VIDEO: Fred Fox fired, again

The Huron school board voted Tuesday to fire district superintendent Fred Fox. Watch a video clip of the vote from the meeting below. Click here to read 17-page order of termination.
Apr 3, 2013

The vote was 3-2 with board president Scott Slocum and members Donna Green and Tim Sowecke voting to fire Fox.

Board members Kevin Asher and John Caporini voted against termination.

Click here to watch video of Tuesday's meeting, for a photo gallery and to read other stories about the firing of Fred Fox.

Click to read the school board's termination order. 

Sowecke said the board majority found that a referee from the state department of education ignored important testimony from witnesses.

The referee recommended Fox be reinstated with back pay.

Asher defended the referee's report, saying the referee found "a rush to judgment" by the board majority against Fox, "replacing sound judgment."

The vote came about two hours after the meeting began. 

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Watch the video clip of the vote below, and check back later at for demand viewing of the full meeting video.  

Sowecke spoke for more than an hour, reading from the referee's report and a board report that outlined his findings. He suggested Fox had participated in efforts to intimidate him, Green and Slocum. He also said Fox violated his employment contract and engaged in unprofessional behavior.

Asher spoke for about 15 minutes and asked for the board's attorney to outline the next phase in Common Pleas Court, and how much that might cost the district. He also defended the referee's reputation and suggested he's never been successfully overturned in a ruling and recommendation.  

The board had a fiduciary responsibility to protect the district, Asher said, suggesting the board wait until Fox's contract expires in July 2014. 

"We'll have a lame duck," an audience member said. 

Watch the final minute of the meeting in the player below

Watch live streaming video from registermedia at


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Failure to renew an expiring contract is not termination of a contract, hence 3319.16 does not apply. Absent a current contract, Ohio is an employment at will state.


This is going to linger for a long time now. The school is going to spend more money as Fox files a suit. This is going to be daily fodder!


Gee have an affair at the tax payers expense, loose job for screwing around when you should be working. Sue tax payer for bailout money. Maybe we all should have government jobs.


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You bunch of cry babies. Because you didn't get your own way we'll spread more rumors and lies. Go buy a school bus for a dollar. You condone his behavior, his morals, his threats, and everything illegal that Fox has done. What kind of person are you to justify stealing taxpayers money. For the time he held an office, you must have really benefited from his corruption. Now your sad because your golden boy is gone. Start up a collection to help pay his legal fees. If it goes to court, bring in the mistress. He will never win because the school board has the power to hire and fire. There are people that perjured themselves when testified in front of the referee and the prosecution is aware of it. That is really going to break their backs if the courts discovered they lied under oath. That is jail time. Oh, I forgot the supporters of Fox never lie. Everyone else is wrong. Criminals belong in jail not in a court room looking for easy money. Break out your wallets and donate to his legal fund because the Huron Community supports the three board members. You still have the ethics report coming and that might be jail time, along with the loss of his licence. There is another thing he needs to digest. The moral of the story is "he did this to himself and has no one to blame but Fred". End of story.


"There are people that purged themselves when testified in front of the referee and the prosecution is aware of it." They threw up?? Also what prosecution and why would they care if somebody threw up? Must be one of those "State District Attorneys" you were talking about but now apparently can't find a reference to. Your ignorance is showing again.


Heads up Nobody, you're regurgitating your own vomit.... yuck

Tsu Dho Nimh

I remember an old blogger who would focus on typos in his arguments instead of the issue. His name was SOLD ON FOX.

Still Sold

Stop being goofy, TDN.

Never ever have I talked about someone's typo's. I have talked about people who can't put together more than a sentence in a post, but could care less about the typos.

Anyways, we.. The Fox camp as you call us, fully expected this and couldn't be happier.

Before it's all said and done there will be lots of money and lots of public apologies and they won't be from Fred Fox.

And the November election will finally do something positive for the Huron taxpayers.. by replacing Slocum and Green with someone better, which actually only requires the replacement to be able to breath.

See ya, TDN.


Maybe Ms. Bulea will run again. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Julie R.

@ nobodyfromnowhere: Nothing personal but .... picking on a commenter because of a misspelled word does not show ignorance on the commenter's part; it shows ignorance on your own. Just thought I would bring that to your attention.

Julie R.

"Criminals belong in jail not a court room ....."

If that was true, there would not even be any courtrooms because the judges themselves would be in jail!

(sorry, but no way could I pass that one up)

There you go again

Where's that "Sold" blogger? I want to hear those comments.

Tsu Dho Nimh

He's busy with his attorney preparing his lawsuit. Besides, Slocum issued the big smackdown and his buddy who is employed by the district can't leak him info anymore.

