Cancer cluster families try again

Families ask new EPA secretary to fulfill predecessor’s promise.
Tom Jackson
Sep 14, 2013


Families affected by the Clyde cancer cluster have invited the new EPA administrator, Gina McCarthy, to come to Clyde and meet with them.

The previous EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, promised to come to Clyde but never showed up before stepping down earlier this year. President Barack Obama nominated McCarthy to replace Jackson. The Senate confirmed McCarthy on July 18.

After giving McCarthy a few weeks to settle in, Alan Mortensen, a Utah attorney who represents many of the families affected by the Clyde cancer cluster, sent McCarthy a letter and asked her to come to Clyde.

Mortensen reminded McCarthy of Jackson’s promise and listed 15 young people who died of cancer or who have been afflicted by it.

“On behalf of the families involved in this horrible childhood cancer cluster, we invite you to travel to Clyde and meet with the victims’ families and also to meet with the citizens of Sandusky County, and assure them that their town is safe, or will be made safe, from any cancer-causing pollutants,” Mortensen wrote.

McCarthy’s spokesman, Alisha Johnson, said Wednesday that McCarthy and EPA officials will review the Sept. 3 letter.

Although Jackson never came to Clyde, many families affected by the cancer cluster acknowledge that the investigation into the cancer cluster has moved forward after the U.S. EPA entered the investigation.

The EPA carried out tests at 14 former dump sites and set up a hotline for suggestions on other areas to test. The hotline resulted in tests of three additional locations, including the former Whirlpool Park, which was found to be contaminated by chemicals and PCBs. Additional testing has been carried out at the park this summer.


Dont Worry Be Happy

I'm curious to if these families that say something is causing cancer in their children in Clyde are still living in Clyde? I know from reading stories many have multiple children so just curious if they continue to live there and putting their other children at risk.

I have not heard of people moving out of the area at all so do others that live in Clyde think thers nothing in the air or water causing this to the children and that its just a fluke these other families have cancer in their families.

I'm curious I have not heard what people think about this just would like to understand this more.

Cancer is awful my family has been fighting this ugly disease for a long time. We have lost 6 so far and 8 winning the battle.


If I thought for ONE second that my house, yard or air around it was KILLING my child/ren I would MOVE in a New York minute. There is no way I would stay. If this is truly the issue why are these families still there? Why would you rent your house to a family with MORE small children? IF they are trying to sue Whirlpool for cancer, what would then stop this new family from suing the landlord when god forbid their children then develop cancer too? In the same house? This is a can worms that would never go away? How would Clyde ever have anyone move into the city? But honestly IF I thought that my house was contaminated or that the dirt/yard had something in it I would pack up and move as FAR away as possible. I would live in a box if I had to.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Ladydye I get what your saying! Thank you for responding.

John Harville

1. It's the Eastern Sandusky County Childhood Cancer Cluster. Victims are from Bellevue to Fremont and into southeast Ottawa County and southwest Erie County.
2. No one has moved away. In fact, the Steve Keller Jr. family of Sandusky (they moved when Steve got a coaching job at SHS) still own the house in which they lived when Kole became ill. They rent it to a family with young children who stay there frequently.
3. The Brown family is again hosting the 5K Memorial Run in their daughter's memory - through the streets (and air) of Clyde.
People are concerned to speak out because Mr. Mortensen has put out veiled threats to at least one person who refused to be part of the lawsuit.
I really hope Mr. Jackson is not of the Jackson Publishing Family I Clyde who owned the Clyde Enterprise for almost a century.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Wow, interesting.