21 apply for Huron super spot

(UPDATED 4 p.m. Wednesday with PDFs of final two applications)
Sandusky Register Staff
May 29, 2013

Officials at Huron Schools said up to 21 people have applied for the superintendent's position, although resumes were available for only 19 of the applicants. They originally only provided documents relating to 15 applicants, but later added the others. 

The provided resumes are attached here as PDFs. The school district redacted the applicants' home addresses and contact information.

Want to go?

WHAT: Huron school board meeting

WHERE: Shawnee Elementary School’s board conference room, 712 Cleveland Road E., Huron

WHEN: 6:30 p.m. today

WHY: Board members will review applications for the district’s superintendent position, mostly in executive session.

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There you go again

I don't think I'd touch that job with a 10-foot pole!

Darwin's choice

Some say "to advance my career", good luck with that with the dummies on this school board!


I went to school with Mark Robinson. Wonderful person, from a great family, with a VERY impressive resume. It is awesome to see this level of qualifications for this position. Good luck Mark!


I would not trust those five to walk my dog. Now we have to let them decide who should run the district. Good luck

Kottage Kat

Brave souls


Is it customary to put their resume on for public display? I can see the board reviewing them at a meeting, but is there something that requires them to be this accessible?

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

All of the documents are public records which anyone can access.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Alissa...how about doing a story on how Caporini and Asher were no shows at the special meeting to begin the hiring process of a new superintendent? You write an article about how they met but did not include who DID NOT meet. The public needs to hear the entire story.

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

I did. It's in today's paper.


I hope they don't make the mistake and hire a superintendent like the last one.

Julie R.

I hope the new Erie County auditor, recorder and sheriff aren't like the last ones. Bad enough the judges are!

Hoss McGee

The next superintendent should be Ron Jeremy! He is a good fit!


We have two sitting on the board that are big enough. We don't need Ron !


ROFLMAO Too funny .... after all what you do on your own time is your own business, yeah right.

Tsu Dho Nimh

It depends...is the camera equipment owned by the school?


BTW ... neither the use agreement or the employment contract specify an issue with naked pictures. If the camera equipment is used after school hours, who cares? If other people are doing it as well then, who cares? If the district allows employees to post pictures of items they have for sale on an electronic bulletin board, who cares? If the bed comes up missing or is sold for $1, who cares?

Tsu Dho Nimh

Hard to argue with that!


When you decide to run for public office and the public voted you to represent them, it is critical that you attend important meetings. Having attended the last Huron School Board meeting, I was surprised that Caporini and Asher were absent. I was informed the reason for their absence was they want to keep the present deputy superintendent and are against hiring someone permanently. Their reason is they want Fred Fox to return as the superintendent. I do not know what their monetary agenda is with Fox, but they are violating the oath of office as a board members. You two members are not credible anymore and should consider resigning your positions. You are ineffective and do not have the best interest for the schools or the community. This has been proven over the last three months. You are representing the minority of people of Huron that want Fox back as superintendent. These people are self proclaimed model citizens that feel they are right and everyone else in Huron is wrong. The time is right to resign. You have cost this community to much money.

Tsu Dho Nimh

At the May 21st meeting, Mr. Caporini wanted to pass a resolution to seek a global settlement with Fred Fox. He wanted to do what was best for the district and move forward. All five members agreed to meet this week to begin reviewing the applicants. The Casherini Twins are only interested in their good friend Fred and do not care about what our community needs. I agree with Retiree that they both need to be removed. If what I am hearing is true, the OEC has interviewed Caporini. Maybe we will get lucky and they will remove him for us.


Good point TDN. Cap and Ash want a settlement to move the district forward then allegedly (so far its just a rumor) they don't show up at a key meeting to hire a new super. Who gives them their marching orders? They have NEVER cared about anything except one person, which is why we are in this mess. If you're unwilling to serve this community unless your boy is at the helm, you're in it for the wrong reasons. Please step aside.

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

I spoke with Mr. Caporini this afternoon and he said he has not been interviewed by the OEC.

Also, it is true, he and Mr. Asher did not attend the meeting Wednesday to review superintendent applications. There is a story in today's paper.


If the old boy Cap says it isn't true then it must not be true LOL

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

I was unable to reach the ethics commission Friday but I responded with the only information I had so everyone knew I at least made an effort to track down an answer.

Today I was successful in reaching the commission's executive director, Paul Nick. He provided me with the following information regarding Mr. Caporini:

•The ethics commission receives two types of requests — allegations and advisory requests. Allegations of wrongdoing can be submitted by anyone and are not public, so the ethics commission will not provide any information regarding them. Advisory requests are typically submitted by public individuals looking for advice as to whether an action they will take or are taking is ethical by the commission's standards. They are public.

•In the past year, the commission has not received any advisory requests regarding Mr. Caporini. Because allegations are not public, Mr. Nick could not provide me with any information regarding whether one has been filed against him.

•If allegations are submitted, the commission can dismiss them without investigating if they don't suspect wrongdoing. If they follow through with an investigation and find wrongdoing, they will turn the case over to the prosecutor's office (in this case, Erie County) so charges can be filed. At that point, the charges become public record, and we would know about them. Until then, it's your word against the school board's whether allegations have been submitted or whether an investigation is happening, since there's no real way to confirm through the commission.

I hope this clears things up for everyone. If you have any questions, email me or give me a call.


