Golden Children: Death's door

The tight-knit residents of Clyde and surrounding communities don't know why their most precious and vulnerable residents suffer. Since 1996, they've watched helplessly as 28 children in eastern Sandusky County sickened and three died.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 6, 2010


The tight-knit residents of Clyde and surrounding communities don’t know why their most precious and vulnerable residents suffer.


Since 1996, they’ve watched helplessly as 28 children in eastern Sandusky County sickened and three died.


Now they’re fighting back. They 
demand answers of scientists and 
lobby legislators for crucial research.


The Register opens a window to the community’s struggles and its hopes in this six-day series, Golden Children.



Peanuts: That was Love Canal, not Three Mile Island.
Three mile island in a nuclear power plant that came close to melt down in 1979. You are thinking of a whole town that closed due to chemiclas, Love Canal. I think it was in New York, not sure.


This is a job for Erin Brockovich.

top dog



Gonna tell you guys one more time...there is a fenced in wooded area behind Whirlpool where I used to hunt. The ground literally oozes green colored toxins. It didn't evev have a fence until about 10-12 years ago. There has to be some other people around this area who have been back in there!


The love canal was a 16 acre site in Niagra Falls N.Y. At the turn of the century William Love started to make a canal between the upper Niagara River with the lower Niagara River with a subsequent waterfall for electric generating. Love ran out of money and left a big ditch. Hooker chemical began filling the ditch with toxic chemicals along with the City of Niagara Falls as a garbage dump. Also the U.S. Army used the site as a dump for leftover remnants from the Manhattan{A bomb} Project. Filled over in the 50's it became a site for a school as well as homes. It became our worst ecological disaster with numerous incidents of diseases in the neighborhood. It can be seen by driving on the Robert Moses parkway on your way to the falls.

nosey rosey

There is never going to be an answer for these cases because there is nothing to find. They don't live near the same water or air sources, they don't have the same water supply in common and their parents don't work in the same industries. It's time to accept that while tragic, it happens. People of all ages die from cancer everyday but that doesn't make it some big conspiracy theory.


goofus wrote on Dec 14, 2009 9:08 AM:

" The love canal was a 16 acre site in Niagra Falls N.Y. At the turn of the century William Love started to make a canal between the upper Niagara River with the lower Niagara River with a subsequent waterfall for electric generating. Love ran out of money and left a big ditch. Hooker chemical began filling the ditch with toxic chemicals along with the City of Niagara Falls as a garbage dump. Also the U.S. Army used the site as a dump for leftover remnants from the Manhattan{A bomb} Project. Filled over in the 50's it became a site for a school as well as homes. It became our worst ecological disaster with numerous incidents of diseases in the neighborhood. It can be seen by driving on the Robert Moses parkway on your way to the falls. "

Yes it was the Love Canal.
I am one of the Love Canal kids. And even though there were alot of us, that ended up having cancer..
The New York Department of Health came to the conclusion, that our rate of cancer cases were no higher than any chosen neighborhood in New York. Which is a crock.


Nosey Rosey, your blind trust in the government is misguided. As an example in Sunday's New York Times, the government is increasingly monitoring Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites for tax delinquents,copyright infringement, and political protestos.




Statistics of Occurrences of Health Related Problems linked to Toxic Waste
Love Canal

Miscarriage rates 50% (in mid 1960's) (Levine, 1982)
unusually high numbers of
-newborn deformities
-blood disease
-hyperactivity (Regenstein, 1982)
29.4% miscarriage rate (1978)
5 of 24 children born in the area had birth defects
Only 2 normal children were born of the 17 pregnancies (1979)
On 96th Street, of 15 homes
-8 people had developed cancer in last 12 years (at time of study)
-6 women had a cancerous breast removed
-1 man had throat cancer
-1 man had bladder cancer
-a 7 year old boy had convulsions and died of kidney failure
-a dog developed cancerous tumors and was put down
One home had been occupied by four families over 15 years of them:
First Family
-wife had nervous breakdown, hysterectomy due to uterine bleeding
Second Family
-husband had nervous breakdown
-wife had hysterectomy due to uterine cancer
-daughter developed epilepsy
-son developed asthma
Third Family
-wife had nervous breakdown
-both children suffered from bronchitis
Fourth Family
-wife had severe headaches, hysterectomy due to uterine bleeding and pre-malignent growth. They lived there less than 2 years.
Many symptoms of other occurring problems including hearing loss and skin disorder, improved greatly or "cured" after individuals left the area.
Navajo lands (uranium mines)


