Fox appeal, more suits to follow

Fred Fox's legal battle to be reinstated to his position as superintendent at Huron Schools is just getting started.
Apr 4, 2013

His attorney, Patrick Murray, says he'll file an appeal of the school board's Tuesday decision to fire Fox — and at least three other lawsuits.

"By ignoring the findings of the referee, they simply said they're not going to abide by anyone's objective findings," Murray said. "We're filing multiple lawsuits, for mental anguish, bad faith, defamation and others as a result of their actions."

Fox has 30 days from the time he receives the written termination notice to file an appeal.

"They're on a frolic of their own and don't care a thing about the school system," Murray said. "What you have here are three people who are willing to spend any amount of school money to get even. And they're going to lose."

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Hey Fred come on over to Margaretta. Rather have you than Ed Kurt and his good ole boys!

Hoss McGee

I 2nd that idea!


It is all about the money! Fred says "Show me the money" Thats all it has ever been about and thats what it will come down to. It has never been about the kids. He could care less!!! What a low down shame!


I have a brother who is an attorney in and specializes in labor law. Talked to him over the weekend. He said there is nothing brought to date that is grounds for termination. Said absolutely for non renewal of a contract but not termination of the current contract.

I asked him how do you think this will play out. He said my best idea it will go to the Common Pleas court and it will be settled before it ever makes it to trial. The insurance company will make that decision as Board has no choice in the matter. It will purely what the bottom line is going to cost the insurance company. Said they will not win the case so they will try and keep the payments to a minimum. I said so in the end Fred Fox and his attorney laugh all the way to the bank with settlement checks. He said you got it !!! He said this whole thing was never handled right from the very beginning. Said I would not be surprised at all if the Board D & O insurer cancels them at the end of the policy. They may be hard pressed finding another insurar and if they do it will be costly based on their track record to date.

So guess will see if my brother calls this one correct.


@Gardenman....I rest my case. This is exactly what I have been saying since this thing started. Tell your brother I said thank you very much. My vote is with HIS comments as well. He couldn't be more right about anything in his life. Kate

The Answer Person



$$chaaaaaaaaaaa--chinggggggggggggggg$$ or $$moneyyyyyy moneyyyyyyy moneyyyyyyyy$$

either way freddie boy is gonna get some!!!!


Your brother's name Kevin?


You read my mind!




All Fred will probably get out of this is jail. It is against the law to steal from taxpayers, steal a school bus, steal tools from a garage, threaten a person, intimidate people, illegal use of school funds, perjury, and most of all he is disloyal. Get it through your thick head he is gone. Like good-by

Still Sold

Thu, 04/04/2013 - 8:29pm
I hope that this get to court very soon. I am tired of hearing what Fred's future plans were that got sidetracked. Fox wanted Ms. Vonthone removed from her position and was going to replace her with the principle of Fremont Elementary School. He was putting to many miles on his truck.

Going to continue to post this to show how absurd your thinking is.

Julie R.

One would think if a school board starting getting numerous complaints from teachers and others about the conduct of a school superintendent, then it would be the school board's obligation to investigate the complaints --- which obviously they did.

That's why it will be interesting to see how this pans out in the Erie County Common Pleas court.


All elected officials whether they be local, state or school boards should be open to recall.


@paved....aren't they? But that won't stop the mess now.

Julie R.

Murray says: "Sowecke, Slocum and Green are on a frolic of their own and don't care a thing about the school system. What you have here are 3 people who are willing to spend any amount of school money to get even. And they're going to lose."

My, he certainly does sound like he has a lot of confidence, doesn't he? Sort of reminds me of that arrogant Lorain County attorney that said: "Face it, Lady! That property's getting sold at a sheriff sale if you like it or not and there isn't a (*expletive*) thing you can do about it!"


@Julie, I love you dearly, girl, but he has great reason to sound so sure of himself. He has a great deal of evidence with which to win his cases. When these people started dealing in emotions rather than with fact and let that take over, their collective goose was cooked. You cannot do what they did. Two wrongs don't make a right no matter what happened.

You said you thought they should have investigated the complaints. Did they? It sounds like they didn't do much investigating until it was on an emotional level. Till emotions ran high. Until a board member was involved. THEN they got involved really heavily.

If the board thought he wss out of line, they should have done this the right way from day one. Instead they tried the "humiliation" technique and they were lost from the word go. I have been saying that from the first day. The State Board said the same thing. When you attack and do it wrong like this, you just plain lose. I am not defending what Fox did. Not by a long shot. But I am defending the difference between handling things the right way verses the wrong way.