Alissa, just be patient. Time will show you the value of Mr. Caporini's word. Hope you will reference his statement of denial when the truth comes out.

Dudley Do-Right

Dear Mr. Caporini and Mr. Asher

On May 21, the Huron Board of Education agreed there would be a meeting this week to review prospective superintendent applications. The District website posted the meeting as well. What an incredible disappointment you two are. It is not your duty to protect Mr. Fox, in fact it is not your role to be his friend. It is your responsibility to manage a superintendent and treasurer to provide a top notch education for the children of Huron, while being fiscally responsible. Mr. Caporini you wish to reach a settlement with Mr. Fox and move forward, yet you fail to show up for this meeting. Both of you have implied there are issues with the current acting superintendent, implying he has a questionable past, yet now you drag your feet and wish to keep him on. It is becoming more and more evident that your priorities are not the children of Huron, but to protect your friends and good ole boys.

As a Huron resident, taxpayer, and parent, I am tired of your bag of tricks and will not vote for you or a levy as long as you are on the Board.


These two men have told the public for a year how they have been excluded from meetings and decisions have been made without their knowledge. Cap wants to quote sunshine laws instead of ethics laws. We can only hope that the people will see the truth when it comes to these two. When you don't attend meetings, then you don't know what is going on, not because people are going behind your back but because you choose not to attend. I don't believe for one minute that the other three have ever not included them. These two sat in a public meeting and agreed to a special meeting, it was in the paper, and as you stated, it was on the district website. You're right, their priorities are not the children of Huron. It's all about their friend and business deals.


It gets sickening to read on these blogs the hatred spewed by TDN, Retiree and the rest of you Fred Fox haters. Rest assured that there is a significant group of us in the Huron public who know all of you and your attempts to cover up the truth. There is also a substantial group of us who don't stoop to your mud-slinging, but support Mr. Fox. Please read the Sandusky Register as to why Caporini and Asher were not there. They know that the other three are just continuing their vendetta and the only way the public will realize their position is through an all-out effort to expose these board members blatant actions through the press. You people who speak of morals and ethics don't know the meanings of the words. How can you support 3 people who distort the facts to the candidates and try to hire someone and make him uproot from his current job, knowing full well that Mr. Fox could be re-instated by the Court.

As I read the SR article, Mr. Slocum's statement, "It is their decision, and they will have to look the people of Huron in the eye and be able to explain their actions." How dare you make that statement Mr. Slocum when you have been told by the Ohio Department of Education that Mr. Fox should be re-instated and it was not even close at 23 to 0. Also you bloggers who have tried to discredit the referee are just flat out not telling the truth and the 17 page defense is absolutely bogus.

We commend Mr. Asher and Mr. Caporini for exposing the wrongdoings of these Board people and using every means at their disposal to get the message to the public. We know these men and you can put money on it that they will be at those interviews asking the tough questions and advising all of the risks.

Also look at the cartoon in the editorial section of the SR and you will get a good look at what people think of those 3 - the uncontrolled majority. Retiree check out the meaning of fiscal integrity. You surely are not informed and to support the hiring of other than a qualified interim is absolutely irresponsible.

UgtaBkdnMe – please don’t be so naïve. Read the under oath testimony and you will see that all three admitted over and over that they did not share various information with Asher and Caporini and they met in individual groups – the Sunshine Law calls these “round robin or serial meetings” – and specifically says they are illegal. This went on for 7 weeks. This is a major, repeated violation of the Sunshine Law. Go back and read Murray’s latest complaint. For this reason alone, all will be voided by the Court. See it’s not hearsay – THEY ADMITTED IT UNDER OATH and this cannot ever be changed. The other key is that the motion that was passed May 22 was to take the “information” from the Markling report to the OEC and the Board never authorized Sowecke to do this. You need to understand Board Policy and ORC – an individual cannot act on their own without obtaining authority from the Board by vote in a Public session. When he took the Markling report to the OEC he acted “outside” the motion and acted individually, on his own - period. Why can’t you all see this – Sowecke, Green and Slocum are screwed. Don’t shoot from the hip – go read the transcript and get your facts correct.


I HAVE read the transcript. The Board of Ed had every reason to terminate Fox. Why the ODE disagreed defies all logic. Where do you see evidence in the testimony of broken sunshine laws?? Pages please - sworn testimony, not Murray's version of it. Sworn testimony says they never met. You saying it, or Murray saying it doesn't make it so.


How dare Mr. Slocum make such a statement? Really??? How dare Mr. Asher make false accusations and statements against Mr. Slocum in one of his bogus lawsuits (remember his conspiracy theory?)! If you want to bring up testimony and findings, please recall that Murray subpoenaed Slocum's file to prove that he wasn't fit to service public office. Not only were they wrong, his personnel file was clean and his previous employer noted that they would hire him back. Does Asher's false allegations outrage you? You are the one who is naive.


I had forgotten about that little gem, thanks. Murray's brief said Slocum left his job "under a cloud of suspician". They supoenaed his file and despite the fact that it clearly said he left voluntarily (its all in the evidence posted online), Murray tries to manipulate Slocum into testifying he was terminated. Its hilarious, really. Read the testimony. Don't read Murray's summary of it. Don't read the districts attorneys summary of it. Read the actual testimony. The SR should read it as well. Why they haven't dug into it and reported on such things as the fiasco with Slocum's personnel file from years ago is beyond me. They are missing the story here.