No EMS call after crash

Woman says Put-in-Bay police failed to call for assistance after she was struck by a car
Alex Green
Jul 22, 2014

A woman says she was knocked to the ground by a car and Put-in-Bay police failed to call emergency medical assistance to help her.

Another oversight from the June incident, the woman said, was that the elderly driver was not cited for the accident because he is friends with Put-in-Bay police Chief Ric Lampela.

The woman was pinned between her vehicle and the man's station wagon before she fell to the ground, according to both her and the Put-in-Bay police report.

She described her injuries in a witness statement.

"I was knocked to the ground…. injuring my left knee, right arm, right cheek and side of my face."

She went to the hospital the next day after police did not call EMS that night.

"Officers cleared the scene," the report concludes, after describing the woman's injuries as "minor."

She asked to remain anonymous, in part because Lampela has been accused of holding grudges and using his position and police force to retaliate against certain individuals and businesses.

Lampela has dodged numerous questions, phone calls and public records requests regarding multiple allegations of police misconduct.

Dennis Rectenwald, retired educator and superintendent, said he spoke out against Lampela's department at council meetings in years past, earning himself a spot on chief's alleged list.

Rectenwald was recently handcuffed following a traffic citation after he exited his vehicle on his property.

Multiple witnesses told the Register Rectenwald had his hands raised and police never told him to get back in his car. Still, police handcuffed the 68-year-old because they thought he might be armed, according to the report.

When Rectenwald asked why he was being handcuffed, police said he charged at them.

"There is a lack of consistency, a lack of fairness," Rectenwald recently said of the department and its enforcement of the law. "People are starting to say 'enough is enough."

Put-in-Bay Resort employees are fighting charges they say are personal and unrelated to any illegal act.

Two employees were arrested for obstruction of justice last September when they could not immediately print paychecks for a recently terminated employee, and because they would not share information about the terminated employees with officers.

"I had nothing to do with them," one of the employees recently told the Register.

The general manager was arrested the day before for not immediately supplying police with paperwork from the resort's golf cart vendor.

Her case was continued for a third time last week by Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan.

Lampela and Put-in-Bay Mayor Margaret Scarpelli failed to attend a scheduled mediation hearing July 1 regarding the arrest. Scarpelli says she is conducting an investigation, though resort personnel contend she has never viewed video surveillance from the arrests.

The owner of the resort said he became an enemy of Lampela when he had a disagreement with the chief over a noise ordinance about five years ago.



Maybe, just maybe once no tourist go there anymore because of episodes like this over and over happening. The entire local government is replaced and the police force is forced to bring their own under investigations and filing charges. I see nothing but lawsuits all over this island and it's to bad the citizens have to suffer through all this. However, just like we all do. We all have been suffering over who we've elected lately..


The peanut gallery does it again! Idiots.


Or maybe people from the island follow the rules like everyone has to??? This superintendent guy... I am sure you know someone at EHOVE. Place a call to one of the instructors at the academy. Rule number one of any traffic stop. Regardless of where the stop is... The violator remains in the car. If he/she does not comply then in to cuffs they go. I dare you to drive into Cleveland blow a stop sign, pull in your drive and then get out of the vehicle... You will probably get more than a traffic ticket.
Then on to this ems call. Place a call to 911 dispatch in Ottawa county. See where that takes you. Directly to the Port Clinton dispatch center, not PIB PD. If you were hurt as much as you claim just call yourself and set the wheels in motion. Sounds to me you are grinding an Axe. Oh yeah, I love the fact that you remain anonymous so Chief Lampela can not retaliate! Hmmmm.... Do you think he might know who you are based on the fact that he is in charge of the department who takes the reports??? Did you j-walk or who was at fault and that may be why the driver was not cited? The article conveniently leaves that out. Looks to me as if you just want to run to the papers in an attempt to add fuel to the fire. There is so much stuff that goes on over there from the locals to employees and beyond. Be careful what you wish for all these accusations could lead to the attorney general or the department of justice overseeing the department.... You want to see zero tolerance??? Like they say... You ain't seen nothing yet....


And the winner of the most ridiculous post ever??? See Above. Really? She was hurt and your advice is to call EMS herself? I am pretty sure with the circus they have over there with the police FARCE they have seen it all. Your rule number one is ridiculous and not written law anywhere. You are more than likely one of these loose cannons over there playing cop raking in your $9.00 an hour. And probably on a department computer right now. it's just a matter of time before (and lets all hope) they do get the Attorney General or Department of Justice over there.


