Chiropractor backs new theory in Clyde cancer cluster

Castalia resident says lack of magnesium to blame.
Tom Jackson
Jul 16, 2013


A Castalia chiropractor is offering a new theory on the root cause of the Clyde cancer cluster: A lack of magnesium in the local water supply.   

Dr. Dan White says he can produce a stack of scientific studies suggesting his theory deserves a look, but says he can’t get the health department or anyone else to examine his ideas.    “If they want to shoot holes in it, fine,” he said. “I want somebody to look at it.”   

White’s theory takes its place alongside other theories on the cause of the cancer cluster, which is blamed for killing at least four people and sickening about 40. Other theories and updates:   

• A federal lawsuit filed by many of the cancer cluster families against Whirlpool blames the company for burning waste materials and putting a chemical called benzaldehyde into the air. The lawsuit, filed in Toledo, also blames chemical dumping in the former Whirlpool Park.

• Another lawsuit, filed in state court by a Fremont law firm, focuses blame on alleged dumping at Whirlpool Park.   

• A Bellevue businessman, Steve Burroughs, argues that lead arsenate pesticides applied to fruit orchards decades ago poisoned the soil and led to the cancers. Burroughs has called for government agencies to carry out tests to prove or disprove the theory.   

• Officials may not be able to find a cause. That’s what Robert Indian, head of the state health department’s cancer control program, told the Toledo Blade in 2011.    “I think we’ve done everything we can do,” Indian said.    Indian is not currently giving interviews, a health department spokesman said.   

• The cancer outbreak may be a statistical anomaly.  Daniel Kahneman’s bestselling book, “Thinking: Fast and Slow,” includes a chapter, “The Law of Small Numbers,” which says small samples tend to produce misleading results. The chapter notes that rural, relatively sparsely populated   counties have both the highest rates and the lowest rates of kidney cancer in the country, because they have small populations and are affected by a small number of cases. Kahneman writes that “extreme outcomes (very high and/or very low cancer rates) are most likely to be found in sparsely populated counties. That is all there is to the story.”   

White, discussing his theory, cites an Ohio EPA report, “Drinking Water Quality Sampling to Support the Ohio Department of Health Childhood Cancer Investigation, City of Clyde and Surrounding Townships.” The report includes a table that shows magnesium of four to five parts per million in three samples of Clyde’s water supply, with calcium ranging from 32 to 38 parts per million. Studies show a rate of 1:1 is ideal, and ought to be at least be 1:2, White said.   

Studies such as “Does a higher ratio of serum calcium to magnesium increase the risk for postmenopausal breast cancer?” — available on the Internet by searching for the title — illustrate the results of a lack of magnesium, White said.   

A search for “Mg deficiency” and “cancer” at, which compiles medical studies, produces a number of links.  White said he wants officials who are responsible for finding a cause for the childhood cancer cluster to look at the scientific studies and tell him if he is right or wrong.    He’s nettled about what he says is the cold shoulder he’s received from the Sandusky County Health Department. He’s particularly unhappy about his perception that the Sandusky County Health Department has helped Burroughs pursue the lead arsenate theory, but has not listened to his magnesium theory. White said he met with two officials at the health department and left literature, but there was no follow-up. “I tried to contact them afterwards and was never able to get a return phone call,” he said.   

Sandusky County’s health commissioner, David Pollick, said he is not familiar with White’s theory and cannot evaluate it. Pollick said if White calls him, he will talk to him. “He’s never called me,” Pollick said. “I return my calls.”


The Bizness

Many chiropractors don't believe in vaccinations despite all scientific evidence showing they are safe and work.

If anyone brings up that also from the early 2000`s saying there is a link between vaccines and issues with kids, it had been widely disproved through peer review.

So while this idea could have merit, take it with a grain of salt.


Has anyone heard the story about the old Bellevue Hospital? The word is most Clyde Kids were born there and sometime in the past some nuclear material was spilled in the hospital and perhaps it was the agent causing child hood cancer.All I know is that was a nice building in good shape can anyone tell us why it was demolished?Many want to know.


