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Couple makes third anniversary trip to downtown Sandusky's Floral Clock
Jason Werling
Jun 11, 2014


Matthew and Katie Scherer have a photo taken by Matthew's father Eric in front of the Floral Clock in downtown Sandusky on Wednesday, June 11, 2014. The couple, married in 2011, have their photo taken with the clock each year on their anniversary with a photo from the previous year. The couple lives in Green, Ohio now and Matthew is originally from Castalia.



How could they have a picture taken in July 2014 since this is only June 2014?


.....and this is considered news....


Oh, Tk raises a good point. It is news because they are time travelers!


Good for them...but unfortunately, there is less than a 50% chance this will last for a "lifetime"...and then if they move further away...don't even get me started:)

Dwight K.

I think it's supposed to say June... Since it says June right under the clock.

Jason Werling

Yes, you have all caught me again. I made a typo with the month and I posted non-news.

Some people may find the story enjoyable even with the typo (which has been fixed).

JMOP's picture

I, for one, enjoyed it. Thank you


Edit your work, Jason. Or, have someone else to it. Was glad for my editor when I worked as a tech writer.

But, in all honesty, we writers seem to be blind to our own errors. I love and respect editors. They're worth they're weight in gold.


Don't you mean (They're worth THEIR weight in gold?) Edit your work fotobug.

Jason Werling

I'll live with the typo when I have all of you to help me out with the minor errors, plus we get to talk more.

Dwight K.

Yeah Jason Werling I don't mind typos we're all human. Some people just have nothing better to do than complain.

Ralph J.

That is one beautiful floral clock and one beautiful park. Not too many floral clocks, if any, have the date change on a daily basis.