Feds use SPD to track you

Grants fund massive data dump from streets of Sandusky, and many other places, directly to Homeland Security
Jul 20, 2013

The city of Sandusky's license plate reader appears to be part of a nationwide network of systems designed to track Americans and store data on the comings and goings of … everyone.

But the Sandusky Police Department and city officials might not have been aware they were signing on to the federal surveillance program when they approved keeping the equipment.

A group identified as North Coast Homeland Security provided and installed the reader on a Sandusky police cruiser in mid-November, and the Sandusky city commission approved the program about 10 days later.

Two cameras are mounted on the trunk of the SPD cruiser with one facing the rear and one facing the front. As as cars pass, plates can be read from both vantage points.

The American Civil Liberties Union calls the federal funding for license plate readers a dangerous trend, in a report issued by the civil rights organization earlier this month titled 'You are being tracked.' 

“More and more cameras, longer retention periods, and widespread sharing allow law enforcement agents to assemble the individual puzzle pieces of where we have been over time into a single, high-resolution image of our lives,” the report sates.

“The knowledge that one is subject to constant monitoring can chill the exercise of our cherished rights to free speech and association.”

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Click here to read the July 2013 ACLU report, 'You are being tracked.'



VERY well said , coasterfan .


Swiftshot: You have just told everybody here just how shallow your thinking is.


Shallow?? Not really. Simple life here. Do good for people, get crapped on from time to time. But I have nothing to hide.!


Doesn't bother me at all, either.


Beware this could happen to you

The Big Dog's back

I think we should have more surveillance on "the rock".


There are many more news stories similar to this one.

From the link posted:

"Turns out it was just a U.S. Federal marshal exercising what he THINKS is his right under his authoritative title, and of course was “just doing his job.”

Eventually Wiggins admitted, “I feel bad for her. But at the same time, I had to reasonably believe the bad guy was in her house based on what they were doing.”

Despite the fact that she was pointing a gun at police, and Goldsberry wasn’t shot, Wiggins says, “She sure shouldn’t be going to the press.”

Typical response from a jack-booted federal thug. Blame the innocent victims. How did the federal thugs expect the victims to act?



Restless 1,
Your comment although it could seem very rude is actually very true. The more information that is put out there the more likel;y you are to becoming a victim of some crime; Stolen Identity, Credit Card theft, money illegally drawn from bank accounts etc.

Mr. D

@Sandusky Register. . . How many other local LE agencies are using the spy technology? Which agencies?

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Mr. D. Tom Jackson, the Register's state reporter and an editor, has been following the NSA stories out of Washington locally and will be picking this up on Monday for more coverage of Homeland Security's local license plate reader network. Jackson also will look at why there's a disconnect between the federal  database with the state's LEADS information network of criminal and crime information. Thanks for the suggestion. 


I hope the news piece includes background information about LEADS so people have a better understanding of how it is managed and what it does for LE.

At some point the cost of the overlapping systems is going to rear its ugly head, but I doubt the federal gov knows how much they are spending

J Cooper

Might want to check Mr. Jackson's information before its printed on the disconnect, source and tracking between LEADS, NCIC and Homeland Security if you really want a factual article.

The Brownie Elf

These cameras simply check NCIC for warrants for the registered owner or if the car is stolen. Your plates are public record. A police officer can run your plate without any probable cause or even reasonable suspicion. Part of your privilege to drive. These cameras just check plates faster.


They watch my tags drive all the way to Florida if they want. I'm still going.


I'm waiting for the day we all get free microchips inserted into our bodies. Then we can feel totally secure from criminals and terrorists. If we're lucky...we'll even be able to get discounts on goods and services when they scan our arms. Or...it will be the only way we may be allowed to purchase items. (666)

S w Rand 2016

re: pntbutterandjelly
I really hate to even allow myself to be a part of this conversation >.< but sometimes I feel the urge to give some food for thought to people who believe this.

Anyway, regardless of whether Revelation is true or not, there's really no need for society to track people with internal devices. Not when external devices can process retinal or fingerprint scans more effectively. And computers are fast enough to identify your face in a massive crowd, as well as when you are speeding by in a car. Even for medical purposes, they could just start manufacturing clothing out of that new fiber, which scientists created, that can monitor all of your vitals.
Computer chip implants are very crude in comparison to these technologies. Plus, they may cause cancer. And hackers can exploit them very easily.

In regards to your biblical reference, it sounds more like it refers to a spiritual and/or ideological movement which people either
A). ARE a part of -- (having the mark could mean your thoughts/forehead and/or actions/right hand are in line with the movement), or
B). are BECOMING a part of -- (having the name could mean they have been accepted as understudies, so to speak, or some other form of middle ground), or
C). are NOT a part of the movement in their heart BUT, out of fear, publicly identify as being part of the movement -- (having the number could mean being counted among the people of the movement, even if just a "pledge" who merely speaks, to others, in favor of the movement and/or becoming more than just a supporter).
Whether I am close or way off, I highly doubt that whoever wrote that passage was referring to a computer chip or any physical marking or branding. Also consider that any true "God" would judge you for your thoughts and actions that you willingly take, and NOT judge you in regards to whether you choose to insert an object (an object which cannot change who you are inside or, at least, not of your own free will) into your skin to avoid starvation.

The lesson? For those who put stock in the mainstream Christian interpretation of Revelation, take care that you don't find yourself becoming a part of some unhealthy spiritual and/or ideological movement while thinking that you are "safe" just because no one has made you take a physical implant in order to buy stuff yet.

As for myself, I throw my chips in (haha) with Free Market Capitalism. The world is becoming more interconnected through technology and it will become a lot easier to help those who are truly in need, without some future dictator (with all the potential for tyranny which that includes), whether elected, selected, or selected to be elected to force us to "help" each other.

To quote the Pet Detective, Ace Ventura: "I have exxxxxxorciiised a deeeeemon. This house is cleayuh" (clear). : P

Tool Box

Let them track me.......who cares?!


Have any of you ever watched "Parking Wars"? This is all much ado about NOTHING!

J Cooper

If Bush was till president I am sure your tune would be different.

The Big Dog's back

This was going on long before bush.

J Cooper

Your are correct it started during the Clinton years.


Earth to Cooper: Pay attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J Cooper

Mars to deertracker, just because you ignore facts doesn't change them.

The Big Dog's back

Clinton years? And the earth is flat and has only been around 6,000 years.


With the pictures, they can prove you are driving where and when.
They plan to tax you by the amount of driving you do.
Don't laugh, it's in the works.


They already do....everytime you buy gas, or diesel.



J Cooper

This article is another example of either the Register not knowing the facts or ignoring them. Every time any law enforcement agency utilize the Ohio BMV database it automatically cross checks with the national database known as NCIC who automatically archives all usage to safeguard against abuse of the system. Seems like this is just another cheap shot at Sandusky.


How does the equipment get installed in November and 10 days later the commission approves the equipment after it has been installed? That is not how our government works when it comes to approving legislation. Was this a sneaky free grant without anyone knowing that the data was going to be actually downloaded to homeland security? This grant was deceiving.



Are you surprised?