You, above all people, should understand my point on that one. Ya know? This board is now going to pay the biggest price of all. It is they who didn't think of the kids nor what it will cost this school in the long run. Not as long as they got what they wanted. When you go the wrong way, you always lose.

I feel bad for the kids of Huron. This was totally unnecessary. I hope the price of causing this guy humiliation was worth the price of admission to this farce. The board had to know they would get sued when they fired him and ignored the State recommendations. They simply didn't care. They stripped him naked and kept kicking him when he was down. What more could they expect?

What ever happened to that ethics report? That should have been back by now? They should have it. What did that ever say? You know sooner or later that one will have to be released as well. What happens if that one proves to side with him, too?

Still Sold

You are correct WiredM..

No doubt that this was not handled correctly.


You sure do have a woody for this & you do not reside in Huron ? I'm sure the people of Huron could care less about your opinion on the matter. My Lord go play with your grandchildren or do something a little more productive with your time. In short, get a life there Queen of Blog land !

Still Sold

Is that you Sit n Spin ?
Stop stealing my psuedonems..

Julie R.

@ Gardenman: A bunch of complaints from teachers about a school superintendent, including, but not limited to, the principal of the elementary school complaining that the superintendent was sullying her reputation in an attempt to make people think he was having an affair with her to cover-up an extra-marital affair he was having with the principal of another school district, would certainly go under the heading of creating a hostile work environment, don't you think?

So your attorney brother, who specializes in labor law, doesn't think it would be the duty of the school board to investigate that? No offense, but I don't think your attorney brother knows what he's talking about.


Retiree. Where did you get your information about Fred wanting Ms. Vonthron removed from the principal's position to hire the Fremont principal. That is the first I've heard of that and I personally know both. Why do you make up stories to stoke the fire? I see you have no answer.


Fox had a choice to have a referee, a person who's decision means nothing, or an arbitrator, whose decision is binding. The sly Fox looked at it both ways. If the referee ruled against him, he would be saying his decision, the referee's decision did not mean anything. Since the referee decision was in his favor, they are all crying he should be reinstated. He wasn't sure how an arbitrator would rule so he picked the referee. Remember, Fox kept saying that " the meeting" with the referee, will be open to the public'. There was no way on earth that meeting was going to be open to the public. That was proven at the last minute. None of the Fox supporter were in the hallway prior to the announcement that the meeting was closed. The sly Fox and his group knew all along.

Fox knew that he will never be hired back. His intention from the start was a lawsuit. All he wants is the free money. He knew he wasn't going to be rehired. His group wants you to believe that he wants to go to court. Do you really believe he has a chance of getting his job back with all the corruption that has happened since his hiring? The school board should have an auditor come in and inspect the books over the last eight years. I would imagine that audit would be very interesting.

Still Sold

Thu, 04/04/2013 - 8:29pm
I hope that this get to court very soon. I am tired of hearing what Fred's future plans were that got sidetracked. Fox wanted Ms. Vonthone removed from her position and was going to replace her with the principle of Fremont Elementary School. He was putting to many miles on his truck.

As usual, Retiree. Your version of the truth.


You are just a fool.. making those remarks..whether they are scarcasm or not..that is the kind of BS that fuels the fire. Huron needs to rebuild. Stop the childish behavior. There is nobody that is a saint and that includes Vonthron...she seems like a women scorned..after all the superintendent has done for her...I think there is a hidden agenda that everyone is afraid to comment about because of her stuation..It is what it is! Really she is in the same building as the super.. how could he use her as an excuse to see the other women..that is juist absurd to imagine that...come on be realistic.


You only come out of the woodwork when the mistress is mentioned. Whazup with that? Maybe Retiree is being sarcastic but your comments about Vonthron aren't any better, actually worse. And whazup with your your other women statement? Are you saying the former Fremont principal wasn't the only one? Maybe she's the one who's scorned.


Here's another thought. When she recently applied for a principal position in the area, what reason did she give for leaving her other job? Was is that she was screwed out of it???????


What principal position? That's interesting. Speak about nasty comments..that was not nice. Why so bitter? What difference does it make to you when I comment?


There is no comparison of these two women. One behaved in a commendable way while the other in a disgraceful manner. One has integrity while the other lacks it. You're the one who sounds bitter. Whazup is just funny !

partyboy are clueless...LOL Who are you to judge the actions of others? You don't have any idea what goes on in people lives...but quick to judge..I ageee whazup is people with a sick sense of humor. Peace