Fox fights back

Fired Huron Schools superintendent takes aim at board members who voted him out
Jessica Cuffman
Apr 4, 2013

Fred Fox has already upped the ante against the three Huron school board members who voted Tuesday to fire him.         

This past week, Fox added board members Donna Green and Scott Slocum as defendants in a defamation lawsuit he had filed months ago against Tim Sowecke, the third board member who has railed against him.    

It remains to be seen if Fox will appeal the board’s 3-2 decision Tuesday night to fire him. 

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I don't have a dog in this race but, when is the fat lady gonna come out and sing?


Not until Fox hits rock bottom. There's no limit to how low this guy will go


get them fred!


The point is. He is not a saint. That is clear, no matter how the investigation was carried out. If he were back in his original position how could he, of all people, fire anybody with his background? That would mean that every employee could behave the way he did and not be fired. There would be no respect for him as a "boss". It's clear he is furious at certain board members and there could never be a professional working relationship between them again. Did anybody really think it would have worked if he was given his job back? If he is so squeaky clean, then he should have no problem getting another job.

Tsu Dho Nimh



Well, that didn't take long.


In Mr. Fox's mind it is acceptable to carry on an affair during school hours. In Mr. Fox's mind it is acceptable to leave your office, leave the building or leave the area during school hours to carry on the affair.

This practice must have been acceptable when Mr. Caporni, Mr. Asher and Mrs. Buela were the majority block on the school board.

My O My how things changed when Mr. Swoecke replace Mrs. Buela.


But wasn't the football coach guilty of the same thing?

Tsu Dho Nimh

If he was, then the superintendent and the board at the time should have dealt with it. Ask Mr. Caporini why they didn't address it. He is the only current person who was part of that group. Fox was addressed as as soon as it came to light.

BW1's picture

DSG, does the superintendent's contract specify his working hours? He certainly doesn't punch a timeclock. Lots of salaried people take long lunches, for various reasons.


Look at his contract and you will see that it most certainly does. It doesn't say 7 -4 but it says during the normal hours of the district and would exceed those hours as needed.


I have mixed feelings about this situation. I understand both sides but looking at it from a legal sense, I don't think board followed proper protocol and jumped the gun a little early. I have a feeling that fox is going to get some money before its all said and done.


Maybe it's time for the Huron taxpayers to come together and file a class action suite against Fox. Fraud, theft, failure to uphold his position, etc, etc, etc. We've been ripped off - what's good for the goose is good for the gander

Tsu Dho Nimh

I would be willing if you are serious.


I am very serious

Tsu Dho Nimh

We'll have to figure out a way to discusss this : )


I'm down ;)

Julie R.

I say instead of filing a class-action lawsuit against Fox, how about the taxpayers filing a class-action lawsuit against that bottom-feeder Markling lawyer and his $90K rip-off bill!


The board should have negotiated a buyout to end his employment. This is going to drag out for years, continually reopening wounds and preventing the community from healing.

And draining hundreds of thousands of dollars from education.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Not saying that the insurance company will cover this for sure, but it most likely will so money probably will not come from the general fund. Also, juries historically award smaller amounts of money when the defendant is a school district compared to private companies.

Julie R.

This is what the fired Sandusky police chief Kim Nuesse should have done when the city of Sandusky did everything they could to destroy her financially and ruin her career. I used to wonder why her attorney Ron Bailey never even suggested it ....... but then I also used to wonder why Bailey went along with the rent-a-judge Cirigliano as the hearing officer when everybody around knew the close ties Cirigliano had with Erie County and Kevin Baxter.

That said, everybody knew what was coming next in the Fox fiasco so this is no surprise.


There is no comparison between Kim Nuesse and Fred Fox. Nuesse has character, ethics, morals and commitment to community, Fox does not demonstate those qualities. None of us can speculate why Kim did not go the "I'm gonna sue you route", but I personally like to think it was because of her professionalism

Julie R.

I agree about no comparison. My point was the unprofessional conduct of lawyers and the other unprofessional crap that goes on in Erie County. Nuesse had grounds and could have easily won, yet her lawyer never even suggested it. On the flip side of the coin, a Murray didn't hesitate with this one.

Still Sold

Big victory 3 Stooges.

You fired a man who was exhonerated by a referee you paid $100,000 to render a decision and then ignorred the decision.

This is actually the best thing that could have happened to Fred Fox, because now.. No matter how much you all speculate, Fred Fox is going to have an enormis pay day and doesn't have to go back to work for this board.

Talk all you want people. You will continue to pay for this board's mistakes.

All they had to do was non-renew Fred Fox at the end of his contract and we wouldn't be having this conversation.


The insurance is currently covering costs and covered the $100,000, according to Asher at the meeting. The spreading of misinformation is really getting old.


Couldn't agree more!


@still sold...although I am not fond of calling them the three stooges, this is the one posting on here so far that seems to have it right...completely correct. It was sooooo simple and they made it sooo difficult. It could truly have been over and done with.


Remember sold the board did not choose to go to the ODE Hearing. The choice to go to the referee was Fred's as a part of his due process. Fred did so knowing the decision holds no weight regarding the board's final decision. Fred has told many around town that his plan was to sue job or no job so what does the board have to lose? Bring back a poor leader with questionable ethics & get sued or fire him & get sued?? As a taxpayer I say let's move forward & make a statement that his behavior will not be tolerated & HCS has higher standards for the superintendent!


I heard the same thing - Fred was going to sue no matter what happened. His group does run their mouths.


It is beyond my understanding how anyone can read the Markling report, testimony from the ODE hearing & the 17 page termination statement & still feel Fred will end up with money. Testimony for most people remains the same except those with direct personnel ties to Fred. No one from Fred's camp,including Fred, have been able to provide facts indicating he is not guilty, only sling mud at others. The old yes I did it but so is everyone else. Very weak.