Fox appeal, more suits to follow

Fred Fox's legal battle to be reinstated to his position as superintendent at Huron Schools is just getting started.
Apr 4, 2013

His attorney, Patrick Murray, says he'll file an appeal of the school board's Tuesday decision to fire Fox — and at least three other lawsuits.

"By ignoring the findings of the referee, they simply said they're not going to abide by anyone's objective findings," Murray said. "We're filing multiple lawsuits, for mental anguish, bad faith, defamation and others as a result of their actions."

Fox has 30 days from the time he receives the written termination notice to file an appeal.

"They're on a frolic of their own and don't care a thing about the school system," Murray said. "What you have here are three people who are willing to spend any amount of school money to get even. And they're going to lose."

For more on Murray's reaction, his opinion of the school board, and his plans to duke it out in court, pick up Friday's Register. 

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Julie R.

That didn't answer the question. I'm curious to know where that information about "Fox wanting to remove Vonthron from the principal's position to hire the Fremont principal" came from, too.

Still Sold

Julie R-
It came from Retiree and his friend's imaginations.

Funny, he never talks about the football coach ?
And we all want high morals, right ?


How many years ago was that? Why didn't your good friend Cap take care of that one? Wasn't your spouse on the board then?


Why talk about the football coach. I never saw anything in the paper about the football coach. I do know that his players like him and his teams win for Huron. I do know what was said about the relationship with two school board members,the coaches, his son and Fox was not the truth.

The last sentence, about the miles on the truck, was a little dig. I am sticking with the other comments. I do not really care if you don't believe what you call "my version of the truth". I do not tell half of the truth to make someone look good. What I know happened is what I print. To many people on these blogs need to know the real story. Certain people on the blogs are not telling the truth. I did look into what Julie was printing about, in previous blogs, and she is telling the truth. There was big time corruption. That is one reason I dislike attorneys. The judge sided with the attorney, the same one that was representing ErieMetro Parks. Need I say more.

Even though I don't live in Huron, I have rental property there. The tenants that do live there, three of them work for the schools. I am disappointed to see how my tax dollars were miss used under Fox. I did look into what Fox created and it is ugly. The three school board members are going to win. They discovered the corruption. The other two have a lot of skeletons in their closets and that is going to get ugly.

Julie R.

Lord Almighty, Retiree, where in the heck are you coming from, anyway? All the idiots I post about are from HURON, OHIO and you know it!

Julie R.

Hey Retiree, I didn't see any judges at the corrupt Erie County courthouse ~ as you say ~ siding with attorneys. I witnessed instead judges and a joke magistrate working in collusion with attorneys. (*collusion: secret agreement or cooperation, especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose)

Doesn't Ohio Law flatly prohibit that kind of illegal crap?