Fox appeal, more suits to follow

Fred Fox's legal battle to be reinstated to his position as superintendent at Huron Schools is just getting started.
Apr 4, 2013

His attorney, Patrick Murray, says he'll file an appeal of the school board's Tuesday decision to fire Fox — and at least three other lawsuits.

"By ignoring the findings of the referee, they simply said they're not going to abide by anyone's objective findings," Murray said. "We're filing multiple lawsuits, for mental anguish, bad faith, defamation and others as a result of their actions."

Fox has 30 days from the time he receives the written termination notice to file an appeal.

"They're on a frolic of their own and don't care a thing about the school system," Murray said. "What you have here are three people who are willing to spend any amount of school money to get even. And they're going to lose."

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4-wheeler al

whos pockets is going too pay for this mess.

Julie R.

Dry up, Murray. Go retire or something.

google me

Great example of the true Fred Fox.


How well do you know Fred? Have you worked under/with him? Have you spoken with him at length on any subject matter? My guess is NO, you haven't done either.

If I was in his shoes, I would do the same thing...and imagine you would as well. Put your name on here and I'd be happy to google you.

There you go again

Have you read the board's decision report? I was embarassed for Fox. And he thought he was going to get away with all that mess? Ha ha ha.


Good for him!


Hey Mr. Murray, would your family members,who sit on area school boards, sound like Asher and Caporini or the three stooges if given a similiar situation? I'd bet they wouldn't tolerate it.


I hate lawyers.


Who doesn't. The sad part is lawyers tend to be intelligent individuals as a whole. If only they had decided to do something PRODUCTIVE with their lives and talent.


Price Denny - I have an close family member who has worked with Fred Fox. I do know Fred Fox. I have spoken with Fred Fox. His shoes are rotten. His morals are Rotten. His level of concern for any child, administrator, parent or taxpayer in the City of Huron is not there. He has proven that over and over. He cares about nothing but himself. The Crap lawsuits prove it.


Spot on!


why is anyone surprised by this? Did you just expect him to go quietly off somewhere and admit defeat when the State said "reinstate him"? This was no surprise to many people outside of Huron, but obviously to those IN Huron. LOL, this won't be over for some time to come and will be the "hot topic" in your town for some time to come. The term "hot Huron" won't refer to your real estate anymore, it will refer to your BOE and Fred Fox's many lawsuits over the next several years, many of which he will win through either out of court settlements or in court victory by jury trial. It may not be for fortunes, but the man sure has enough fuel for his fires just be using the postings off these boards. LOL. What mess the BOE handed him to use in their own demise. All unnecessary just to "get him". I guess the term "enough already" isn't in their vocabularies.


Only you would think postings on a blog could be used as fuel for his law suits. I truly hope the comments about your interest in running for public office are just silly conjecture


Huron....what possible difference could it make to you if I ran for something in Sandusky. You don't live there anyway, so it has NOTHING to do with you. At least I know enough not to do dumb things like your BOE does. I would expect such a comment from you!

As for the comments on here be advantagous for a suit. (I refer you back to the attorney letter to the administration and teachers).

The comments definitely show the CLIMATE AND LEANINGS of people in your fair town. They definitely do. And if that is the true way people feel over in Huron, expect to get sued. After all, the mob mentality of this entire matter got what they wanted, now be prepared to reap the wind.

And after the last two days, I must be right, as suits have been filed, have they not? What did you all expect? For him to run and hide?


1) neighboring communities do effect each other. 2) show me one time where blogs were used in a lawsuit where the authors remained anonymous. 3) the Climate demonstrates many people expect conduct from a public servant and leader to be morally and ethically appropriate while on the job. 4) anyone can file a lawsuit.... our country is overloaded with them


The State did not say "reinstate him". This was just one man's opinion. If you would join me in reading the many, many pages provided to the public, you would certainly change your mind as I did. The best thing for this town would be for Mr. Fox to join his like kind in a burrow. You're correct - enough already is not in the vocabulary Mr. Fox uses. His actions and lack of common sense caused this. His demeanor, his poor ethical decisions and his inability to admit his wrong speak volumes about who this man has become. I wish him the best, but not here in Huron.