Whirlpool and Old woolins and recycle place everwood? off of elm street. also check the old creek that runs across south mulberry around the site where the old water works used to be. that creek runs through a good part of town


thanks for your repose. Here is what the N.Y. Department of Health had to say.

Love Canal Residents Included in Cancer Study
Residents interviewed between 1978 and 1982 6,181
Interviewed residents unable to be located in 1996 (155)
Total interviewed residents located in 1996 6,026
Residents who moved from NYS but not known when (974)
Residents compared to other NYS and Niagara County residents 5,052
Residents without complete interviews or whose Love Canal addresses unknown (1,971)
Residents compared to each other by when and where they lived in the Canal area 3,081

We compared cancer cases in the larger Love Canal group (5,052 people) to cancer cases in two other groups of people from New York State. One of the comparison groups was made up of people living in New York State, not including New York City. This group was chosen because the population is large enough so that cancer rates are not affected by small increases or decreases in the number of cancers seen in the state. We did not include people from New York City because they are different from people in the rest of the state in many ways.

The other comparison group was made up of people from Niagara County. They were chosen because they had more in common with Love Canal residents than people in other parts of New York State. For example, they have the same kinds of jobs, they get their drinking water from similar sources, and they have the same pool of health care professionals making cancer diagnoses.

For the smaller Love Canal group (3,081 people), we looked at cancer cases together with information about their Love Canal residency. We wanted to see if people who may have had different chemical exposures while in the Canal area had different cancers because of where they lived. We looked at information about how long a person lived in the area, how close they lived to the canal and when they lived there.

What We Found
Overall, from 1979 to 1996, Love Canal residents got cancer at about the same rate as people of similar age and sex in both Niagara County and in upstate New York. These comparisons are based on the actual number of cancers among the Love Canal residents (304 cancers) compared to the number of cancers expected if they had the same cancer rates as Niagara County (332) or upstate New York (325). We found that some types of cancer were somewhat higher among former Love Canal residents (e.g. kidney, bladder, and respiratory) compared to upstate New York. Other types of cancer were somewhat lower. Additional comparisons are in the full paper.

There were 268 cases of cancer in those residents who also had complete interviews. For the most part, we did not see a big difference in the cancer rates in these people, depending on when and where they lived at the Canal. However, we did find a significant increase in the risk of bladder and kidney cancers for those who were exposed as children. We also found an increase in the risk of liver and rectal cancers for people who lived on a hot spot (areas with greatly elevated chemical levels) or swales (low, wet areas). The number of cases is small for many of these cancer types, however, so determining whether there is a pattern is difficult. Some of our findings (especially for bladder and kidney cancers) are similar to those of other studies of persons exposed to chemicals like those found at Love Canal.

There are some limits to what we can learn from this study. For example, it only covered the time period from 1979 to 1996. Because the cancer registry only began computerizing its files one year after residents were evacuated from Love Canal, cancers occurring before this time were not included. In addition, we were necessarily limited to studying only people who were interviewed by the NYSDOH from 1978 to 1982 and their children; others who may have lived at Love Canal between 1942 and 1978 were not included. The Love Canal population also is relatively young and additional cancers are expected to show up as people age. The effects of living in the Love Canal area may not be seen until people get older. Additional follow-up may allow us to see trends more clearly.