Hey Digger, glad to see your back. My guess is this is a cheap girlfriend of a cop. She is on here sticking up for her man! With the rambling and run on sentences, it sounds like some whiny voice complete with finger pointing and head bobbing!

My second guess is that gennycheapbeer, is a career bar back on the island. Not even smart enough to be a real bartender.

Either way, it is the most ridiculous far. Because we haven't heard from TuffCop yet.


Put-In-Bay needs to clean up. This is the type of result you get when you mix 21 year olds and 45 year olds who think they're 21. How about shifting the focus of the island to being a little less drinking-centric?


If I needed EMS and no one called, I would simply just call them myself. I think their number is 911 or something like that. Then I'd call the Sandusky Register, got them in my contacts under (Sandusky Inquirer) Celebrity gossip, scandals, and the latest from Sandtown. Sanduskian minds want to know!. LOL! Stupid, plain stupid!


If the police were called, obviously if someone is injured, they're going to dispatch EMS in NORMAL, SANE CIRCUMSTANCES. NOT make the injured person dial 911 a second time.




Not everyone has a cell phone with them.


Um Officer...I think I need an ambulance, could you get me one please. Come on people. Were probably plenty of gawkers with cell phones, etc. If she really needed one. Oh wait, all the gawkers were friends of Chief Ric Lampela. The poor lady is lucky to be alive! Where's Jason Werling with his camera when you really need him. It's Sorcery I tell you, Sorcery!!!!


I think she requested EMS? If she has abrasions or noticeable swelling or redness, officers are going to ask 'do you need medical attention?' not describe her injuries as 'minor' and blow her off.


Why are you focusing in what the woman may not have done? she said she was injured? OPATA grads are not qualified to assess if a person does or
Does not need medical care. You skip right over the known facts of the story, such as not citing him for failure to control at
Minimum or attempting to determine if it happened after one of those drunken parades thru town captain rainbow leads on a regular basis. You might be surprised how many videos there are showing lampela leading a parade or people with visible open containers thru town after gathering for a few roadies beforehand.


You know what is amazing? (Aside from the fact the FBI has not YET interceded) is the people like "man" o war post on every one of these stories attempting to defend these clowns actions. Perhaps if is was ONE or two people we could chalk this up to sour grapes but come on people there have been more complaints logged against the PIB police and lawsuits filed than in any city I could find in a city 100 times the size. Where there is smoke there is fire. These young thugs need a leader, not some limp wrist who sets a poor example by not responding to inquiries or requests for records. Island gossip from reliable sources say look for former officers coming forward with some pretty damming information.


I think they need to oust the current law enforcement and get new people in there. There is definitely corruption going on and incompetence.


Hey Nick... Say what you want bro. I have zero connection to the island. Just a local resident who left 23 years ago. Not getting into my credentials nor do I need to justify anything to you. I can tell you it is not a law about handcuffing but will assure you that any officer worth a lick will be handcuffing a party who advances towards them. What is it called??? It is officer safety. Plain and simple. You do not know who is exiting that car and for what reason. The officer wants to go home at night just like anyone else. In case you have not noticed police deaths are occurring all over from major metro areas to one man Dept's. Most people who are saying bad stuff about the pib police are the people who want the drugs, alcohol and illegal activity not to stop and ruin the good time atmosphere of the island. They want the look the other way mentality and just keep filling that cash register and their pockets. I respect the officers over there because for what they get paid they site have to endure more political bs than any other PD I have seen.


Bro? Not even close. Someone who advanced towards them? Not
On the video I saw or according to all of the witnesses. Nobody mature enough to say they left over 20 years ago uses the term "Bro" maybe Matt Westerhold can post your IP address....pretty good bet your on the clock in the basement of HQ for the rainbow squad.


OMG you left 23 years ago and think your in touch. Nothing could be further from the truth.



You must be put in Bay police apologist department or one of those officers scanks. Anyhow I about fell out of my chair when you stated how dangerous that job is over there. I guess if I see it your way I can see arresting somebody for urinating in the park is extremely dangerous police work. I don't know how they come home alive after a night of policing in that dangerous!
Those band of merry men wouldn't last one night in any city or major town they're not even anywhere near real police actually there are 10 levels below a security guard. You know what as well as I do they are nothing but eye candy for the chief. Your entire post is nothing but a crock of you know what.

