GateKeeper carries sales tax collections uphill

Cedar Point’s newest attraction generated more than just buzz for the community.
Andy Ouriel
Aug 29, 2013


It produced stacks of cash for a local government.

Erie County officials collected about $1.24 million in sales tax income during May. The $1.24 million represents a 2.5 percent gain compared to May 2012.

To date, county officials have collected about $8.54 million in sales tax through 2013 — or $247,000 above the projected amount officials estimated they’d receive by today’s date.

All told, sales tax income should meet — if not exceed — the $14 million figure budgeted for this year.

“The figures that we are seeing kind of reflect what’s going on in the country,” Erie County commissioner Bill Monaghan said. “There’s a positive feeling about people starting to spend money and take a vacation that they wouldn’t have taken before.”

Case in point: Many families and tourists trekked to Cedar Point, which opened in May, so they could ride GateKeeper, the new record-breaking winged roller coaster.

Sales tax represents about half the county commissioners’ everyday operating budget, totaling about $26 million each year. Sales tax money pays for various services, including court, sheriff and maintenance operations.



The county is laughing all the way to the bank.

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The Hero Zone

Not just from Cedar Point directly but all the other businesses that have attendance from it. Over the summer I could probably tie a few hundred in sales taxes to park goers who stopped in to shop while in town.

Good 2 B Me

Nice trickle down!! That is wonderful to hear!


If they are collecting more than expected why do they need to raise the sales tax? Typical government, the more they collect the more they will spend.


And yet they at Erie County don't have money and the need for the Commissioners to raise the sales tax. It is my belief that Erie County was given a 3 BILLION yes a 3 BILLON windfall they would still need more money. Their needs rise to the amount of money available and then if possible exceed it.

There is no real thought given to raising the sales tax and how it will hurt those who have the least to pay it. If they did that they would have said we will put it on for a far lesser time (3-4-5 year) Oh NO the commissioners with the exception of Farrell said sock the county for 10 years.

From what I see and hear this all may come back to haunt them as with many elected officials. Erie County being a strong Democratic area or not we have seen the voters kick out even a Democrat when they are pushed too far.

Julie R.

So why do they need to raise the sales tax if they made all this money? Sounds typical of Erie County --- let's pull the wool over the sheep's eyes. And while I'm on the subject of pulling the wool over the sheep's eyes ----- why are the common pleas court judges Tone and Binette handling probate cases? I thought when Erie County claimed they needed another judge (Binette) so badly, they said it was to handle the backlog of cases left behind by the common pleas court judge Ann Maschari. They never said a word about the backlog of cases in probate. Why not? Also, if Erie County now has two more judges to handle probate cases in addition to Beverly McGookey, why are they still using rent-a-judges in the Erie County probate court?

Julie R.

For that matter, if Erie County has 3 judges that can handle probate cases in addition to the rent-a-judges that are still at their beck & call, why are attorneys filing and dismissing bogus sham lawsuits in the jurisdiction of Cuyahoga County when the jurisdiction of Cuyahoga County has nothing to do with the Erie County probate estates of life-long Erie County residents.

Julie R.

Hey, once again, why are the two common pleas court judges in Erie County also serving as probate court judges? Other counties in OHIO don't work that way. In the majority of the other counties the juvenile court judge also serves as the probate court judge. Would the COUNTY COMMISSIONERS know the answer to that?

Why also is there such a backlog of cases in the Erie County probate court? Not that it surprises me. My mother passed away in 2002. In 2011 the joke courts were still playing their games --- still refusing to address legitimate complaints there were filed ...... still sitting on the money that was left from her property in Huron that was fraudulently transferred 7 months before her death ........ property that should have been put back into her estate so it could be sold with a clear title, not sold at an illegal court-ordered SCAM sheriff sale with one of the beneficiaries defrauded under a FRAUD preliminary judicial report that falsely stated there were no defects in the title.