Señor Clown

This is a pretty far-fetched theory, and if there were any basis to it, there would have been considerably more risk to those involved in the day-to-day operations at the hospital than to an infant in the maternity ward for a period of days. Furthermore, considering the relatively low energies and the distance between the maternity wing and the radiological department, and the sheer mass of dense building material separating them, this theory becomes almost comically nonsensical. 'A spill' of 'some nuclear material' at 'some time in the past', would likely be of little public health risk, as most radionuclides which would be subject to accidental spills are very weak isotopes which decay rapidly and pose very little risk to tissue. For further reading, google the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Medical Use of Radioactive Materials.

The building was nicely maintained, but it required a lot of maintenance to keep that appearance. Once day-to-day operations ceased, the building quickly began to deteriorate. It was an addition to an addition on an addition of the original structure, which was well outgrown. They had made attempts to find someone else to make use of the building, but with no success, and it made more sense to demolish the structure than to continue to maintain, secure, and pay taxes on the empty, outdated building.

Dude i Roc

I have been acquainted with many employees of Bellevue Hospital who have died of cancers and some who are still fighting cancer. The previous post may from Mr Lizard may seem far-fetched but it really has me thinking. What about radon or something else in the building? Could they test the area and the excavation debris for anything? Maybe collected employee and patient cancer data?

Señor Clown

I'm sure you could test the site, but I would be surprised if the background radiation levels were any different than the standard deviation of any other location in the area. For what it's worth, there's not much soil layer there, so if there were a significant amount of radon from a ground source it would likely be present in the current high school and the new middle school as well, and there hasn't been a 'cancer cluster' of Bellevue graduates that I've heard talk of. I'd say you're more likely to be in harm's way from long-term exposure to radon (or the products of radon decay) than you would be from proximity to medical equipment or supplies.

Surely there's a private resident in the area with an old Civil Defense surplus Geiger counter or a detector that runs off the old Muller tubes? I know I'm not the only one that remembers the old yellow CD survey meters from the '60s. But what do you look for? Beyond alpha, beta, and gamma isotopes, Cesium 137 has been used by radiation oncologists, but I don't know if that was in the scope of treatment for Bellevue's hospital. Same with Strontium 90, but it may have also been used for radiological imaging. And same again for Cobalt 60, which in addition to use in oncology and imaging, has also been used to sterilize medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, as well as to extend the shelf life of foods.

It wouldn't be very scientific, but interesting to see how the background level would compare to, say, the old Armstrong plant, the old GE plant, the rail yard, and sludge pits from the wastewater treatment facility.

You have not had a child exploited by the system then, right? Wake up jackwagon....!! Or do you make a profit from the system, biz ?

The Bizness

Not sure why you are attacking me.

There simply is no scientific link between vaccines and and ADHD or other disorders. Vaccines have saved countless lives and because of unsubstantiated fears now disease that are gone from the USA will be allowed back.

I have nothing to gain from the system. There are chemicals all around us, food comes wrapped in chemicals, our crops are sprayed with chemicals and the things we wash with have chemicals. By the way maybe there is just more diagnosing of ADHD, and the like, now.


What do you suppose is the cause for so many being diagnosed with ADHD? There's no way all these kids or adults really have that disorder.


I could not agree more. The real issue is lack of parental control. EVERY child needs a solid butt whooping when they act up.


Agree phroggy. As a doctor or shrink, you cannot tell a parent that their kid is just "unruly" and needs their butt spanked and things taken away for good. Nah, thats not politically correct and parents do not want to hear that.

So, they take the easy way out and throw their kid on some meds to make them like a zombie.


With as many cases of childhood cancer that we currently have in our general area, I would think that any theory would be taken into consideration or further investigated. You may never know if something like this was overlooked in all of the other reports that could make someone dig further into this area.