Overall, the number of cancers in residents was slightly less than in other New Yorkers. However, different patterns were found for certain cancer types. For example, cancers of the kidney and bladder were more common among Love Canal residents than the outside populations, especially for those who were exposed as children. Given the small number of cancer cases observed in the Love Canal, however, we cannot be certain that the results indicate a real difference or are simply the result of chance. The findings, especially for kidney and bladder cancer, nevertheless are similar to those of other studies of hazardous waste sites and what we know about the cancer-causing effects of chemicals found at Love Canal. As the Love Canal residents get older, other researchers may want to examine future cases of cancer to see if these same increases continue since more cancers are diagnosed as people age.

This report is one in a series of five intended to provide results of the Love Canal Follow-up Health Study. The five reports are Background, Mortality (published July 2008), Cancer, Reproductive, and Serum. These reports will be made available to the Love Canal community and others over the coming months.

For More Information Contact:

New York State Department of Health
547 River Street, Room 316
Troy, NY 12180-2216
(800) 458-1158 ext.27530


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Pitiful, YOU ALL are so LOST.
TOXIC SPILL ---> 1985 April 6th

NEXT, 120 million gallons of waste SPILLED

TRY THIS. largest toxic waste class action lawsuit in history


People should get MAD and DEMAND answers


There should be a law that makes people accountable for actions done like OLD! Just calling it a crime is not enough, they should be able to take EVERYTHING they have, including all money passed on to relatives etc through probate/wills/trusts! If there was a crime then the money technically is NOT THERES TO KEEP!
The laws are pathetic when it comes to the victims recieving compensation.

Lets be real, we ALL knew that OLD was a time bomb, and the operators AND the government candy coated it!
Anyone who trusts the government to 'protect' them with ANY government policy or program is a fool`



As we look at other cases, how about GUIDENT Corp? They made Pacemaker Defibrillators that were DEFECTS, even AFTER Guident Knew and some DOCTORS, knew they were DEFECTS they continued to place some 70,000 Pacemaker Defibrillators more into People. Some people died?

No one went to JAIL/Prison, only did the O.J./Peter Blake/M. Jackson. PAID tons of Money and get out of Prison card?


Something is WRONG in Sandusky County. It is obvious and poignant. I want to know why this is afficting the greater Clyde area. The number of cases is devastating. I do not care about BLAME in this matter, I want to know WHY and what is needed to rectify the PROBLEM! SOMETHING is causing these kids to get sick. THIS is what tax dollars should be allocated for. NOT TARP or stimulus. It is now futile to ask for funding. The state is BROKE. I know many of you think the country is still solvent, but we are all BROKE and politicians are spending even more. Take a look at California. They are on the edge of bankruptcy. We are right behind them. I was hoping the state would hire an independent, non-government, non-corrupt business to initiate a COMPLETE investigation. We all have our speculation on why kids are dying. We have all allowed politicans to squander tax dollars away when they are needed for an independent investigation in Clyde. We all want answers and the people are entitled to know why their children are perishing before our eyes from the exact same thing.


I would love to head this case!!



I think the only way to FIX it is, to make it a DEAD ZONE where No One can live EVER again.

Is the ONLY Safe Way. 20 mile Radius of the Vickery Toxic Dump located a few mile north of Clyde.


Has anyone done any research on radiation coming from the NASA, Plum Brook Station that was found a couple of years ago in drainage ditches. Over the years that contamination could have reached the water supplies in Clyde and surrounding areas, the heavy rains we have had and flooding could have reached any of the small streams and made it's way to those locations.
In 2005, NASA discovered radioactive contamination off the NASA Plum Brook test reactor site. In 2008, NASA completed a characterization study. In 2009, NASA submitted a license amendment request that would require that NASA assess this residual radioactivity. NRC is presently reviewing this license amendment request.
Want to read more?


