VIDEO: Huron School Board Meeting

The board voted Tuesday night to fire superintendent Fred Fox with a 3-2 vote.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 3, 2013


Watch most of the meeting in the player below. Portions are not available due to technical difficulties.


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After listening to Kevin's bloviating, I can see why he isn't authorized to practice law in Ohio!


Did you catch that he referred to attorney Taich as the judge at least a dozen times ? And he said that the board couldn't go against his ruling. Where did he study law ? Taich is not a judge and his report is a non-binding opinion.


Hey Asher ! Taich is an attorney, not a judge ! There's more than 17 pages of testimony that support the board's decision. These were just the pages that were cited and it took an hour to listen to that. To listen to every page that supports their stance, well ain't nobody got time for that !

good old boy

lets put the same punishment on our great coach.

good old boy

Or do we have 2 sets of rules ?

your babies Daddy's picture
your babies Daddy

Two sets of rules, and that so called coach couldnt carry Foxs jockstrap.


Aside from the affair I think that "enough" could be found to evaluate any employee as ineffective. Much depends on the context. I believe that Mrs. Green's comment about there being two sides to every story is very true. If you dig for "enough" to discredit an employee you will build a case. At what cost--ethically and financially?

Still Sold

I think you hit the nail on the head, ErieMom.

'A role model for ethical conduct' ? What kind of 'role model' is this board ?

$100,000 to pay a referee that 3 of the board members ignored ?

Kevin Asher said it all. Choose to 'NOT RENEW' Fred Fox at the end of his contract and there are no legal/financial penalties. Why didn't this board choose this route and save taxpayer dollars ? This is what I've been saying all along. Handle this situation in a legal/moral/fiscally responsible manner. That is all they needed to do.

This mess just keeps getting bigger.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Apparently Mr. I'm Not Really An Attorney Asher does not know his Ohio Revised Codes. It would be more difficult to non-renew Mr. Fox in 2014 than it is to terminate him now. The board would have to give him two poor evaluations in the year they decide to non-renew him. How could they possibly decide today what his evaluations would look like in 2014? Is that was Asher wants the board to do...decide today that two evaluations 6 months and 12 months from now will be negative?

Julie R.

If Mr. 'I Am Not Really An Attorney' Asher does not know his Ohio Revised Codes, he should run for JUDGE in the Erie County Common Pleas or Probate courts. He would be perfect!