Common Sense

Not to be off-topic, but has anyone questioned why one of the "fine arts" teachers was "released"? The last name would be identical to a name which appears in this article.

Julie R.



Retiree has said it best, 04/3/2013-7:37pm..... End of Story


Condone the abuse of taxpayers money and you want him reinstated. These are some of the people you have living in your community. They have benefited the most from the corruption of the now defunk superintendent. I know the benefits they have received over the years of corruption and taxpayers hard earned money. Now they want it to continue. Is there any end to the American greed. I do not understand the people in Huron that are so much against the three school board members that discovered the corruption. They keep bringing up thing in the pass that has no merit. It's over, it's done with. The two board members, when they started to talk, attacked the other three members and the new superintendent. Nothing constructive was said about the school system or the abuse of taxpayers money. I knew what their monetary agenda was. It is a shame that all the corruption can not be exposed because of litigation. I hope this does go to court. That is when all the corruption will be exposed because it will not be just picking a few. Everyone one steps up to the plate.

Still Sold

Abuse of the taxpayer's money..

You are definately an acorn.
All this board of education has done is abuse taxpayer's money.

And.. It's not over genius..
Actually.. It just began !


As I stated before " everyone steps up to the plate". That includes your wife,teachers, bus garage personal, the mistress, uncles and relatives,etc. You can not run and hide now. You can not perjure yourself anymore and get away with it. Everyone will be watching and you better tell the truth. If you don't you will be right where Fox might be going when the Ethic's Board gets threw with him, the big house.

I would like to get a dollar figure of how much money was misused by the defunk superintendent over his term and how much the board spent in order to stop the corruption. It sure would be interesting. Of course, I know someone will give me a figure? ^ Up there ^

Still Sold

How about this figure:
During the worst economic phase this country has ever seen, Fred Fox lead the Huron City Schools out of receivership and back into the black. He also was blessed to have Todd Nelson as a friend. Nothing you comment on makes any difference, Retiree.

Let's see a figure on how much this Huron Board of Education has wasted in the witch hunt for Fred Fox.

Markling: $90,000
Referee: $100,000
Board member's pay: $700 per meeting (All 5 total per meeting)
Lost donation from Todd Nelson: $600,000
Time wasted that should have been spent on education: Priceless

Settlement to Fred Fox: $8,000,000
Huron Taxpayers, we should probably start bending over.


You forgot one..... being a good role model, priceless


Sold - why do you have to spread incorrect information? Is it because the truth doesn't work for you? The referee was paid for by the insurance company. Asher tried to imply that it wasn't at last weeks meeting, but Slocum called him out, and he admitted it was.

Still Sold

Once agin, Acorn..
No matter if the insurance paid for the referree, or not, eventually when the insurance money runs out, (some say $6 million), who pays ?

And who pays for the increased rate of insurance ?

In the end.. Huron Taxpayers.
But you are ok with all of that ?
And it all could have been done correctly and cost the taxpayers nothing ?
Not to mention the time, effort and hate that it all caused.


That's pure speculation. Your statement was meant to mislead and you know it.


You are not telling the truth. You have told so many lies on these blogs. Start telling the truth once in a while. Lets go back and bring up the past. That's all you talk about. So your not one of the Huron taxpayers or is some else going to pay your taxes. Fox wanted the referee to tell his lies too. Remember it was suppose to be an open meeting, then he did a 180 degree and made it a closed meeting. Just like his affair was never proven, right. Maybe his attorney is not telling the truth now. Your group keeps saying Fox brought Huron out of receivership. The people of Huron brought the Huron City Schools out of receivership. Give credit where it belongs. After all, after the levy passed he gave himself a hefty raise while the teachers got no raise. Then he gave his friend, the bus supervisor, a 50% raise of $40,000. You failed to mention that or tool gate, bus gate, window gate, etc.

Who cares if Mr. Nelson is his friend. I would suggest Mr. Nelson start picking better associates. Not any of them are very credible people. Ask the people of Huron. Actually if Fox was Mr. Nelson's friend, he would apologize for bringing him into this mess. Oh, but it's not Fred's fault. The three school members dreamed up all those charges and the referee was not the defense attorneys friend. You people need to get some religion. You should let the chips fall where they belong and stop trying to make Fox look like a Saint.


Todd Nelson still has to pay property taxes. And will probably be asking for a brake in the future. Besides Kalahari lacks a golf course. That to will probably come in the future.

Still Sold

You have no idea what the truth is and you state on and off that you either live in Huron, or you don't.

That being said it is easy to see why you don't care about anything but a $1 school bus.

Go take your nap.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Retiree...I think your last post is excellent!