Officials appeal gay marriage ruling

Ohio officials have appealed a federal judge’s order to recognize the marriages of gay couples who wed in other states
Associated Press
May 10, 2014


The state attorney general’s office filed a notice of appeal Friday with the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati. The state is appealing federal Judge Timothy Black’s ruling ordering Ohio to recognize the marriages of same-sex couples that were performed in other states.

Most of Black’s April 14 ruling was put on hold pending the anticipated appeal.

Black ruled Ohio’s refusal to recognize gay marriage is a violation of constitutional rights and “unenforceable in all circumstances”

Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine has said marriage is between a man and a woman and that he will continue defending Ohio’s voter-approved gay marriage ban.


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Our Judge has already made His ruling quite clear.

When Jesus quoted Genesis 1:27, He affirmed marriage is a union of a man and a woman and that God is the One who joins men and women together in marriage.


Were you there? The bible was the first book of fiction.


So you were on hand to witness that?


Jesus May be your judge, but he isn't mine. And he has no jurisdiction in this case, anyway. I got married in an Atheist ceremony, and I can assure you that I am just as legally married as someone who has a religious ceremony. Live and let live....


And your point would be...?


You say that God is the one who joins men and women together in marriage. Well, in all honesty, I have never personally seen him come down from the heavens and join any of my friends or family members together. Have you been to some other type of weddings that we haven't??!! What bothers me the most is that straight people are so quick to judge gays and gay marriage, yet how would they feel if the tables were turned? What if gay people were completely against straight marriage and the straight people were the ones who had to fight their a**es off in order to marry the one they love?? How would that make you feel as a HUMAN being? WHY should it matter who I or any other gay person loves or marries? What business is it of you or any other straight person? Do you have to be in my bed at night? Do you have to "potentially" pay for my sins? No! I do! So, again, why does it matter to YOU or anyone else!?!?! Straight marriages are the ones who have the highest divorce rates!!! But the sanctity of marriage is threatened by allowing gays to marry!?!? PUUULEASE!!! When a MAN and WOMAN are joined in marriage, their vows usually also include the words, "Until death do us part!" Now, could you explain to me how our God thinks that you straight people are any better than us gay people when you are getting divorces left and right and breaking those solemn vows!?!? Such hypocrites in this world we are these days!!!!!!


What you don't seem to realize is you want a rule that has been in effect since recorded time began to be changed, "just enough" to suit you but again, what you fail to realize is that by changing that rule just enough to suit you, you open the floodgate for every other conceivable form of marriage to be made legal. I don't give a damn if you are or not, but if you are gay, you comprise no more than 10% of the population. Why the hell should the rest of society have to bow to your request? Sorry, my friend - you go too far.


What "every other conceivable form of marriage" do you speak of??? Do you know in some states it is legal for FIRST COUSINS to marry each other, but you are telling me that that is ok before it is ok for me to marry a woman who loves me??? Get the H*ll outta here!!! It doesn't make me any difference if you or any other jack*ss in this stinking country thinks it's ok for me to marry WHO I love or not!!! I will do it if I want to!! So much for those "rights" and "freedoms" that we as Americans are supposed to enjoy. I guess you are only allowed to enjoy those freedoms if you follow certain "religious" beliefs, because that is what everyone is bringing this down to is "religious" beliefs!!!! Abortion is probably not right in the eyes of God either, but you don't see this much d*MN fuss about that now do you!?!?! Like I said, freaking hypocrites!!!! YOU PEOPLE, YES, YOU PEOPLE, THE STRAIGHT PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE YOU ARE THE ONE WHO SHOULD MAKE THE RULES FOR EVERY ONE TO FOLLOW, NEED TO GET A CLUE, MORONS!!!!!

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No matter what excuse you may offer, homosexuality is a sin. It always has been and it always will be. Like all sin, homosexuality is a choice made from free will.


Divorce is a sin but you don't see that being made illegal. Now, if you could, please back up your argument with something other than a fictitious book. What's that? You can't?


How about mother marries son; father marries daughter; father marries son; man marries 12-year old; multiple spouses; group marriages. Those are just a few of the possibilities. The man-woman rule has nothing to do with religion, my idiotic friend; it has to do with biology but as I've commented before, if you want to change the rules to suit yourself you have to be ready to change ALL the rules.

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I cannot understand the push to change the definition of marriage. The people of Ohio had spoken when the majority of Ohioans voted against same sex marriage.


That was several years ago. Today, a majority of Ohioans are in favor of it.


The judge is Timothy Black - appointed by (what a surprise) B. Obama. I don't recall anything in the Constitution that refers to the institution of marriage so how does some damn judge decide not recognizing gay marriage is unconstitutional? I think the judge is unconstitutional. Typically, a decision is made without considering the ramifications.


Actually, it was a decision likely made with a lot of thought. The Constitution provides for equal rights for all. "We hold these truths to be self-evident". Yet some are still clueless, and use the Bible as an excuse to deny equal rights to others.


Exactly coaster!! They use and quote the Bible as they see fit...but leave things out as they see fit as well!! Like divorce, or how about premarital sex, which I'm sure many humans have done, abortion, pretty sure that's a no no in the eyes of God, but that's legal all over. They pick and choose what THEY see fit to allow certain rights to others! There is no such things as equal rights anymore! How in the world can the GOVERNMENT make up laws and rules about marriage based on a religious book?? Since when did the GOVERNMENT start looking to the Bible to make their rules? Just wondering?? Oh, I know, when they see fit, and that's the only thing that they can use as an excuse to say it should be illegal!!! Hogwash is what I call it!!!


Actually the government used the Bible and other religions to develop the foundations of our laws. In fact Moses is on the façade of the Supreme Court of the United States. Where do you think many of our laws against killing and assaults, stealing, lying, sex crimes originated?

The fact is marriage is a religious institution that until only the last 100 or so years was not regulated by government. It is government that stole an institution from religion and God and is trying to change the definition.

The simple solution is to change the name of what the government licenses to civil partnership or union and return the institution of marriage back to the institutions that nurtured it for thousands of years.