If no answers or solutions can be found, and more children continue to get sick and die, people will eventually move out. Clyde will become a ghost town. If this continues, WHO is going to live there? WHO is going to subject their own children to such a HIGH RISK? 28 kids sick and three died? If it were me, whether I could afford it or not, I would get out of Sandusky County. It is a personal decision now. Subject yourselves and family to risk or move? Everyone is expecting and waiting for government to provide all the answers and PAY for everything. If the source is found, it will take decades for any settlement. It is now rational choice for them to decide what to do. Wait on government to decide or do YOU decide? If they do not get out soon, the property value of any residential structure in the affected area will drop to nothing. It a cause is found, the land can NOT be sold. Good luck people of Sandusky County. I am in deep heartfelt sorrow for these families. I am so sorry for your loss.


You know, the government and private places have done experiments on Rats and other animals on Different Substances, and what Cancers they cause. So, they should know by now what cancer they have and what chemical caused it? Thus, what Chemicals have been dumped at the Vickery Dump, GET the LIST.


God Bless the Children, our Goverment isn't.It's tough Kids but all of you are tougher than I could ever hope to be Thanks for showing me what being strong really means

nosey rosey

Goofus - My comment had nothing to do with trusting the government. It had everything to do with the fact that people young and old die everyday from one disease or another. Most cases have no reason other than being a fact of life. Every disease is not meant to be cured, people have to die to balance out nature. Cancer will never be cured because too many people make money from it. While I understand it is hard to accept this when a child is involved, it happens. Looking for conspiracy theories isn't going to bring any of them back nor will it stop others from dying. There is no where in this country where someone isn't pointing a finger at a company or circumstance that they think could be cause for making someone sick.

Oliver Hardy

My heart really aches when I read about these children. My belief is that a child's immune system is not fully developed to fight off cancer cells. By that I mean that we all have cancers cells in our bodies that our strong immune system kills off.

Someone mentioned in the first post about tracking down children that moved away from the area. I think that this is an excellent idea to see if any children that moved away developed any childhood cancers.

One thing to look at is what the children consumed. Sometimes regionally produced foods such as local farm produce or locally made food should be looked at. Also look at foods consumed at county fairs or festivals that come out of the area. Some other things to look at are materials used in homes such as carpets, bedding, exposure to chemicals for pets such as flea control. Radon gas? There could be common causes to the childhood cancers that are being overlooked.

This topic could generate a lot of ideas about the causes of local childhood cancers. Perhaps someone personally involved could start up a SR Forum on this? Also is there a web site or blog about this particular childhood cancer topic?




Did the EPA overlook anything?


Nosey Rosey,
Perhaps if one of these children were yours, you would have a different point of view. Other than saying, "It's a fact of life" and "people have to die to balance out nature"
That's a bit cruel, don't you think?

dorothy gale

These kids are being poisoned and DYING! Why do we not know what is causing it? We've been hearing about this situation for a long time now and still, NOTHING. That alone is a crime. So, Nosey Rosey, are you implying this is a co-incidence?! I have a child; my sister has four kids and three grandkids; all my friends have children; many of my co-workers have children, AND NOT ONE OF THEM HAS CANCER AND NONE OF THEM LIVE IN CLYDE! So perhaps you should just keep your "$h1+ happens" attitude to yourself. Where is your compassion? Where is the outrage? It is obvious there is a problem and equally obvious that nothing will be done about it any time soon. Disgusting!


DOROTHY GALE~~~> YOU took the words right out of my mouth!It just so happens that I was talking on the phone with the sister of a CLYDE CANCER VICTIM when she happened to TRIP over NOSEY ROSEYs ignorant, selfish, tactLESS comment... AND SHE WAS CRUSHED. GOD help you if thats how you truly feel...But WHY would you write something so hurtful in a place where family members and friends of these children are bound to see it???
WHY not show your name??? No, wait...i'd rather you continue to HIDE behind the VERY SUITABLE name that you gave your self, Nosey Rosey. Get a life you ignorant piece of TRASH.


isn't dorothy gale the same name that was Judy Garlands Dorothy in the wizard of Oz?