force this slime ball mayor and dirty chief of police out before another person dies over there stay on it SR this stinks to high heaven


Methinks digger misses



You think? Can you demonstrate?


Why yes as a matter of fact I think I can. The last time the homophobes went after the P.D. was when a member of the unholy trinity was sneaking around late at night with judy, the mayor back then and at no time did digger say anything derogatory towards the mayor who was on the side of the unholy trinity. BESIDES, I miss the trees on the south side of the Reel Bar ,Tony's and the Skyway.


Dies?? How many people died as a result of arresting coop's wife?


IMO, the defense attorney representing the PIB employees is doing a very poor job. After nearly a year, the attorney should have all discovery including communications between the police and prosecutor authorizing the arrests.

He or she should have moved to dismiss these cases on several constitutional grounds such as speedy trial violations under state statute and the Constitutional standard; selective prosecution; prosecutorial misconduct; and last but not least the fact that no crime appears to have been committed and there was no probable cause to arrest.

Florence Nightingale

I was wondering the same thing - what in the world are their attorneys doing?

Julie R.

If the defense attorney representing the PIB employees hasn't done any of the things mentioned, it can only mean one thing --- the attorney is working against his own clients in illegal collusion with the prosecutor & the judges. (it's called theft of the client(s) fees) Snake attorneys are well-known for doing that in Erie County, too.


Looks like ole gooftard has a dog in the hunt. Given the time of his posts on this thread looks like he obtained a fresh 8 ball from his west shore guy.


West Shore?? We both know the best drugs come from town .Where do you get your roofies from Digger!


Another sleepless night ehh gooftard...