@ clementine. Had the State agreed with your BOE instead of Mr. Fox, you would all have been elated and said they had the right idea, isn't that true? Instead, they did NOT agree with your BOE and now they don't know what they are talking about. They didn't understand and they got it wrong. I read the report they sent to Huron.

The statement I read from the state said to give him back his job and let him finish out his contract and give him his back pay. I sincerely do not know how many ways that can be taken except to return him to his job.

Your board chose not to accept it. That is their right to ignore what the State says. HOWEVER, why bother to even ASK the State if you don't intend to do what their independent research tells you? Because it didn't agree with what the board wanted to do, isn't that right??? Yes! That's fine, but when you go against the State's findings for the reason's the state says, then don't expect NOT to get sued in the process. Emotion cannot dictate over reason. That has been my point all along.

That is what has been wrong with this all the way. You cannot make charges based on emotion, religion and theory like this. You cannot use those ideas to fire someone. And they way this was handled was not done the right way. Not from day one. From what I read from the state, they certainly agreed with my ideas. Sorry, that is just the way it is. When you hold down a position on ANY board, you leave your emotions at the door and stay neutral. You guide with your HEAD and not your HEART. That's all I am cannot afford to lead with your heart, it makes bad mistakes even worse. Sorry....just saying.


In all fairness, the board did not ask for the referee. Fred Fox had a right to a hearing and HE chose the opinion of a referee, which BOTH parties knew would be nonbinding. He had the right to a hearing and this is the type that HE chose. If the finding would have been in favor of the board and they fired him, he still had the right to, and in my opinion would have, sue the district. He knew that the 3 board members had enough to fire him and chose the path that would allow him to sue regardless.


When is Murray & Murray going to find the Conseco Insurance bandit


If the school board wants him out that badly, why would he still want to work there?


Where is the Ethics Committee in all this? Have they not ruled by now? I don't know where they got that refree at but he was way off base.


I wish Fox would just go somewhere that he's wanted, like another state, country or planet. He's about the biggest waste of air I've ever encountered. He had NO real interest in the children he was being paid to oversee, only in the money they could bring him. Thank goodness he was fired!


just because you can sue , doesnt mean you should. Fred do you care about Huron? Drop it , let everyone heal, Huron doesnt need you.......


I hope that this get to court very soon. I am tired of hearing what Fred's future plans were that got sidetracked. Fox wanted Ms. Vonthone removed from her position and was going to replace her with the principle of Fremont Elementary School. He was putting to many miles on his truck.

Darwin's choice

Please stop drinking from the round porcelin fixture in the bathroom before you post on here.


Gee, retiree.....I don't remember reading that or hearing that anywhere in anything thus far? Where did that information come from? Did you get that information from somewhere recently? Wow, the SR even missed that little tidbit of information in every story that printed. Man, I never heard that one in the amost YEAR of this entire mess. You should write stories for the SR with your information gathering abilities. I hope you can prove that one. Just


Retiree. Where did you get your information about Fred wanting Ms. Vonthron removed from the principal's position to hire the Fremont principal. That is the first I've heard of that and I personally know both. Why do you make up stories to stoke the fire?


It makes as much sense as the conspiracy theory that your boy Kevin filed in October. At least Retiree isn't filing his story in the court system.

Huron parent 1st

Obvious that the students are not important to the lawyers......I am sure they will come up with BS about defending the rights of Fox, or whoever.......and any money that is awarded, the lawyers will get most of it. If Fred Foxcared about the kids, he would move on, find a job where he can help kids....he won't


Remember the Huron Water Festival. Same type of situation, just a different arena, with different players.