EPA study of dumps reveals no cancer cluster answers

The search goes on for the cause of a cluster of cancer cases among children in the Clyde area.
Tom Jackson
Jul 31, 2012


The search goes on for the cause of a cluster of cancer cases among children in the Clyde area.   The U.S. EPA began a survey of 14 old dump sites in February this year, taking samples of soil and water. It  has released a series of reports on its survey and posted them at epa.gov/region5/cleanup/easternsandusky/index.html.   The agency reviewed information from 13 of the 14 sites and did not find any major health threats, said Joshua Singer, a U.S. EPA spokesman.   "U.S. EPA did not find contamination at levels that pose a threat to human health and will not take further action at those sites.  EPA continues to work on the remaining site," Singer said.   For more on this story, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register.  


  Dump sites probed by the U.S. EPA Amert Lagoon Bellevue City Dump Clyde City Dump Formulated Products Golembioski Dump Green Creek Township Dump Leach Dump McGrath Dump Meggitt Landfill Riley Township Dump Townsend Township Dump Whirlpool Manufacturing Wickerham Drum York Township Dump  


Darwin's choice

How about what they are pumping into the well at Vickery..................


I have been trying for quite a few years to let everybody know about the Vickery deep well injection site without anybody listening -- if nothing is going on there, why did they pay off home/land owners within a five mile radious of the injection site -- OOPS --- SHHHHHH -- that is supposed to be a secret.


 Well of course they didn't find anything because then that would mean someone would be to blame who has lots of money and it was cheaper to pay someone off to say "we didn't find anything" than it would be to pay what you owe to people you poisoned!  Also I find it funny that the EPA wasn't allowed on part of the land that they wanted to check by one of the owners?? I'm sorry but I find that kind of strange don't you?? I know if it was my land and I didn't have anything to hide, I would say there ya go have at it. But again I have never seen anything like that stop the gov't before when they want to do something.


Just how deep were the test samples drawn?  There is years of "topping off" those sites. Also, if the samples were drawn during winter months, go back and take some samples in these 100 degree temperatures and also again after a rain to capture "run-off" of area crop pesticides, chemicals, etc.

How in depth was the investigation? Has the EPA talked to people who have been around for years and saw "things, stuff" being dumped at all hours from area facilities? The more years that pass where these people that have certain knowledge have not shared what they know or their experiences, (witnessed and worked at these plants) the slimmer the fact finding.

nosey rosey

I've said it before & I'll say it again.  Nothing was found because there is nothing there to find!  Time to get over it and move on.  I understand the extra grief when a child is sick but people are dianosed with cancer every day in every walk of life and everywhere, including members of my own family.  It was just an unfortunate coincidence and people just need to move on.   


What they say and what actually is ...IS  TWO VERY DIFFERENT THINGS.


'Nuff  said.


 In any data there is always a statistical distribution.  Somebody always has to be the worst.


As I've asked before, have the grandparents of the affected children been interviewed to determine what hazards they may have been exposed to during their employment? Many cancers can be linked to genetic changes caused by chemicals (DDT is the the most recognized.)

As genetic changes go, Grandpa works at factory "A" and is exposed to (for example) Methyl Ethyl Ketone. Grandpa and Grandma have a baby. The baby (whose chromosomes have been "modified" because of Grandpa's exposure) may or may not suffer any ill affects, but their children have a greater potential for disease.

We need to look closely at the affects of chemicals in our environment, especially the synergy (interaction between) of multiple chemicals. This kind of research frightens the government and the chemical companies because it could easily show causation for such diseases as autism and asthma (and, of course multiple cancers.)

Remember, what you can't see can hurt you.


@hilltop......what you are saying can happen, but no always.  You are talking about the possiblity of chromosomal mustation that may or maynot happen in children whose parents may be exposed to one or more damaging chemicals, not necessarily as far back as the ancestrial grandparents.

Most chromosomial distortions are found to be parent to child and then skip maybe two generations or even four per the pummet square of reproduction depending on the reproduction of the indivdiual at risk.  If subject A and B are both at risk.  If only A is at risk it is even further down the chain, I believe.  I would have to look it up again.  Its been awhile since I took genetics.  LOL.  

But you are right.  What we cannot see is often more dangerous than what we can see. 


You know, they have the same problem in AZ in a small town outside of Tucson.  A cancer cluster that is affecting kids.  There is a government facility in the town that runs tests but no one talks about what goes on there.  Really strange.  Now Clyde.  Weird coincidence. 


Wiredmama222 -

Read Rachael Carson's "Silent Spring" - foundational to our understanding of how chemicals in the environment affect life.

See Bill Moyer's Report "Trade Secrets" for further information.






SR, can you get the scoop on this for us more locally please?


The video report is quite informative...with more to come