VIDEO: Fred Fox fired, again

The Huron school board voted Tuesday to fire district superintendent Fred Fox. Watch a video clip of the vote from the meeting below. Click here to read 17-page order of termination.
Apr 3, 2013

The vote was 3-2 with board president Scott Slocum and members Donna Green and Tim Sowecke voting to fire Fox.

Board members Kevin Asher and John Caporini voted against termination.

Click here to watch video of Tuesday's meeting, for a photo gallery and to read other stories about the firing of Fred Fox.

Click to read the school board's termination order. 

Sowecke said the board majority found that a referee from the state department of education ignored important testimony from witnesses.

The referee recommended Fox be reinstated with back pay.

Asher defended the referee's report, saying the referee found "a rush to judgment" by the board majority against Fox, "replacing sound judgment."

The vote came about two hours after the meeting began. 

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Watch the video clip of the vote below, and check back later at for demand viewing of the full meeting video.  

Sowecke spoke for more than an hour, reading from the referee's report and a board report that outlined his findings. He suggested Fox had participated in efforts to intimidate him, Green and Slocum. He also said Fox violated his employment contract and engaged in unprofessional behavior.

Asher spoke for about 15 minutes and asked for the board's attorney to outline the next phase in Common Pleas Court, and how much that might cost the district. He also defended the referee's reputation and suggested he's never been successfully overturned in a ruling and recommendation.  

The board had a fiduciary responsibility to protect the district, Asher said, suggesting the board wait until Fox's contract expires in July 2014. 

"We'll have a lame duck," an audience member said. 

Watch the final minute of the meeting in the player below

Watch live streaming video from registermedia at



I would love to see Perkins hire Fox and fire Gunner!

Brick Hamland

That would be great Bob! to bad it didn't happen a few years ago and Kalahari throw up some money for the stadium that would have been a big help at Perkins. Maybe the people in Perkins wouldn't even have ran Kalahari through the mud in the process. Perkins should be happy it didn't spend tens of thousands of dollars on a report, that spent hours interviewing a lot of people, only to pretend it didn't exist because it didn't say what they wanted it to say


@brick..excellent post


Why I left Huron never to return.


Get ready, taxpayers of Huron. You're gonna be paying for this for a long time!

Hoss McGee

I heard Fred Fox is in the process of taking over a hardware store in Huron.


Really ? He gave so much business to Huron Cement over the years that he is an honorary owner. Mr. Caporini has been selling directly to the district for over a decade.


So what?


It's against the law.


So was it against the law for Huron schools to buy from Ace?


Sure was. Sowecke was given misinformation from the treasurer but thanks to Kevin, it only lasted 3 months. Kevin should have told John two years prior that it was a ethics violation but didn't. Wait, in the transcripts he claims he did. Hmmmm, wonder why he didn't heed his warning? Before you say that John never sold directly to the district, you might want to check with the treasurer's office.

God Of Thunder

Wow...This is worse than the afternoon soap operas.. Congratulations schools board, you have officially divided your community, going against a state recommendation. No, I'm not from Huron , but the other school district who is divided with the school board.

Everything is so sad, dis-heartening. School boards going with their own feelings instead of the people's feelings who elected them.


Welcome to America God... that's how government works at all levels... its all about pushing one's agenda and not the good of the whole

google me

Definitely the right decision. Just wish the two who said NO would have done the right thing months ago so we wouldn't be where we are now. All the blame at the School Board should be towards the two who didn't stand-up and do what's best for the students of Huron.

Brick Hamland

I am confused as to why this decision is best for the students of Huron. I may be wrong but it was my impression that the school system was basically in receivership and close to shutting its doors before Fred Fox showed up. I can appreciate that he made a poor choice with the woman and emails, etc, but didn't he put the school on the right track? I am trying to understand why people are so upset with him. I would have loved to have Kalahari built a few acres to the North and throw a bunch of money at Perkins for a football stadium, and if Kalahari was given a tax abatement who cares, it employs a lot of people that would otherwise not have jobs and they pay taxes, remain living in the area, spend money in the local economy, and send their kids to local schools... i would assume. Any other reasons why people dislike Fox that I am missing?

Tsu Dho Nimh

As the saying goes, the ends doesn't justify the means. He broke several board policies and is so arrogant that he won't acknowledge any wrong doing. How can he be an effective leader when people can't respect him?


I find it incredible that someone who supported spending over $100k of district money to oust a superintendent who took over a district nearly in state receivership and created a $7 million surplus during the worst economic times this country has seen in decades would cite "the ends don't justify the means" as a reason for his ousting. The mental gymnastics required to maintain this level of self delusion must be exhausting. 

I have no interest other than what is best for the district and community. I can't see how this is helping the district at all. Every person in this world has faults- but the question to be answered here is if these faults were truly detrimental to our community to justify the board actions.  By any objective measure the answer seems to be no. 

The way this board should have handled this would be to submit the complaints privately - and at NO COST - to the ethics commission and wait for their ruling. If they ruled violations occurred, then terminate without the expense and risk of exposure to lawsuits we now have. If they rule no violations, but the board still thought he should be fired, simply don't renew his contract next year. With this approach, the community would not be divided, and we might still have a chance to attract a decent replacement for Mr. Fox (not to mention retaining the district relationship with a philanthropic Mr. Nelson, and possibly a new auditorium). 

This was poor leadership. The board has done a great disservice to our community and needs to go. 


You talking about Gunner?


Except the Ohio Department of Education ruled that the District fail to prove a single charge they accused him of. Why acknowledge anything now? There's also a whole lot of people who no longer respect the board so how can they be effective leaders? The majority have shown they are so arrogant that they will waste how many hundred of thousands of tax payer dollars (so far well over $100,000) to pursue this apparent vendetta that the ODE has already said is unfounded. Apparently the board majority firmly believes that the end they want justifies any means necessary to get there even if it means damaging the district for years to come.


@ nobody......Fred Fox damaged the district for years to come by blowing the trust anyone might have had for him. I think I remember something about phyics: a body at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by something. Of course, this is a paraphrase, but Mr. Fox acted inappropriately and therefore needs to be acted upon.


@brick...the question is one all we "outsiders" have been asking again and again with the same answers: these people think they have the RIGHT to judge someone else with their own yardstick but heaven knows what skeletons remain in their own closets. That has been showing up with comments of board members wrong doings right and left as well. Good luck. Its ok to shove the law and rules to the side to get rid of him, but not ok for him to break any supposed rules they have. Its a slippery slope at best.


Spoken like a politician, you definitely have the twisted thinking to be a slippery one


Why should he admit to any wrongdoing? He was exonerated by the State of Ohio. And the price Huron schools are going to end up paying will far outweigh anything Fox may or may not have done, all so the coach's stooges can push his agenda. They're cutting off their nose to spite their face.


What exactly is the price tag that justifies ignoring his behavior ?


The only person he should have to justify his behavior to is his wife. His actions were detrimental to his marriage, not Huron schools. Read the findings from the ODE.


This is the begining of the end for Huron.


Nah, Huron will survive. It will however be a bumpy ride for quite awhile.


Should we change the signs now or after the forthcoming litigation? Fox City Schools and Fox Hardware. I wonder if the Huronites would be willing to trade their school board for the Perkins board? Gunner needs to be ousted!!

good old boy

the board has ignorded the football coaches behavior for over 10 years


@ good old boy - actually, Mr. Fox ignored it or something might have been done.