JUST IN: Health department asks for cancer cluster study participation

CLYDE If you or a close family member were diagnosed with cancer and you live in eastern Sandusky County, health officials are asking for your help.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 6, 2010




If you or a close family member were diagnosed with cancer and you live in eastern Sandusky County, health officials are asking for your help.


To participate in the cancer cluster study, you must have been: diagnosed with cancer since 1996, diagnosed with any type of cancer at age 19 or younger and lived in eastern Sandusky County at the time of diagnoses.


To be part of the study — which might help health officials determine the cause of the childhood cancer cluster that has stricken Clyde and eastern Sandusky County — call the Sandusky County Health Department's director of nursing Dawn Mason or director of environmental health Mary Dennis at 419-334-6377.


To read all about the cancer cluster  — who it has affected and the science behind finding the cause — read the Golden Children series by clicking HERE.


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Officials confirm childhood cancer cluster

THE ACREAGE, Fla. (AP) — Health officials in South Florida have confirmed a cluster of childhood cancer cases in one Palm Beach County community, though the cause remains uncertain.

Officials confirmed higher than normal rates of brain tumors and cancer among children in The Acreage, a semirural community about 20 miles northwest of West Palm Beach.

Investigators have interviewed affected families to try and determine any commonalities.

The state Department of Environmental Protection concluded last year that some homes in The Acreage have wells with elevated levels of radium and other radioactive substances that could result from natural causes.

The study also found ground water quality was "generally good."

Information from: The Palm Beach Post, http://www.pbpost.com


R U Serious

How far down does the toxis waste dump in Vickery drill?? It seems that with all the underground streams and caverns that riddle the area, it seems to make some sence that it is at least an avenue of interest? There is also a area in Berlin Heights that has a simular problem.


Wow, I didn't know Frank Langella dropped out of acting and started working for the Ohio Department of Health.


The dancing around this major health issue is FINALLY being addressed. If the investigation proves culpability and NOT a random act of nature there need be severe prison time for those responsible and major cash outlay for ALL effected parties injured by the delaying and denile of anything other than a natural reason for this horrible situation. HEADS SHOULD ROLL and culprits jailed! SHAME on you all, people suffered and lives were lost, SHAME on YOU, you know who you are!


Imagine that cancer rates are higher than "normal" in a town with a much higher than normal rate of poverty and drug use. Doctors are so intuitive sometimes, like the time they prescribed me brain effect to help me stay focused during my exams. Maybe the roots of the problem need to be addressed. That would be personal responsibility for personal choices to follow a life of poverty and drug use, or unhealthy eating habits etc., and changing those habits.