There is a map (can't remember what I typed in to show it) that shows all the cancers in any given state or area. There is cancer everywhere.I am so sorry for any family who has to go thru the heartbreak of cancer. As far as ADHD and other disorders, something has to cause it. I don't know if it is the vaccines. We got our vaccines one at a time. Now they give them all at once.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

While it is A reason, certainly not THE nor an exhaustive list, I may point to the ability for the parent to abuse their "problem" child's medication which - I THINK - is a medical derivative of meth. There are others who also may just want a chemical babysitter. Both of those I would hope are not in the majority, and I would presume doctors' standards and practices can weed out possibly-abusive parents like this before the medication is prescribed, but it is there.

Some things just don't come up either until they are given a name. Back in older times (and in medicine a decade may as well be the equivalent to a generation) if you went blind it was just "old age" or "blindness" broadly. Now it is macular degeneration, retinal detachment, genetic predisposition, etc.

Similarly if we made certain common behavior a crime such as crossing the street, we would see a huge increase in crime. This doesn't mean the population has turned into nefarious criminals, it is just that we broadened our definition and/or what we as a society were looking for in that behavior. Similarly when concealed carry laws were passed we, as you may have predicted, seen a decrease in crime related to that behavior since those we used to define as criminals no longer are.


I keep saying look to what chemicals the parents and grandparents MAY have ingested in their lives... Most of them won't admit to past drug use IF they did it at all.

IF they did .. that has got to screw with DNA somewhere down the genetic line. Hey, just saying......

Then look to what food is packaged in , now, no longer is milk in glass bottles, everything is in plastic, and of course, those always contaminates in water.

How about bug spraying? I can't tell you the times I have seen people walk with little kids or pets when the skeeter trucks have went by. I've seen people just stop and gab and they don't even try to get out of the mist.... that's stupid!!

I certainly agree about the butt whooping, my mom used it effectively along with her special brand of "evil hairy eyeball". And none of us had "ADHD" .


I would like to know if blood can be taken from the cancer victims and of a normal person who doesn't come from Clyde, and a person who doesn't have cancer but lives in Clyde to compare the three samples to find out if the cancer patients are, in fact, not getting enough magnesium. I would also like to see what the comparison is with different city waters in the area including Clyde's to see what the city's are required to have in their water. It would tell if Clyde is lacking in their water base ingredients. Requesting the water ingredients information from the various city's is public information. It should be fairly easy to test the doctor's theory, a no brainer. I think the Health Department should keep an open mind. Clyde has a critical situation and no one should be snubbing their nose at any theory. Everyone should be doing their part to find out why there are so many cancer patients in Clyde. Isn't it worth someone's life to explore this theory?

indolent indiff...

Another conspiracy theory out of Castalia, maybe someone should check their water


Well, if a chiropractor backs the theory it must be true. I would be interested in what aromatherapists think.


Run the search for magnesium and cancer on the internet and see what comes up. It is not so far fetched.

No attack , just facts. Hmmmmm, lets see, 10 years of being passed around and be on five different meds for our child all at one time , never fixing any problems, or go to a chiropractor who cares about the child and his health and what is needed for "his" body to be normal. We will go see our chiropractor any day of the week. Thanks + Dr. B

The Bizness

You called me a "jackwagon" that is an attack.

By the way, I never once said medications were an answer either. I simply said that vaccines have never been proven to cause ADHD in a child, and I am not saying chiropractors don't do good work. I also said what this doctor said should be looked at.

I try to take zero medications myself, and have no affiliation with any drug manufacturers.

The best to you & yours Biz + 90 proof: Just a touchy subject to the gazillion people who have been misled for profit. But a new page is turning.. +

The Bizness

Hopefully you and your not vaccinated children don't start a new polio outbreak here

I would bet you would see Elvis first.


Mr. lizard & others. Have a friend who is an electrical engineer @ Davis Besse. Know where some of the waste is transported through? Godda wonder.