2cents's picture

I visited the island five years ago, it will never be the place I grew to have fun on in the 60's and 70's. Yes there was drinking and there was even drugs during the hippie era, but there was also a slower pace and it was more of a relaxed fun atmosphere. I have seen the fun atmosphere go to a profit atmosphere and there is a fine line between the two. I have no input on the police but when I was last there I saw that the cliff we used to dive off of in between waves has a home built on it now. Oh well I think I will stay on the mainland and try to remember the less hectic days of South Bass :(


Again, no need to justify anything Nick. But in case you are wondering, I still have tons of family in the area and am in the area weekly and at times much more. You have not responded with any rebuttal or logic. Just a personal attack against an opinion I am totally entitled to. Don't think it can happen at PIB, ever consider that these officers are dealing with irrational alcohol fueled fools?? Every time they show up on a call a gun is present and more officers are killed with their own duty gun than you would believe. Hey but who am I to say anything about police work...just left 23 years ago to seek a job in the police field with higher pay. Anyways, here is a story of an officer killed in Texas. HE WAS THE ONLY FULL TIME OFFICER IN THE SMALL TOWN!!! Get a clue, there are crazies everywhere these days!!
Not saying that every officer is perfect over there by any means but for the paper to make issue where there should be none is getting very old. The island people will fuel this junk because they want someone to shape into their little political pawn


I don't really need to respond, the videos of the incident speak volumes as do the all of the witnesses. By the way they contain audio as well. There are over 40 officers here so what a small town cop has to with this is not related, what is and will become evident is the corrupt and incompetent PD the islanders have had to out up with. Now I hear there is a public meeting to address the failed PD there on Thursday, since you have "tons" of family up there I am sure you will be there...and easily identified by the dunce cap.

Ralph J.

"We heard it was called Put-Out-Bay,"
"At 2 a.m., they're still looking for women."
"The island is the MTV Spring Break of the Great Lakes, a paradise where the women are hot, drunk, and ready to give it up"
"Visitors boast of bare-breast sightings and promiscuity, easy pickings and wild times."
"It's safety in numbers. Police Chief Lampela says only three or four sexual assault claims are filed each year"
"They estimate the ratio at three men for every woman. The more self-pitying suggest it's closer to four to one."
"Unlike women, men don't claim to be here for the bonding. They're looking for tail."
"Chief Lampela had never been to Put-in-Bay before interviewing for a police position in 1999."
"What happens on the bay stays on the bay,"


If I was hurt in a crash, I would ask for medical attention. If I wasn't hurt in a crash, I would not ask for it, and deny it if it was even offered. I would be willing to bet that after the woman spoke to her family, she ended up deciding to go to the hospital the next day to get checked out. She may have been more hurt the next day, which would be typical in the situation. But she probably did not ask for it because she didn't need it. Obviously, if she was that hurt she would have been taken to the hospital. Just remember, there are accident's everyday and not everyone gets checked out.

There seems to be quite a bit more to the story as the woman already made claims of corruption because a ticket wasn't wrote, and she wants to be anonymous because of retaliation. Seems like someone with an axe to grind to me. Maybe something with the insurance bill?

I foresee quite a bit more stories in the near future from PIB as the SR has now moved from Burdine to PIB in a timely (in fact, within a day) fashion.


She was hurt, she did ask, and she did go to the hospital. Why was the guy who hit her not cited for failure to control? Islanders know the answer to that question.


Julian...You and I must be the only Geniuses here. If there's corruption you call someone other than the Sandusky Register to investigate. I'm am impressed that the SR isn't afraid to bring certain subjects to the forefront. I don't favor the Sandusky Police, Put in Bay police, any of the elected officials in our area or the school administrations. However, the SR is good at swaying public opinion on certain subjects and it pains me to read the articles and watch it happen. Makes the people bitter, hurts our areas image, etc. There's lots of good people out there trying to make a difference. Why focus on these idiots guilty of incompetence and imply corruption in every area of human endeavor and then continuously write article after article about it. My posts here are a sad attempt to possibly have everyone think outside the box. Maybe the world isn't such a bad place. Take them for what they are worth.

Ralph J.

"Officers cleared the scene," the report concludes, after describing the woman's injuries as "minor." Hey Sandusky Register, how about getting the police accident report to show the readers.
"Ohio Revised Code states that ALL traffic accidents must be listed on a driving record. However, it does not state "at fault" on the driving record. About the only way to determine if a person is at fault is to also view the convictions, i.e., failure to yield, assured clear distance, etc. If there is a conviction with the same offense date as the traffic crash, generally that person was at fault as they were cited."